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How to Get Free Registration Code and Use Coupon Code to Get Discounters

Mother’s Day 2012 is now around the corner. In order to celebrate this great event, Moyea has carried out its promotion plan where free and cheap converters are provided. In order to help you fully engaged in this activity, this post will show you how to get free registration code and use coupon code to get discounters.

I. Get free registration code

In the promotion plan, two free video converters are provided: SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter. If you need to make DIY videos with them, you can use them with free registration code. Do the following steps.

1. Visit the homepage of this promotion plan, click “Make Video for Mom from Flash” tab and then click “Get Registration Code” button.

Get Registration Code

2. Fill in the form with your first name, last name and email address. After that click “Send me registration code” button.

Fill in the form

3. Check your email box. If you haven’t find it in your inbox, you may find it among the spam.

4. Download SWF to 3GP Converter with the links given in the mail or you can’t use the registration code. This step is very important.

5. Install the converter and type the registration code in the corresponding bar.

Type the Registration Code

After all those steps, you can use SWF to 3GP Converter to make DIY videos for mothers. As for Video for Web Converter, you can get free registration code with similar steps mentioned above.

II. Use coupon code to get discounters

Moyea Software provides discounters for almost all the products. Use coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F for SWREG payment to buy converters in rather low prices. With this coupon code, you can get discounters that can amount to 40%. The following part will show you how to manage the whole process.

1. Choose a product in Moyea SWF Kits and click “Buy Now” button.

Buy Now button

2. You can pay either via PayPal or via SWREG. However, only pay via SWREG can get discounters with the coupon code. So choose SWREG payment and then click “Buy Now“.

SWREG Payment

3. After that, you can type coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F in the corresponding bar to get some discounters and then click “Secure Checkout” button to move forward.

use coupon code

4. Fill in the form with your private information including first name, email, state, zip code and so on in the left part. In the right part, you need to choose the way you want to use your credit card. After you have done it, click “Continue” button.

ways to use credit card

5. In this step, you need to check out your order. If everything is OK, click “Continue” to finish the purchasing process.

So those are the steps for you to use coupon code to get discounters in the purchasing process. In this way, you can get inexpensive converters to help you make DIY videos for mothers.

3 Versions Of Iron Man Game

The release of The Avengers has shocked the world with 200 million dollars recipients in two days. This incredible achievement has exposed the superheroes in The Avengers under highlight again. The coalition of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Hawkeye is coming in a fury to beat Avatar, a miracle in film industry.

Among those heroes in The Avengers, Iron Man is probably the one that attracts most attention both for the box office performance and the influence of Iron Man series. Due to the great success of Iron Man series, various games are made focusing on the superhero. Here this post will present you three versions of Iron Man game.

1. Iron Man for PC

Iron Man PC Game

Released on May 2, 2008, it is based on the storyline of the film Iron Man. The game is published by Sega, the same producer of Sonic the Hedgehog. Generally speaking, the game follows the same plot as the movie which tells a story of how Tony Stark accidentally invents the powerful armor and becomes Iron Man after kidnapped by the terrorist group Ten Rings.

In this game, Robert Downey still casts as Tony Stark and Shaun Toub as Yinsen. The game is divided into eleven missions according to its plot. This game is not a successful one because it receives severe criticisms. It is also said that Sega may give up producing Iron Man 2 because the company has already shut down its branch in San Francisco.

2. Iron Man: Aerial Assault for iPhone

Aerial Assault for iPhone

The great success of iPhone not only helps Apple to elevate its share price to more than $600 but also intrigues the development of related industries like gaming. What’s more, Apple Store provides a platform to help those third party applications promote themselves.

Iron Man: Aerial Assault is an iPhone game designed by Paramount Pictures. Unlike traditional computer game that needs to be operated with mouse and keyboard, its operation is so simple that a few touches on the screen are enough. As a combat game, it also gains a good reputation among players. It is now available in Apple Store.

3. Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy

SWF game of Iron Man

SWF game is usually designed to make you have a good relax with its simple operation and rough picture quality. It is usually small in size and offered to you for free. However, simple as it is, some SWF games are even more difficult than some PC games.

Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy is a SWF game with Iron Man as the main character. It is something of Bomberman, a classical FC game in design. You need to move Iron Man and then place a bomb to wherever you want. Once the Iron Man can beat the enemy with the bomb, you win the game.

While playing Super Hero Squad: Fractal Frenzy, you can get rid of the tiredness brought by PC games. More importantly, unlike PC games and mobile games, it is easy for you to download and record the whole gaming process with SWF to Video Converter. With SWF to Video Converter, you are allowed to make the gaming process a mp4 file so that you can watch it via The new iPad.

Those are three different versions of Iron Man game. If you have gotten any better ideas on this point, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

Moyea Promotion Plan Provides Discount And Free Software To Celebrate Mother’s Day

As an International day, the approach of Mother’s Day 2012 is drawing more and more attention. In order to celebrate this brilliant day, Moyea Software has carried out its promotion plan where free software and discounts are provided.

Moyea Mother's Day promotion plan

As a professional software provider focusing on the development of SWF converters and PPT to Video converters, Moyea Software gains its own advantages in those fields. In order to provide every customer more choices to DIY gifts for his mother, Moyea Software will provide him not only powerful converters with lower price but also free converters.

What can customer get From Moyea promotion plan?

Save $20: PPT to DVD Burner Pro

With PPT, customer can easily make an album focusing on the happy time with his mother. With PPT to DVD Burner Pro, one can convert the PPT to DVD so as to send it as Mother’s Day gift. After that his mother can watch the album via DVD player.

Giveaway: SWF to 3GP Converter

Make a simple flash post card as a gift for mother with Flash 8. With SWF to 3GP Converter, customer can make the post card accessible for the mobile. He can also give his mother a great surprise by transferring the converted video to her mobile via Bluetooth.

Free: Video for Web Converter

With Video for Web Converter, customer can easily make a video as a gift for mother and then upload it to websites like YouTube. He can use this video as a surprising present by sending the mother relative links to let her watch it.

Video Converter and DVD Ripper are also available for a relative low price. Customer can also purchase all the products except SWF to Video SDK on Moyea websites including,, and with some discounts. The highest discounts can reach to 40%. Free Mother’s Day PowerPoint Templates and Free Mother’s Day Flash Cards are also available here.

How can customer get them?

For SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter, customer needs to provide his name and e-mail address to get the registration code. If he hasn’t found the e-mail sent by Moyea in the input box, he probably can find the mail in the spam.

Customer can get some discounters of the products by using the coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F for SWREG payment.

When can customer enjoy those benefits?

The promotion plan will last till May 16th, so customer has over a week to engage in the plan and prepare gifts for the mother.


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36 Mother’s Day Fundraising Ideas from Kids and Groups

Want to do something different for moms on the upcoming Mother’s Day on May 13th, 2012? Try to be the fundraisers!


Sounds cool and it’s actually easier than you think. We already published 2 Mother’s Day themed blogs regarding Mother’s Day Flash Card and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas respectively, where you can be inspired a little bit about how to organize the Mother’s Day fundraising.

Except the parents themselves, children are the best people who know them perfectly, for example, what things do they like, what will piss them off, and what will make them smile…so, let’s have a look at kids’ idea list below about how they think the Mother’s Day fundraising could be done.

Balloon-O-Grams Craft Fair / Sell Your Wares Yard Sale
Fundraiser Insurance Favorite Photos Flag Subscription
Can/Bottle Drive Collection Cans Mom-O-Grams
Las Vegas Night Yogurt Night T-Shirt Sales
Sports Tournament Dinners A Formal Affair
Amish Turkey Dinner Soup & Pie Supper Soup Cellar
Soup, Salad & Dessert Taco Salad Bar Talent Show Dinner
Youth Sunday Sandwich Soup & Sweets Two Buck Lunch
Angel Tree / Tree of Lights Basket Raffle 50/50 Raffle
Shower of Flowers Blind Auction Town Calendar
Penny / Coin Drives Give A Buck Clean Up
Goblin Insurance Don’t Come Event Cobwebb Chase

As you can see from the list above, some ideas are really unique, easy-to-do and effective. When there is a sort of fund has been raised via those activities, donate it to somebody who need it badly, for example, give it to single mothers, old parents or poor children who are always starving.

Last but not least, it’s not important what you give, what matters is your care and your love for the most adorable people in the world – mother!

2012 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Unique Mother’s Day Presents to Give

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, although mothers do not expect to receive something very expensive, we still have made this gifts collection below for you to prepare some sweet and simple Mother’s Day presents in the upcoming May 13th, 2012.

Send Mom Flowers

Love flowering plants & herb gardens sound good enough to make great Mother’s Day gifts. They are beautiful, natural and easy-to-grow and easy-to-care.

mom's-day-gifts-2 mom's-day-gifts-3


Send Mom Flash eCards

Mother’s Day themed Flash ecards are animated, funny and easy-to-send, we have published one blog previously focused on Mother’s Day Flash Cards, read it here and hope you can be inspired.

mom's-day-gifts-4 mom's-day-gifts-5 mom's-day-gifts-6


Send Mom Personalized Gifts

Want to be unique and the only one for mom? Then handmade one for her! It could be made from anything and made to everything. For example, a handprint canvas kit or a personalized name photo collage frame, and more creative stuff originated from your imagination and profound love for mom.

mom's-day-gifts-7 mom's-day-gifts-8 mom's-day-gifts-9


Send Mom Hi-Tech Stuff

Who says moms can not enjoy the hi-fashion and hi-tech things? They are also excellent masters of iPhone 4S and the computer software just like you are.

mom's-day-gifts-10 mom's-day-gifts-11


Hopefully the gift ideas given above can assist you to choose some good gifts for moms! And remember, it’s not important what exact gift you give to your mom, what really matters is the gift from the bottom of your heart. Happy Mother’s Day in advance!