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Top 4 Free Flash SWF Players with Different Functions

As a unique file that is widely used for multimedia, vector graphics and action script, SWF file is widely used in gaming and video field. However, due to its uniqueness, it fails to be supported by most media players. At present, many people find watching SWF file a real headache since many popular devices like The new iPad and Google Nexus 7 had turned down Adobe Flash, a major player for us to get access to SWF file.

However, as Adobe Flash Player is marching downhill, more and more Flash SWF players have been developed to help us enjoy Flash file. Though most of them are not as influential as Adobe Flash Player, they all gain their own advantages. Here this post will introduce top four Flash SWF players with different functions.

1. Adobe Flash Player: Create Projector for Flash

Adobe Flash Player

Needless to say, Adobe Flash Player is still our first choice when dealing with SWF file. We need Adobe Flash Player to watch YouTube videos or to play online Flash games. The great advantage of Adobe Flash Player lies in its popularization in Internet field. As a Flash SWF Player with the longest history, Adobe Flash Player can perfectly support SWF file.

Moreover, by converting .swf file to .exe file with Adobe Flash Player, we can even watch SWF file on those computers without Adobe Flash Player. To manage it, just need to click “File” and choose “Create Projector…” option in the drop-down menu.

2. Flash Movie Player: Make Animated Screensaver

Flash Movie Player

Comparing to Adobe Flash Player, Flash Movie Player enables us to watch SWF file with various function buttons like volume bar and playtrack bar. We can now turn up/down the volume with the volume bar or watch those parts we want with playtrack bar. Besides that, we can capture images from the SWF file with Flash Movie Player.
One of an import function of Flash Movie Player is that it can set the SWF file as animated screensaver for the computer with just one click. Just click “File” and choose “Set as screen saver” in the drop-down menu. Moreover, it enables us to open online Flash or add browser cache to the playlist.

3. SWF & FLV Player: Download Flash from Internet

SWF & FLV Player

As a Flash SWF player, it can only support the import of videos in .flv/.swf/.exe file. Comparing to others, SWF & FLV Player owns a “Zoom” bar that helps us to zoom in/out the video more easily and simply. The “Switching to dragging mode” will disable those interactive objects in the SWF file.

Besides that, a key function of SWF & FLV Player lies in its ability to download SWF file from Internet just like Free Flash Downloader. To download online Flash file, click “Download online Flash movies” in the drop-down menu of “File“. Moreover, the pro version of SWF & FLV Player can help us to convert SWF file to image series.

4. Total Video Player: Watch Various Videos

Total Video Converter

The greatest advantage of Total Video Player lies in its compatibility to almost all the video files. Besides SWF file, we can also watch videos in .mp4/.3gp/.rm/.rmvb/.flv/.wmv/.avi formats with Total Video Player. Therefore, we can save the trouble to get an extra player for all those videos mentioned above.

Those are top four Flash SWF players to help us get access to SWF file. Each of them gains its advantage to help us enjoy SWF file. If you have gotten any good ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.