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Christmas Ideas – Celebrate Christmas 2012 with Christmas Flash Cards, Christmas Songs and Christmas Movies

As a day originally created to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is now observed in both Christian and non-Christian countries. In fact, Christmas is a time to prepare Christmas dinner for family gathering, Christmas parade for national observation and Christmas list for gift sending. Therefore, as Christmas 2012 is just around the corner, various Christmas elements including Christmas hat and Christmas tree have flooded into people’s daily life. At present, everyone is not only busy preparing for Christmas 2012 celebrations but also looking for innovative Christmas ideas.  

Generally speaking, Christmas gift and Christmas party have set the main tunes for Christmas 2012 celebrations. However, for people who tend to spend an unforgettable and special Christmas 2012, they need new Christmas ideas. Therefore, this post will cover several ideas for Christmas 2012 celebration. Those Christmas ideas guide users to celebrate Christmas 2012 with Christmas Flash cards, Christmas songs and Christmas movies.

I. Christmas idea: Send Christmas Flash cards

It is an old tradition to send cards to friends on important festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Good Christmas cards can not only enhance the atmosphere of Christmas, but also fill receivers’ hearts with Christmas joys. Therefore, sending Christmas Flash cards is a good idea for celebrating Christmas 2012. For one thing, Christmas Flash cards are funny and Christmas-oriented in content; for another, Christmas Flash cards are excellent in animated effects. Of course, users can either download Christmas Flash cards online or make DIY Christmas Flash cards. Here several Christmas Flash cards will be provided for reference.

1. Christmas Flash Card 1

2. Christmas Flash Card 2

3. Christmas Flash Card 3

4. Christmas Flash Card 4

5. Christmas Flash Card 5

II. Christmas idea: Enjoy Christmas songs

Music is the voice of human emotions. Therefore, Christmas songs are usually emotional, contagious and infectious. Good Christmas songs can not only bring listeners inner peace but also send Christmas pleasure and joys to listeners. Then it sounds like a great Christmas idea to celebrate Christmas 2012 by indulging in the music world full of Christmas songs. Here several classic Christmas songs will be recommended.

1. Christmas song: Silent Night

As a Christmas song created to describe the night when Jesus was born, Silent Night can brings inner peace to every listeners. With poetic lyrics, Silent Night presents listeners the illusion of a silent and peaceful night and brings them to sweet dreams on Christmas Eve.

2. Christmas song: White Christmas

As one of the best Christmas songs in the world, White Christmas was created in 1940s. The lyrics of the Christmas song describes the happy scene about family getting together on Christmas, which strikes a chord with parents who are waiting for the return of their children.

3. Christmas song: Jingle Bells

As a classic Christmas song, Jingle Bells brings happiness and joy to everyone with its relaxing melody. When Christmas comes, the lyrics “Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way” will appear in every corner. Whenever jingle bell, Christmas fun approaches.  

4. Christmas song: Here Comes Santa Claus

As the symbol of Christmas, Santa Claus will be appeared in most Christmas songs. Here Comes Santa Claus is a song describing the scene about Santa coming to the town and sending his gifts to everyone. The song helps listeners to review the joys and thrills of expecting Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as small kids.  

5. Christmas song: We Wish You A Merry Christmas

In this Christmas song, a traditional Christmas food named figgy pudding is introduced. However, the food is not as lucky as the Christmas song. While We Wish You A Merry Christmas still serves as a classic Christmas melody, figgy pudding has excluded in the Christmas dinner menu for a long time.

III. Christmas idea: Watch Christmas movies

Each year, various Christmas movies will be released to provide audiences in an attempt to celebrate Christmas. A good Christmas movie can not only be attractive in storyline, but also reveal the essences and spirits of Christmas. Then watching Christmas movies is more than a way to celebrate Christmas 2012, it also helps users to better understand Christmas. Here, three top-rated Christmas movies will be covered.

1. A Christmas Story

Nothing can stop a boy from pursuing his Christmas gift. Therefore, when a boy named Ralphie wants to get a B.B. gun as Christmas gift, he needs to convince his parents, teachers and even Santa that the gun is harm-free. However, everything just goes to the opposite side of his expectations. In the end, Ralphie just proves that a B.B. gun does real harm to a kid. A Christmas Story is probably not the best Christmas movie but is definitely the most realistic one. All the sufferings of Ralphie can remind people of their funny childhood experience.  

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

After getting tired to be a horrible symbol, Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween tries to be a favored character like Santa. Therefore he kidnaps Santa Claus and does everything Santa does. However, to his disappointment, Christmas still turns out to be another Halloween. In the end, Jack learns the spirits of Christmas and sends Santa back to the world. From this Christmas movie, audiences will have deeper understanding about Christmas.

3. Home Alone

For users who want to have some funny and relaxing Christmas movie, Home Alone is a favored choice. One Christmas, a kid named Kevin is accidentally left alone in the house. However, when he finds his house has become a target of burglars, the cute kid can only stops those invaders with numerous traps and pranks.

Christmas Carol – Enjoy 5 Christmas Stories with Christmas Books and Christmas Flash Games

Christmas 2012 is approaching! As one of the most influential and importance festivals celebrated around the world, Christmas brings gathering time for families, shopping day for consumers and entertaining festival for citizens. Christmas wins the name as best time of the year for the long Christmas holidays and interesting Christmas stories. It is true that different people get their own different personal Christmas stories and it is also true that most people also share some world-famous Christmas stories from generation to generation.

Exclusively created for Christmas Day, those classic Christmas stories can always reveal the true spirits and essences of Christmas. Most of them are originated from popular literature works, rumors and even legendary tales. Those Christmas stories have traveled around the world with Christmas marks for several centuries. Therefore, they will never been forgotten on Christmas 2012 and they have together formed a wonderful Christmas carol. To this extent, this post will cover five Christmas stories. To help users better enjoy those Christmas stories, this post will introduce corresponding Christmas books and Christmas Flash games.

I. Christmas story: Express and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Polar Express

The Polar Express

As one of the best-selling Christmas books written by Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express centers on the train journey of a boy to Santa’s home on Christmas Eve. Living in the world where Santa is described as a fairy character, an innocent boy still believes in the existence of Santa. Therefore, he is invited to get on a train heading for North Polar with other faithful children. After going through various thrilling adventures, the boy receives the gift from Santa which can only be admired by real Christmas lovers. The Polar Express is not only persuasive in proving the existence of Santa but also impressive for describing the joyful scenes of Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Polar Express

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas Story, The Polar Express helps readers to go through a thrilling journey in the gaming world. Players need to control the tracks of the train in order to pick as many train cars as possible. Each track crossing will be given a red/green switch and players are allowed to accelerate or slow the train speed. Of course, obstacles may be placed on the running path of the train.

II. Christmas Story: Scrooge and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

As the most famous Christmas book written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol mainly tells about how a mean business man realizes the true spirits of Christmas. As a cold-blooded business man, Scrooge hates Christmas holiday, Christmas carols and Christmas food. On one Christmas night, Scrooge is forced by the Christmas spirits to go through a time travel. After witnessing stuffs about his innocent childhood, his beautiful lover, his miserable death and his poor employees, Scrooge suddenly realizes the true spirits of Christmas. Later, he becomes one of the best favored men in the town.    

2. Christmas Flash Game: Soar in Star Ride

Soar in Star Ride is a Christmas Flash game in accordance with this famous Christmas story. In the game, while Scrooge is sent to the sky to go through a time travel, he needs to collect as many stars as possible. Collecting different stars will give players different scores and hitting obstacles like thunder and swan will lead to the loss of scores. To enjoy the Christmas Flash game, one only needs to move the mouse to decide whether the rock shall go right or left.    

III. Christmas Story: Grinch and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: How the Grinch stole Christmas!

How the Grinch stole Christmas

The Christmas Story of Grinch comes from a Christmas book written by Dr. Seuss named How the Grinch stole Christmas! In the story, as the neighbor of Santa Claus, Grinch is an org with born hatred to Christmas. Each Christmas, the laughing and joyful sounds in the town have driven him crazy. Therefore, in an attempt to wipe out Christmas joys, Grinch decides to steal people’s Christmas gifts. From mouse to human, none can preserve their Christmas gifts. However, the whole town is still indulged in the happiness of Christmas. Later, Grinch learns about the essences of Christmas and becomes a happy monster.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Grinch Color Book

As a Christmas Flash game about Grinch, The Grinch Color Book provides players a chance to paint the pictures showing Grinch hiding behind a Christmas tree. Players can make the picture spooky and creepy with dark colors or make Grinch funny and cute with bright colors. For players who love this Christmas Flash game, they can download the Flash game.

IV. Christmas Story: Match Girl and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

While most Christmas books are happiness-oriented, The Little Match Girl is not. As one of the most famous tales created by Christian Andersen, the match girl appears in a sober and sad Christmas stories. On a freezing Christmas night, a little and poor girl is trying to sell her matches only to find herself being ignored. In an attempt to warm the body, the girl strikes three matches from which she has seen the happy scene of family gathering, delicious food and safe shelter.  When the frame dies out, the girl passes away with happy smile retained. Just as it is hinted in this Christmas story, Christmas is a time about giving and caring.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Little Match Girl Painting

In the Christmas Flash game named The Little Match Girl Painting, a picture describing the gathering of the match girl and her granny is presented. What players need to do is to make the picture more impressive and attractive with different colors. To download this Flash game, users can refer to free Flash Downloader.

V. Christmas Story: Magi and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories

The Gift of the Magi

Regarded as one of the most moving Christmas stories, the story of Magi and Christmas comes from a Christmas book written by O Henry named The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories. On Christmas, Della and her husband have coincidentally exchange their valuable objects with Christmas gifts. Della sells her beautiful hair for a golden watch chain and her husband sells the watch for a comb. Though their Christmas gifts have turned out to be useless, the couple has still spent an unforgettable Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: Gift of the Magi

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas tale, Gift of the Magi is designed as a puzzle game. Since the fragments of Jim’s watch have been provided, players only need to put those fragments in the right place to form an integrated photo of the watch.