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How to Play Flash Movies on Kindle Fire HDX

The updated version of Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, will be shipped on the 7th of November, and now it can be pre-ordered. The Kindle Fire HDX has two versions, 7-inch version with the price starts at $229 and 8.9-in version with the price starts at $379. According to the review of the 7-inch version on, this Android-like tablet is likely to control all your media consumption.

The 8.9-in version has the resolution of 2560*1600 with the PPI at 339. The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX weighs 13.2 ounces, it is pretty light and handful. Watching movies with this tablet is definitely a good choice. The operating system of this tablet is “Mojito”, which is the latest Fire OS. It has a built-in media center, so users are able to buy or borrow movies from that media center.

But if you want to watch Flash movies on the Kindle Fire HDX, you will get no luck. The “Mojito” doesn’t have a built-in Flash player, so it’s not possible to play Flash movies on the tablet directly. But if you convert the Flash movies to standard videos, you can play them on the Kindle Fire HDX without any problem.

To convert Flash movies, normally SWF files, to standard videos, you will be in need of a professional SWF to video converter. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a perfect choice for the SWF conversion issues. With this SWF converter, you are able to convert SWF files to more than 150 kinds of videos. The following guidance will show you how to convert SWF files to videos for playing on Kindle Fire HDX.

Free download Moyea SWF to Video Converter:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 1. Import an SWF File

Install Moyea SWF to Video Converter and run it on your PC. The first step to convert an SWF file to video is importing the SWF file. Click “Browse” button on the upper right corner of the software, and then choose “From Folder” to import an SWF file from your computer. The preview screen will play the SWF file and you can have general browse of the SWF file you want to convert.

Importing an SWF File

Step 2. Export Settings

Click “2. Export”, and then software goes to the window of export settings. In this window, you are able to choose the format for the output video. You are able to convert the SWF files to standard videos, AVI files or image series by checking the options on the top of the software window. There is no doubt that you should choose converting the SWF file to a standard video because the Kindle Fire HDX is only compatible with several video types like MP4, MKV and M4V and so on. Choose the format of the output video in the “Style” list. Then set up the qualities for the audio and video of the output video. Choose the location to save the output video. Check “Rip Audio” to rip the audio from the SWF file and save it as an MP3 file on your computer. Then click “3. Convert” to start the performance testing.

Export Settings

Step 3. Performance Testing and Capture Panel

After the performance testing, a full-screen panel shows up. This panel is for the users to capture the SWF file. Click “Start and Capture” at the left bottom, and then the SWF file will be played in the middle of the panel. Click “Finish” at the right bottom to stop capturing and start conversion.

Capture Panel

Step 4. Converting the SWF File

The conversion of the SWF file goes back to the window of the software. The conversion is automatic so you only need to wait. The conversion will be accomplished in minutes, and after that, you will get the output video on your computer. Then you can transfer the video to your Kindle Fire HDX for an enjoyment.

Converting the SWF File

How to Play Flash Movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With Android operating system, the Samsung smartphones have been the most popular smartphones all over the world. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest flagship of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones, and now is available all over the world. Many people like using the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones because they all have large screens, so does the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It owns a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, and is perfect for watching movies or reading books.

When it comes to playing movies on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it shouldn’t have been a problem. Android has built-in media player and this media player supports various kinds of movies. Unfortunately, this media player cannot play the Flash movies (normally SWF files). Actually, most Flash movies are .swf files, and most media players on the smartphones are not compatible with SWF files. So if a Note 3 user wants to play Flash movies on his/her Android phone, he/she has to convert SWF to standard videos that are compatible with Note 3. To convert SWF files to videos, the users will need the help of a SWF video converter.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a multifunctional SWF converter. It can convert SWF files to more than 150 kinds of videos, and maintains the video and audio quality in the output videos. With this powerful SWF to video converter, users are able to convert the Flash movies to the standard videos. The following guidance talks about how to convert SWF files to videos with Moyea SWF to Video Converter, and users can feel free to download this software and have a try:

Free download Moyea SWF to Video Converter:

Download Windows VersionDownload Mac Version

Step 1. Run the SWF Converter and Input the SWF File

After installing Moyea SWF to Video Converter, run it on your computer. The first step is to input the SWF file in need of conversion. Click “Browse” at the upper right corner of the software window, and click “From Folder” to input an SWF file from computer. After inputting the SWF file, the preview screen on the left part of the software window plays the SWF file.

Input an SWF File

Step 2. Export Settings

Click “2. Export” to get to the window of the export settings. Choose the profile of the output video in the “Style” option; Choose audio and video qualities in the quality settings, and if the detailed quality settings are needed, click “Settings” to the right of the “Audio Quality”; Choose the location to save the converted video; Check “Rip Audio” to rip audio from the SWF file and save it to computer as an MP3 file. Besides these options, users are allowed to convert the SWF file to AVI files and image series.

Export Settings

Step 3. Test Performance and Capture Panel

Click “3. Convert” to start the test performance. After the test performance, a full-screen capture panel shows up. In this panel, users are able to play and capture the SWF file. Click “Play and Capture” to start capture the SWF file; Click “Finish” to start converting the SWF file to standard video.

Capture Panel

Step 4. Converting SWF File to Video

The capture panel disappears after clicking “Finish” in the capture panel. The conversion will be accomplished in the software window. A progress bar at the bottom of the software window shows the percentage of the conversion process. After conversion, the converted video will be in the target folder the user has chosen.

Converting SWF File to Video

Then the user can connect his/her Android phone to computer and move the converted video to the movie library of the phone and enjoy the Flash movies on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Will Nokia Use Android OS After 2014?

Will Nokia Use Android After 2014?

According to a post from New York Times, Nokia tested an Android system on its Lumia phone before being bought by Microsoft, and Microsoft knew this test. In fact, Nokia and Microsoft have achieved an agreement that Nokia’s smartphones will use Windows Phone OS from 2011 to the end of 2014. But after 2014, there is a possibility that Nokia takes Android as the operating system for its smartphones. If Nokia used Android OS after it gave up Symbian, it might not come up with the difficult situation now. Moreover, the Android system is the most popular system all over the world, if Nokia can take Android on its smartphone, it will be sure to win the customers’ trust back. After all, Nokia was once the leader of the market before smartphone came into being.

Microsoft followed has a big plan for its business of smartphone and tablet. Windows Phone 8 OS is now being used on the smartphones of Nokia but not that popular among the smartphone users. Microsoft is not that good in making mobile phones like Nokia does. So buying Nokia is absolutely a smart business strategy of Microsoft. And couple of months ago, Google bought Motorola and released Moto X which turned out to be a success. This may be another reason why Microsoft would like to buy Nokia’s mobile phone and services departments. Microsoft makes it clear that it wants to earn more market share in the smartphone market, and with Nokia’s help, Microsoft can achieve this goal easier. Therefore, even though the Microsoft executives knew the Nokia’s Android testing, they didn’t make any response.

Connecting Android

But for Nokia, it is hard to say whether being bought by Microsoft is a good solution of its difficult situations. As is known, before smartphone was born, Nokia was the leader of the mobile phone market. But Nokia didn’t catch up with the main stream of developing smartphone in recent years, and the very first smartphone made by Nokia which runs with Symbian couldn’t meet with the consumers’ requirements, so Nokia came into a very difficult situation. In order to keep the market share, Nokia reached an agreement with Microsoft in 2011 to use Windows Phone OS as the operating system of the smartphones of Nokia. However, Apple and Samsung had grown up in the smartphone market before Windows Phone OS being applied on smarphone, so the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft hasn’t made the Nokia smartphone popular yet. The mobile phone and services departments of Nokia will be totally controlled by Microsoft until the end of 2014. And it is said that Microsoft said that the coming smartphones won’t take “Lumia” as a brand name anymore. That to say, sooner or later, Nokia’s smartphones will be called “Microsoft smartphones” and it’s not good for Nokia.

But if Nokia takes Android as their operating system, the company may earn the market share back. On one hand, Nokia has been selling mobile phones for many years, and many consumers like the phones made by Nokia; on the other hand, the Android OS is now the most popular operating system in the world, and people won’t have difficulties in handling this system. It is absolutely easier to play a Flash video on Android smartphones than on the Windows Phones. And compared Android OS with Windows Phone OS, the former owns more users all over the world. If Nokia can take advantage of the Android OS, it will not only win the supporters’ trust, but also other Android users’ trust.

All in all, Nokia needs a new way to attract customers, Microsoft knows how important the brand of Nokia is, but if Microsoft doesn’t use Nokia in a right way, the Windows Phone OS and the Microsoft smartphone will not win much market share in this fierce smartphone market.

The Fierce Competition Between Samsung And Apple is Still Ongoing

Samsung Vs. Apple

Apple released the iPhone 5s with the 64-bit processor on the launch event of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and couple of days later, Samsung declaimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a 64-bit processor. The fierce competition between Apple and Samsung has dramatically pushed forward the technologies of smartphone, or at least, improved the user experience of smartphones. Although the smartphones which Samsung makes win majority of the market, it is not likely that an Apple fanboy (or fangirl) will easily change his iPhone to a Samsung smartphone.

Android OS gives the users absolutely open root so that the users can easily manage their smartphone, and users can free download apps, music or movies to their Samsung smartphones. That may be a reason why many people choose Samsung smartphones. But iPhone does the contrary. The close iOS system and the copyright management system of iTunes, even the non-removable battery makes iPhone mysterious even after a consumer actually starts using it. But we have to admit that iPhone leads the fashion and technology of the smartphone. The unique OS, unique appearance and unique iTunes make this smartphone so attractive to the people who are chasing after the latest technology and fashion. So iPhone now wins totally different comments. Some say that iPhone is an extraordinary creation which redesigned the word “smartphone”; while some say that iPhone is a maverick toy which limits the users’ rights to manage media files, even playing a Flash video on iPhone is not easy without iTunes. It’s true that the latest iPhone is still expensive that many people cannot afford, so iPhone 5 is “the best-seller in the world” but not the one that most people use.

Samsung Vs. Apple

Apple aims at the advanced market, so it pays little attention to the emerging market like China and India before the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c released. But Samsung does a great job in the emerging market because of the various kinds of the smartphones. And the prices of the Samsung smartphones ranges from low to high, and the customers have multiple choices when they want to buy a Samsung smartphone. After Apple decreased the market share in China in Q2 2013, it started to notice the importance of these emerging markets, but Tim Cook doesn’t focus on the middle-income people of the emerging markets, who are eager to buy an iPhone but have to give up because of the price. The biggest move of Apple is that Tim Cook negotiates with China Mobile to make cooperation of selling the contract iPhone 5s and 5c.

And Apple carries on the strategy of launching one new smartphone annually, that’s not a good idea in the smartphone market today. Although Apple launched two new smartphones this year, it is not likely that the fruit company will launch two new smartphones in the coming year, and the iPhone 5c it launched this year is just another iPhone 5 with new covers. So Apple may not be going to launch “iPhone 6” and “iPhone 6c” in 2014. On the contrary, Samsung has launched several very impressive smartphones in 2013 like Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note III and Samsung Mega 6.3 and so on. Compared with the 4.0-inch iPhone, the Samsung smartphones are all with larger screen, which meet well with the needs of the consumers in emerging markets. And most important, they are not as expensive as iPhone does. Samsung is about to equip the next smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5, with an octa-core processor, so the S5 is likely to be the first smartphone that owns both a really octa-core and a 64-bit processor.

The fierce competition between Apple and Samsung is still ongoing, and we are lucky to experience it because we are able to take a look at the latest technology development of smartphone.

Why a Smartwatch is necessary?

Why a Smartwatch is Necessary

It is likely that the wearable smart devices are noticed by all the giants of smart devices. Sony, Samsung, Apple and Google are all preparing for their special-designed wearable devices. Sony has released the Smartwatch 2, and it will be available in the Q3 of 2013. Samsung is going to unveil the Samsung Gear in the September, and this smartwatch is also full of Samsung elements. Google has unveiled its Google Glass, and the Google Watch is seemed to be under testing. As for Apple, it is believed that the fruit company will develop the smartwatch because it has hired the Nike FuelBand Consultant Jay Blahnik, and supplied the technology patent named “Bi-Stable Spring with Flexible Display” as early as 2011. The times of wearable smart devices is coming. But are you ready for it?

A piece of news reported by the Guardian days ago flashed through my mind: England has banned the driver to wear Google Glass while driving, because they are afraid of the Google Glass distracting the drivers’ attentions. It’s reasonable in this period, because the drivers would be addicted to the fantastic contents of the Google Glass. But what if the road condition becomes more complicated in the coming years? It would be necessary for the drivers to wear this Google Glass with the built-in GPS or Voice Navigation to avoid traffic jams.

The smartwatches are also going to be necessities for people’s daily life. It is said that the smartwatches will have most of the functions that the smartphones have, and people can use them notice themselves of the important appointments or other issues. The smartwatch will also provide help in the meeting room. When an unexpected phone call comes in, the smartwatch will block the call and send messages to the caller. Maybe more useful functions will be applied in the smartwatches, and they will change the life our life.

Concept: iWatch

But why the technologies are applied to the wrist watch? It is not hard to answer: The wrist watch has already been a part of our lives. Whatever you are, a businessman or a simple worker, if you wear a wrist watch, it is believed that you care about time and cherish it. So most people have wrist watches, and they have adapted to wear watches every day. And a wrist watch may also symbolize your social location. Some rich men like wearing and collecting famous and luxury watches to identify their values. All in all, a wrist watch is now a necessary utility of our daily lives, whether you are rich or poor, you have a wrist watch along with you, and that may have already been a habit.

So will the smartwatch. The smartwatch will not only be the watch, but also be a good utility for your smartphone and tablets, even the PC. Although the concept of “smartwatch” is created by those corporations that develop smart devices, it will be helpful in our future lives. The smartwatch is also customizable. Customers can customize the appearance of the smartwatch, the apps on the smartwatch and other features of the smartwatch, so it seems like the smartwatch is just unique to you. Maybe someday you can also download Youtube videos and convert them to MP4 files for playing on your smartwatch. Some of the smartwatches are available in the market now, you can choose one from the Pebble, Martian and MetaWatch, they are all famous smartwatch providers.