Adobe Flash Player 10.3 All New Features Presentation(Part I)

From the earliest Flash Player 10.1 to the current 10.3, Moyea SWF Converter is being updated synchronously too for only one purpose: to support well kinds of Flash SWF files!

Each time whenever there is an update for Flash, Moyea has its own seamless solutions, making your Flash enjoyment on popular devices fast, cost-effective and best-quality-guaranteed.

Let us have a glance at the new features of Adobe Flash Player 10.3:

Control User Privacy

Simplified local storage management Desktop



Clear local storage from the browser settings interface just like how you clear your browser cookies.
Local settings manager Manage Flash Player privacy, security, and storage settings directly from the Control Panel.
Auto-update notification for Mac OS Stay current more easily due to the support for automatic notification of software updates on Mac OS.

New Creative Possibilities

FILTERS AND EFFECTS 3D Effects Create more intuitive, engaging interfaces using built-in support for 3D effects.
Custom Filters and Effects Create high-performance, real-time effects for cinematic experiences that quickly engage users.
Dynamic Filters, Effects, Blend Modes, and Fills Add real-time dynamic effects with built-in filters for blur, drop shadow, glow and more.
TEXT Sub-Pixel Text Rendering Enjoy improved readability of text in Flash Player, especially for complex character-based languages.
Mobile Text Input Input text using native device virtual keyboards with TextField support if no physical keyboard is detected.
Advanced Text Support Take advantage of the flexible text engine that brings print-quality publishing to the web.
NATIVE DEVICE INTERACTIONS Native Custom Mouse Cursors Define custom native mouse cursors, enabling user experience enhancements and improving performance.
Accelerometer Input Leverage accelerometer input on supported devices for user input control and to control screen orientation.
Multitouch and Gestures Take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using new ActionScript 3.0 APIs for multitouch and native gesture events.

Produce Stunning Media Experiences

AUDIO AND VIDEO CODECS Acoustic echo cancellation (desktop only); Speex audio codec; High-quality video codecs
HIGH PERFORMANCE PLAYBACK Stage Video hardware acceleration; H.264 video hardware decoding; Internet Explorer 9 hardware-accelerated rendering support (desktop only)
MEDIA DELIVERY Content protection (desktop and Google TV only); Fast switch; HTTP Dynamic Streaming; Stream reconnect; Smart seek; Buffered stream catch-up; Peer-assisted networking

Deploy Dynamic Web Applications on a Powerful Runtime

EXTENSIBILITY ActionScript 3.0; Global error handling; Microphone access (desktop only); Dynamic sound generation; Drawing API; Text engine; Binary file support; Bitmap manipulation; Context menu
HIGH PERFORMANCE Audio hardware decoding; Hardware acceleration; Full-screen, hardware-accelerated mode; Graphical rendering; Multicore support for graphics; Anti-aliasing engine (Saffron 3.1); ActionScript Virtual Machine 2; Vector data type
RAPID RESPONSE TIME Optimized SWF management (mobile only); Sleep mode (mobile only); Flash Player cache; Periodic timer; Lightweight application size; Progressive application loading

So, as the partial new features of Adobe Flash Player 10.3 have surfaced, click here to know how Moyea SWF Converter ingratiate itself with them since the Flash Player 10.1!

( to be continued)


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