Adobe Uses Apple HLS to Make Flash Playable on iOS


It is reported previously in April that the new version of Flash Media Sever added HLS(also known as HTTP Live Streaming) protocol to play Flash movies seamlessly on iOS devices, saving the troubles for Internet content suppliers to convert Flash format and modify the web content.

Adobe announced this news during the National Broadcasting Association’s Annual Meeting that the new generation of Flash Media Server will support the Apple-exclusive HTML5 streaming protocol HTTP (HLS model), which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices. The new Adobe Flash Media Server live encoder will also support HLS as instant video broadcast.


Adobe Flash Media Server is a special media server made for playing Flashes. It originally only uses Adobe HTTP dynamic stream, this protocol compresses media files using MP4 format, transmits through HTTP, but has to be played via Flash. Therefore, HLS was added to the brand-new Flash Media Sever, which makes it possible to play Flash movies on iOS devices without changing its format and modifying the web content.

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