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Will Nokia Use Android OS After 2014?

Will Nokia Use Android After 2014?

According to a post from New York Times, Nokia tested an Android system on its Lumia phone before being bought by Microsoft, and Microsoft knew this test. In fact, Nokia and Microsoft have achieved an agreement that Nokia’s smartphones will use Windows Phone OS from 2011 to the end of 2014. But after 2014, there is a possibility that Nokia takes Android as the operating system for its smartphones. If Nokia used Android OS after it gave up Symbian, it might not come up with the difficult situation now. Moreover, the Android system is the most popular system all over the world, if Nokia can take Android on its smartphone, it will be sure to win the customers’ trust back. After all, Nokia was once the leader of the market before smartphone came into being.

Microsoft followed has a big plan for its business of smartphone and tablet. Windows Phone 8 OS is now being used on the smartphones of Nokia but not that popular among the smartphone users. Microsoft is not that good in making mobile phones like Nokia does. So buying Nokia is absolutely a smart business strategy of Microsoft. And couple of months ago, Google bought Motorola and released Moto X which turned out to be a success. This may be another reason why Microsoft would like to buy Nokia’s mobile phone and services departments. Microsoft makes it clear that it wants to earn more market share in the smartphone market, and with Nokia’s help, Microsoft can achieve this goal easier. Therefore, even though the Microsoft executives knew the Nokia’s Android testing, they didn’t make any response.

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But for Nokia, it is hard to say whether being bought by Microsoft is a good solution of its difficult situations. As is known, before smartphone was born, Nokia was the leader of the mobile phone market. But Nokia didn’t catch up with the main stream of developing smartphone in recent years, and the very first smartphone made by Nokia which runs with Symbian couldn’t meet with the consumers’ requirements, so Nokia came into a very difficult situation. In order to keep the market share, Nokia reached an agreement with Microsoft in 2011 to use Windows Phone OS as the operating system of the smartphones of Nokia. However, Apple and Samsung had grown up in the smartphone market before Windows Phone OS being applied on smarphone, so the cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft hasn’t made the Nokia smartphone popular yet. The mobile phone and services departments of Nokia will be totally controlled by Microsoft until the end of 2014. And it is said that Microsoft said that the coming smartphones won’t take “Lumia” as a brand name anymore. That to say, sooner or later, Nokia’s smartphones will be called “Microsoft smartphones” and it’s not good for Nokia.

But if Nokia takes Android as their operating system, the company may earn the market share back. On one hand, Nokia has been selling mobile phones for many years, and many consumers like the phones made by Nokia; on the other hand, the Android OS is now the most popular operating system in the world, and people won’t have difficulties in handling this system. It is absolutely easier to play a Flash video on Android smartphones than on the Windows Phones. And compared Android OS with Windows Phone OS, the former owns more users all over the world. If Nokia can take advantage of the Android OS, it will not only win the supporters’ trust, but also other Android users’ trust.

All in all, Nokia needs a new way to attract customers, Microsoft knows how important the brand of Nokia is, but if Microsoft doesn’t use Nokia in a right way, the Windows Phone OS and the Microsoft smartphone will not win much market share in this fierce smartphone market.