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The Fierce Competition Between Samsung And Apple is Still Ongoing

Samsung Vs. Apple

Apple released the iPhone 5s with the 64-bit processor on the launch event of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and couple of days later, Samsung declaimed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a 64-bit processor. The fierce competition between Apple and Samsung has dramatically pushed forward the technologies of smartphone, or at least, improved the user experience of smartphones. Although the smartphones which Samsung makes win majority of the market, it is not likely that an Apple fanboy (or fangirl) will easily change his iPhone to a Samsung smartphone.

Android OS gives the users absolutely open root so that the users can easily manage their smartphone, and users can free download apps, music or movies to their Samsung smartphones. That may be a reason why many people choose Samsung smartphones. But iPhone does the contrary. The close iOS system and the copyright management system of iTunes, even the non-removable battery makes iPhone mysterious even after a consumer actually starts using it. But we have to admit that iPhone leads the fashion and technology of the smartphone. The unique OS, unique appearance and unique iTunes make this smartphone so attractive to the people who are chasing after the latest technology and fashion. So iPhone now wins totally different comments. Some say that iPhone is an extraordinary creation which redesigned the word “smartphone”; while some say that iPhone is a maverick toy which limits the users’ rights to manage media files, even playing a Flash video on iPhone is not easy without iTunes. It’s true that the latest iPhone is still expensive that many people cannot afford, so iPhone 5 is “the best-seller in the world” but not the one that most people use.

Samsung Vs. Apple

Apple aims at the advanced market, so it pays little attention to the emerging market like China and India before the latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c released. But Samsung does a great job in the emerging market because of the various kinds of the smartphones. And the prices of the Samsung smartphones ranges from low to high, and the customers have multiple choices when they want to buy a Samsung smartphone. After Apple decreased the market share in China in Q2 2013, it started to notice the importance of these emerging markets, but Tim Cook doesn’t focus on the middle-income people of the emerging markets, who are eager to buy an iPhone but have to give up because of the price. The biggest move of Apple is that Tim Cook negotiates with China Mobile to make cooperation of selling the contract iPhone 5s and 5c.

And Apple carries on the strategy of launching one new smartphone annually, that’s not a good idea in the smartphone market today. Although Apple launched two new smartphones this year, it is not likely that the fruit company will launch two new smartphones in the coming year, and the iPhone 5c it launched this year is just another iPhone 5 with new covers. So Apple may not be going to launch “iPhone 6” and “iPhone 6c” in 2014. On the contrary, Samsung has launched several very impressive smartphones in 2013 like Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note III and Samsung Mega 6.3 and so on. Compared with the 4.0-inch iPhone, the Samsung smartphones are all with larger screen, which meet well with the needs of the consumers in emerging markets. And most important, they are not as expensive as iPhone does. Samsung is about to equip the next smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5, with an octa-core processor, so the S5 is likely to be the first smartphone that owns both a really octa-core and a 64-bit processor.

The fierce competition between Apple and Samsung is still ongoing, and we are lucky to experience it because we are able to take a look at the latest technology development of smartphone.