Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials 4 – Flash Tweening

In this fourth entry of Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials series, we are going to discuss 3 frequently-used Flash tweens and will show how exactly it works in an animated GIF animation.

The word “tweening ” comes from another word “in between”, meaning – to generate intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second image. To explain it in a simple way: you can go from one keyframe to another and specify changes in the animation and let the Flash program create the frames in between.

There are 3 Flash tweening modes that are widely used to achieve the basic animation effects. They are Flash Guide Tween(motion tweening), Flash Tint Tween(color tweening) and Flash Shape Tween.

Flash Guide Tween allows you to move an object from one location to another along a specified path.

Flash Tint Tween is able to change the color of an object.

Flash Shape Tween changes one object into another.

The animated GIF below demonstrates the effects of Adobe Flash shape, motion and color tweening when they are working together.


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