How Can I Play Flash Movies on PS4

PS4 now is available in North America, and this latest generation of PlayStation is ready to bring you surprise. You can enjoy 10 or more latest games with PS4. The PS4 also has Blu-ray hard disk drive, so you are able to enjoy the HD movies with PS4. But watching Flash videos with PS4 won’t be that easy. Adobe Flash Player is no longer updated for mobile devices, and now video-sharing websites use HTML5 to build their websites so that visitors don’t need Flash Player plug-ins. But if you want to watch Flash videos you have downloaded from the Internet with PS4, you will get stuck.

The best way to play Flash movies on PS4 is to convert the Flash movies to PS4-compatible video files. The PlayStation supports MP4 files, so you are able to convert the Flash movies to MP4 files for an enjoyment on PS4. As is known, most of the Flash movies are SWF files, so you will need an SWF converter to help.

I would like to recommend Moyea SWF to Video Converter to you. This software is easy-to-use software, it enables you to convert SWF to more than 150 kinds of video files. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is powerful in converting SWF files to videos for mobile devices, for example, it can convert SWF to MP4 for iPad, Windows Mobile devices, Xbox and so on. With this software, you are able to enjoy the Flash movies on your smartphones, tablets or consoles with ease. The following guidance will show you how to convert SWF to MP4 for PS4. You can free download this software and try it yourself.

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Step 1. Import an SWF File
Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter after installing it on your computer. Click “Browse” at the upper right corner of the window. Choose “From Folder” and select the Flash movie you want to convert. The software will read the SWF file and play it in the preview screen. You are able to add watermarks into the SWF file by clicking the “Crop” button beside the preview screen.

Input the SWF File

Step 2. Export Settings
Click “2. Export” to go to the window of export settings. Check “Video” at the top of the window. Select “Common Video” in the drop-down menu of the “Style” option and then choose .mp4 as the output format for the exported video. Select audio and video qualities for the exported video, and the detailed settings for the audio and video qualities are allowed by clicking “Settings” next to the “Audio Quality”. Click the folder icon in the “Export to” option and choose a folder to save to the exported video. If you want to rip audio from the SWF file, check “Rip Audio” and click the folder icon to choose a target folder to save the ripped audio file.

Export Settings

Step 3. Performance Testing and Capture Panel
Click “3. Convert” and the performance testing starts. After the performance testing, a full-screen panel shows up. Click “Play and Capture” to capture the whole SWF file. If you just need a part of the SWF file, click “Play Movie” and then click “Start Capture” to capture the part you need. Then click “Finish” to start converting SWF to MP4 file for PS4.

Capture Panel

Step 4. Converting SWF to MP4 for PS4
The conversion goes back to the window of the software. The progress bar will show the percentage of the conversion. When the conversion is done, the folder you have chosen to save the exported video will pop up, and you can manage the video file with ease.

Converting SWF to GIF Files

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is powerful. It also enables you to convert Youtube videos to MP4 files. The software makes the SWF conversions easy and fast. If you have any SWF conversion problems, you can check this software out.

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