How to Convert SWF to MOV Files

I used HTML5 to make a Flash video a couple of months ago, and now I want to convert this SWF to MOV file for playing on iPad. I have tried some SWF converter software, but none of them can recognize my SWF file. Could anybody help me please?

Some people like making Flashes and playing for fun, and some people like watching Flash movies. The Flashes you make or the Flash movies you watch are SWF files in most situations. And SWF files aren’t compatible with the iOS devices. If you want to play SWF files on your iPad directly, you may have no luck. The easiest way to convert SWF to MOV files is to use the SWF converter software. However, as the user says above, many SWF converter software cannot recognize SWF files, so how can we convert SWF to MOV files?

As a matter of fact, here is one piece of excellent SWF converter software. Its name is Moyea SWF to Video Converter. This software enables you to convert SWF to more than 150 kinds of video files. The software keeps the original audio and video qualities in the exported videos. If you want to convert SWF to MOV files, Moyea SWF to Video Converter is definitely a good choice. The following guidance will show you how to convert SWF to MOV files. You can free download this software to have a try. (Both Windows and Mac versions are available)

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Step 1. Import an SWF File
Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter after installing it on your computer. Then you are able to import an SWF file into the software. Click “Browse” at the upper right corner of the window, and choose “From Folder” to add an SWF file. The software will recognize the SWF file with no delay and then play the SWF file in the preview screen. You are able to add watermarks into the SWF file with the options beside the preview screen.

Import an SWF File

Step 2. Export Settings
Click “2. Export” to get to the window of the export settings. In this window, you are able to set up the profile of the exported video, the audio and video qualities, and the output folder for the exported video. In the drop-down menu, you can find the .mov format in “Common Video” or “HD Video”. If you want to get the audio file from the SWF file, you only need to check “Rip Audio” option and select a target folder to save the audio file.

Export Settings

Step 3. Performance Testing and Capture Panel
Click “3. Convert” and then a performance testing starts. After the performance testing, you will get access to the full-screen capture panel. In this panel, you are able to preview the video and capture the part you need. Click “Play Movie” to preview the video. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing the video, and then click “Finish” to start converting SWF to MOV file.

Capture Panel

Step 4. Converting SWF to MOV File
The video conversion goes back to the window of the software. A progress bar shows the percentage of the conversion. When the conversion is done, the folder you have selected to save the exported video will pop up.

Converting SWF to GIF Files

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a good assistant for the people who want to convert SWF files to standard videos. The software is easy to use, and it provides powerful functions. If you want to download and convert Youtube videos to MP4 files, Moyea SWF to Video Converter will also be helpful.

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