How to Convert SWF to MP4 Files for iPad mini with Retina Display

It is definitely a piece of good news that iPad mini 2 is equipped with the Retina Display. The iPad mini with Retina Display was unveiled on the product launch event on the 22nd of October, and this world’s best 7.9-inch tablet will be available in November. On the product launch event, the latest 9.7-inch iPad, iPad Air, was also unveiled. If you have got tired of using the iPad mini 1st Gen, you shouldn’t hesitate to get this iPad mini with Retina Display.

iPad mini with Retina Display is as functional as the iPad Air. iPad mini with Retina Display keeps the screen of 7.9 inches, and the resolution of this tablet is 2048*1536, the PPI is 326. The resolution is four times than the previous-generation iPad mini, and the pixels are close together so that your eyes can’t distinguish them. The iPad mini with Retina Display won’t make your eyes feel tired even after a long-time use.

iPad mini 2 is still that handful. The 7.9-inch screen is just good for handling in one hand. iPad mini with Retina Display is excellent for playing movies. The battery of iPad mini 2 makes it run 10 hours for normal use. Sometimes we will download some interesting Flash movies to watch, however, we are not able to play these Flash movies on iPad mini with Retina Play, because the new iPad mini doesn’t have a built-in Flash player. If we want to play Flash movies on iPad mini 2, we need to convert the Flash movies to iPad-compatible videos and then sync the videos to iPad mini.

To convert SWF to MP4 files, you will need a professional SWF to video converter. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is highly recommended. This software can convert SWF files to more than 150 kinds of video files, and keeps high audio and video quality in the exported videos. It can not only be used for converting SWF to MP4, but also downloading Youtube videos and converting them to standard videos. The following guidance is about how to convert SWF to MP4 files for iPad mini with Retina Display.

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Step 1. Import an SWF File
Run Moyea SWF to Video Converter after installing it on the computer. The first step is to import an SWF file. Click “Browse” at the upper right corner and choose “From Folder” to select an SWF file from the computer. The software plays the SWF file in the preview screen, and you are able to add watermark for the SWF file.

Import an SWF File

Step 2. Export Settings
Click “2. Export” and then the software turns to the window for export settings. Check “Videos” to convert the SWF file to a standard video. Click “Profile” and choose the iPad-compatible .mp4 as the format for the exported video. Choose audio and video qualities, and if you want to set up the qualities in detail, click “Settings” besides “Video Quality”. Click the folder icon to choose a target to put the exported video. If you want to keep the audio of the SWF file, check “Rip Audio” and click the folder icon to choose a choose a folder to save the audio file.

Export Settings

Step 3. Performance Testing and Capture Panel
Click “3. Convert” and the performance testing will begin. When the performance testing is finished, a full-screen capture panel shows up. In this panel, you are able to capture the SWF file. Click “Play and Capture” to start capturing the SWF file. Then Click “Finish” to convert SWF to MP4 file.

Capture Panel

Step 4. Converting SWF to MP4
The conversion goes back into the window of the software. A progress bar will show the percentage of the conversion. When the conversion is finished, the folder that you have chosen to save the exported video will pop up, and you can find the exported video in it.

Converting SWF to GIF Files

Moyea SWF to Video Converter makes the video conversion from SWF to MP4 easy and fast. If you want to play Flash movies on the iPad mini with Retina Display, you can check this software out.

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