How to Get Free Registration Code and Use Coupon Code to Get Discounters

Mother’s Day 2012 is now around the corner. In order to celebrate this great event, Moyea has carried out its promotion plan where free and cheap converters are provided. In order to help you fully engaged in this activity, this post will show you how to get free registration code and use coupon code to get discounters.

I. Get free registration code

In the promotion plan, two free video converters are provided: SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter. If you need to make DIY videos with them, you can use them with free registration code. Do the following steps.

1. Visit the homepage of this promotion plan, click “Make Video for Mom from Flash” tab and then click “Get Registration Code” button.

Get Registration Code

2. Fill in the form with your first name, last name and email address. After that click “Send me registration code” button.

Fill in the form

3. Check your email box. If you haven’t find it in your inbox, you may find it among the spam.

4. Download SWF to 3GP Converter with the links given in the mail or you can’t use the registration code. This step is very important.

5. Install the converter and type the registration code in the corresponding bar.

Type the Registration Code

After all those steps, you can use SWF to 3GP Converter to make DIY videos for mothers. As for Video for Web Converter, you can get free registration code with similar steps mentioned above.

II. Use coupon code to get discounters

Moyea Software provides discounters for almost all the products. Use coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F for SWREG payment to buy converters in rather low prices. With this coupon code, you can get discounters that can amount to 40%. The following part will show you how to manage the whole process.

1. Choose a product in Moyea SWF Kits and click “Buy Now” button.

Buy Now button

2. You can pay either via PayPal or via SWREG. However, only pay via SWREG can get discounters with the coupon code. So choose SWREG payment and then click “Buy Now“.

SWREG Payment

3. After that, you can type coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F in the corresponding bar to get some discounters and then click “Secure Checkout” button to move forward.

use coupon code

4. Fill in the form with your private information including first name, email, state, zip code and so on in the left part. In the right part, you need to choose the way you want to use your credit card. After you have done it, click “Continue” button.

ways to use credit card

5. In this step, you need to check out your order. If everything is OK, click “Continue” to finish the purchasing process.

So those are the steps for you to use coupon code to get discounters in the purchasing process. In this way, you can get inexpensive converters to help you make DIY videos for mothers.

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