It is just Possible to Convert Flash SWF to Picture, and We can Make it even Better!

This is basically a how-to blog and firstly, let us talk about the possibilities. I have heard so many comments said that it is impossible to make flash SWF files become the picture formats, due to they are two totally different utilities. Well, the truth is we can and we can do it better! The following content will show you how!

A chart that will show you what picture formats an SWF file can be converted to and what we can do to make the converted picture format perfect.

Original SWF File Kinds of Picture Formats
An SWF file can be converted to JPG
Animated GIF
Options We Have Perfect Picture Format
Settings we can use to ensure a hi-quality picture output Frame Rate(fps)
Image Size(WidthxHeight)
Compression Quality(Low to High)
Conversion Mode(Manual or Automatic)
Performance Testing


When we talk about the possibility, we want to let you know that it is definitely ok to convert flash SWF to picture, convert all kinds of flashes to picture(the ones with extremely-low frame rate and the ones with extremely-big file size); and when we talk about the options we have, it means we can do it better, for example and as you can see from the chart above, you can convert flash SWF to more than one picture formats, and you can adjust several parameters to make the output picture format perfect!

The 3-step tutorial below will demonstrate exactly how to convert SWF to picture and how to make the picture format hi-quality.

1. Import the SWF files to Moyea SWF to Video Pro, no worries about your cranky SWF files, cause it can convert whatever it plays.

2. Directly click Capture button to save the current flash image to picture format or click Export tab to convert the whole flash to your desired picture format among several options.

3. Click Settings to enter the advanced profile menu where you can manually adjust several parameters to get the best picture output format.

Last, open the folder where you choose to save the converted pictures, and enjoy!

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