oPhone Is Coming Out Soon in September, 2009

oPhone is the first China Mobile customized TD-SCDMA phone based on OMS(Open Mobile System) operating system.

OMS is the system platform developed by the No.1 mobile carrier China Mobile. It’s based on Google Android and a lot of mobile applications were added to make it powerful. China Mobile once was trying hard to bring Apple iPhone to China, very exciting news for Apple fans here in China but unfortunately this plan was aborted. After the failure of this international connection of two mobile giants, China Mobile has transferred its attention to develop its own operating system, which is OMS.

Lenovo, one of the leading mobile technology products manufacturers and one of loyal business partners of China Mobile, officially announces the release of oPhone in the late September, 2009. This phone is unanimously believed to represent the prioritizing TD Terminal of China Mobile.

ChenWenHui, vice President of Lenovo mobile, said: “Lenovo O1 phone is the result of years accumulation of smart products development and TD research, and it’s also a key step to bring Lenovo to a new 3G era and a rich and colorful mobile interconnection era as well.”


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