Perfect Christmas Song for Christmas Flash Mob

Before we come to the main topic Christmas Mob today, we will spare some time to talk about the real Flash we know in this upcoming Christmas.

It is definitely not a merry Christmas for Adobe Flash because it is just in a dilemma! While some vendors will stick to Flash, others decide to leave!

RIM(Research In Motion Limited): the Flash is IN!

As the company behind the BlackBerry product line, RIM has announced that it will continue to use Adobe Flash Player, at least in the BlackBerry Playbook. This statement is issued after the decision that Adobe has made not to continually develop the mobile network Flash. RIM also said the company will at the same time promote Flash and its substitute HTML5 on PlayBook, which fulfills the commitment made to PlayBook at its first release earlier this year.

Microsoft: Flash may be OUT!

One of the Android open-source mobile operating system vendors Google did not comment on the decision that Adobe had made. However many other Android developers have different thoughts: some are willing to use Flash, and at the same time get more details regarding the Flash Player to HTML 5 transformation; some are not, Microsoft is one of them. Microsoft has decided not to use Flash in its WP7.5 Mango devices, regardless of the fact that earlier this year, this company was said to cooperate with Adobe and therefore explore how Flash software work in its WP mobile system.

The above Flash news is a sad one but next we have something happy to reveal about Christmas Flash Mob 2011.

There are some singers and songs just can inspire Christmas flash mob a lot, for example, Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You and Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree etc.

If you are planning to organize one in the upcoming Christmas, the crazy Christmas flash mob idea below maybe useful, well, it’s just for the thought.

Have tons of people show up and at a certain time have them all start screaming bloody murder for like 1-2mins straight then have them all stop and go on about their business like nothing happened. Will scare a lot of people!

Have fun in Christmas flash mob and Merry Christmas!

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