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2 Fatal Eddie Murphy Movies on Police in Eddie’s Early Career

Is the death of Eddie Murphy in a snowboarding attempt true? At least Twitter makes people believe so. However, this has proved to be Twitter’s new attempt to murder another comedian after similar news about the death of Robin Williams spread on Twitter several months ago. Actually, Eddie Murphy’s family said he had neither desire nor intention to go snowboarding.

Anyway, the death hoax has indeed shown us the embarrassing situation than Eddie Murphy is facing now. It seems that people cares more about his life that his movies. Actually, the acting career of Eddie is marching downhill in recent time which makes Eddie Murphy movies like A Thousand Words real commercial disasters.

Though going through major ups and downs in acting career, Eddie Murphy has provided people impressive images in some Eddie Murphy movies. However, if you are careful enough, you can find that Eddie’s early acting career is influenced by two police movies. One started his promising acting career and the other made his career marching downhill. This post will illustrate you those two fatal Eddie Murphy movies on police.

1. Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop was a turning point of Eddie’s acting career. After starring in this movie, Eddie gained great success in some other Eddie Murphy movies, making him the most favored comedian in American at that time. As a movie released in 1984, Beverly Hills Cop gained over 300 million dollars in box office incomes, a performance even better than Madagascar.

Beverly Hills Cop is all about how a brave cop named Axel Foley tries to investigate a murder case in Beverly Hills, a gathering place for rich men and the upper-class. Of course, the rude cop will get some troubles in the area and suffers some funny story. Since this movie, the witty language and blackguard style behavior has become two features of Eddie Murphy comedy.

2. Metro


In 1990s, while the acting career of Eddie was marching downhill, Eddie regained his fame with a movie named The Nutty Professor. However, the happy time didn’t last too long because a year later, Eddie ruined his promising future with a movie named Metro. Coincidently, Metro is another Eddie Murphy movie about police.

Metro is about a story of how cop prevents a heist and catches the escaped criminal who wants to take revenge on him. Basically speaking, Metro won’t impress you too much with the old-style plot. Eddie is still funny in Metro but not in an appropriate way. In this Eddie Murphy movie, his funny image as a comical hostage negotiator is quite annoying sometimes.

Those are the two Eddie Murphy movies that influenced Eddie’s early acting career. Beverly Hills Cop helped Eddie to gain unprecedented success while Metro made Eddie’s acting career marching downhill. Moreover, Flash game depending on the plot of Beverly Hills Cop had been made. If you want to play the Eddie Murphy game offline, you can download the Flash game.