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Top 5 Must-knows about Adobe Flash Player 11.5

As the finalized date of HTML5 stopped in 2014, the world seems to be quite confident towards the feature of HTML5. However, as the loser in the battle of Adobe Flash vs HTML5, Adobe Flash Player will still be the dominator in the market for a certain time. As a tool with good compatibility, Adobe Flash Player is designed as a cross-platform application accessible to 99% web browsers. Based on its importance, Adobe continuously updates the software even after deciding to focus more attention on the development of HTML5.

To help users get better experience on watching online videos or playing online games, Adobe had released Adobe Flash Player 11.5, the latest version of this product. Comparing to its predecessors, Adobe Flash Player 11.5 not only fixed those existing bugs, but also gained several new features. Therefore, for those who are curious of Adobe Flash Player 11.5, this post will show them top 5 must-knows about Adobe Flash Player 11.5.

1. Must-known about Flash Player 11.5: File Size

Flash Player 11.5

One will definitely be surprised by the file size of Adobe Flash Player. According to the tradition, the newly updated Adobe Flash Player would be a file no more than 10 Megabytes. However, the file size of Flash Player 11.5 jumps to about 16 Megabytes. Then what has been added to the new Flash Player? It seems to be codes, a vast sea of codes. Therefore, Adobe Flash Player 11.5 will definitely good in stability and powerful in function.

2. Must-known about Flash Player 11.5: Desktop App

Desktop version of Flash Player 11.5

In this update, Adobe points that Adobe Flash Player 11.5 is exclusively designed as a desktop application. It seems that after the quitting of Adobe Flash Player from Google Play, Adobe Flash Play has given up the mobile market. Moreover, it also means that Android mobile users, even those who has devices running systems from Android 2.3 to Android 4.0 will not able to make full use of the latest Adobe Flash Player.  

3. Must-known about Flash Player 11.5: Adobe AIR

Flash Player and Flash AIR

Along with Adobe Flash Player, Adobe also released Adobe AIR 3.5. After BBC had decided to replace Adobe Flash with Adobe AIR in iPlayer, Adobe AIR seems to be the new attempt given by Adobe to gain mobile market. Unlike Adobe Flash Player 11.5, Adobe Air 3.5 not only provides desktop version and Android version but also AIR SDK.

4. Must-known about Flash Player 11.5: Windows 8 Excluded

Flash Player and Win8

While Windows 8 seems to be an operating system with high competitiveness, it is quite surprising that Adobe Flash Player 11.5 has excluded Windows 8 into its supporting list. According to the release note unveiled by Adobe, Adobe Flash Player 11.5 is designed to be compatible to Windows systems like XP/Vista/7 only. However, there are also ways to help Adobe Flash Player 11.5 accessible to Windows 8. For example, users can download Flash Player 11.5 as a plug in for IE 10, the web browser of Windows 8.

5. Must-known about Flash Player 11.5: Cross-platform Support

Flash Player and Mac

One shall notice that Adobe Flash Player 11.5 is an application with supports to multiple platforms. There are not only designed for Windows systems but also for Mac systems. Reluctant as Apple is, it must admit that Adobe Flash Player is a necessity for Mac systems. Generally speaking, there are two forms of Adobe Flash Player 11.5, active-x version and plug in version. For Windows systems lower than Windows 8, active-x version is preferred while for Windows 8 and Mac systems, only the plug in version works.