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Adobe Photoshop – Another Reason to Run from Windows XP to Windows 7

In recent days, the death of Windows XP is accelerated after Adobe announced no support for next Photoshop for Windows XP. In other words, Photoshop CS6 will be the best version Windows XP users can ever get. As a result, large number of users may run from Windows XP to Windows 7.

XP to Win 7

Still used as a mainstream operating system as it is, Windows XP is almost certain to be part of history soon. Though there are thousands of Windows XP users in the world, the 11-year-old system is being gradually replaced by Windows 7, a much younger competitor. Adobe Photoshop’s refusal to Windows XP came after Microsoft had limited support to Adobe Flash in Windows 8. So is it Adobe’s revenge to Microsoft? No, at least it doesn’t count this time.

While Microsoft wants users to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7, the decision just helps to persuade users to do it. It was not the first time an app turned down Windows XP and it will of course not be the last time. Actually, this no-support-for-XP trick comes from Microsoft as an attempt to popularize Windows 7. Later, Microsoft noticed things went in the way it had predicted after various apps just follow suit.

In its first attempt, Microsoft had announced the death of Microsoft by declaring no updates for Windows XP in 2013. Several years ago, IE 9, which was rumored to be much faster than IE 8, was designed as a web browser exclusively for Windows 7. This year, the latest brand product of Microsoft, Microsoft Office 2013 was not available on Windows XP. Then other companies played an important role in making switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 desirable. Before Adobe Photoshop, latest Google Map had no support for IE 8, the latest web browser Windows XP users can get can. Finally, Microsoft had seen the victory of Windows 7 in the foreseeable future.

Since its release 11 years ago, Windows XP soon turned out to be the most favored system in the market. Though various systems had been developed to overtake Windows XP, they all failed in various degrees. Even the most promising Windows Vista lacked the powerful to persuade users to abandon Windows XP. Consequently, XP had ruled the operating system for quite a long time. As a system about to be outdated next year, Windows XP still wins over Windows 7 by a narrow margin in market share at present. However, the trend from Windows XP to Windows 7 seems to be resistible.

Besides the tricks of Microsoft, the rejection of apps and the rising of Windows 7, Windows XP loses the game for its defects. As an old system, it fails to catch up with the new trends. The reason for Adobe Photoshop’s rejection is that XP lacks modern hardware graphics interface it desires. Google’s decision is made when considering IE 8 was the third oldest generation product after IE 10 is released. Anyway, since the old system is just running out of its time, users shall run from Windows XP, instead of walk, to Windows 7.