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Adobe has Confirmed that Android Chrome does not Support Flash

Adobe recently said that the latest Google Chrome in Android version does not support Flash content anymore. Adobe pointed out that though they are not intended to cooperate with Google to develop Flash-compatible Chrome, it will continue to support the Flash content in the existing Android default browser.

Adobe Flash product manager Bill Howard said: “Google has launched the Chrome beta for Android and exactly as we had announced last November that Adobe will no longer develop Flash player for mobile browsers, and that’s why the Android Chrome beta won’t support Flash content anymore.”

For many years Adobe has failed to fully release the power of Flash in the mobile market. Although it is compatible with Android mobile phones, not in other systems. Due to the fact that Apple iOS does not support Flash, plus all the difficulties Adobe has encountered when introducing the Flash to other new equipments, this plugin fails to extend the glory as its desktop version once did in mobile market.

All these setbacks had forced Adobe to cease the development of mobile Flash player last year. The company announced that it will stop developing Flash player plugin and will no longer support the new platforms. Adobe also admitted HTML5 will be the future standard for creating rich mobile Internet experience.