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A Free Way to Automatically Upload SWF File to YouTube

As one of the most popular online video website, YouTube have provided a wonderful platform for people to share videos. With a good reputation, YouTube can receive thousands of uploaded videos every day, making its media library much more resourceful. According to the news in May, YouTube users now upload 72 hours of video each minute.

As a successful website, YouTube not only arouses users’ desire to download YouTube videos but also to upload videos to YouTube. However, it is not an easy task to upload videos to YouTube. Actually, a weird thing is that users need to watch YouTube videos with Adobe Flash Player but can’t upload SWF file to YouTube.

With unique design, SWF file can only be supported by a few converters. For many users, they find uploading SWF file to YouTube a real trouble because it is difficult to find a way to convert the Flash movie for YouTube. Here this post will provide a free way to upload SWF file to YouTube automatically. The method will be stated in two steps.

Step I. Converter SWF to 3GP for free

In order to convert SWF for YouTube, users need to convert SWF file to 3GP video with Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter, which is provided free in Moyea promotion plan. Try to follow those steps.

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” and choose “From Folder” to input the SWF file.

input SWF

2. Click “Export” tab and set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

Set Output file

3. Click “Convert” tab and then click “Play and Capture” to start capturing. When the Flash movie ends, click “Finish” button to end capturing. After that, the Flash movie will be converted to 3GP file.

Step II. Convert 3GP to FLV for free
With Moyea Video4Web Converter, users can convert the 3GP file to FLV file for YouTube or even upload the converted video to YouTube automatically.

1. Download and launch Moyea Video4Web Converter. To input the 3GP video, choose “Import Video Files” in the drop-down menu of “File“.

add 3GP

2. Set the output video as FLV file for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Profile“.

set output as FLV

3. Click “3D Settings” icon to enter 3D Settings panel. Then choose a 3D effect and adjust 3D depth with the corresponding bar.

3d effects

4. Check “Upload to YouTube” and click convert button. When the panel of YouTube Account Setting pops out, write down the YouTube account and password in the corresponding boxes and click “Verify“. After that, the converted video will be uploaded to YouTube automatically.

This is the method to help users upload SWF file to YouTube automatically. Since 3GP video also works for YouTube, users can upload 3GP file to YouTube with the first step if they want to upload it manually. Also it seems that FLV video works better than 3GP video on YouTube.