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3 Methods to Add Watermark to Flash Movie

December 21, 2012 is remembered as doomsday coincidently predicted by various ancient prophecies.  However, there is no sign that tomorrow will be a disastrous day for human beings. Therefore, people still need to prepare for the coming of Christmas 2012 and welcoming the approaching of New Year 2013. When looking back to 2012, patent fights and copyright lawsuits have set the main tunes for the whole year. In fact, as the technology moves forward, copyright piracy turns to be rampant. Therefore, for Flash lovers, they always need to figure out ways to prevent their Flash works from being pirated.

Adding watermark to Flash movie has provided those fans a perfect solution to protect the copyright of their works. In fact, by adding either text watermark or image watermark to Flash movie, users can easily declare the ownership of the Flash animation. Therefore, how to add watermark to Flash movie? This post will cover three methods to help users add watermark to Flash movie. Some of those methods are provided for free, some calls for professional skills while some operations are quite complicated.

Method One: Add watermark with Adobe Flash CS4

As a professional Flash editor, Adobe Flash CS4 is generally employed to make Flash animations. Therefore, adding watermark to Flash movie with Adobe Flash CS4 will be an easy task. Generally speaking, users need to add a layer titled as Watermark to the other layers and then insert the photo to the layer. Of course, this method calls for some knowledge about Flash and Flash CS4.

Step 1: Download and launch Adobe Flash CS4. Open it, rename the first layer as Watermark, right click the mouse and then choose “Insert Layer” option to create other layers for making the Flash movies. Then right click the first frame in Watermark layer and then choose “Insert Frame”.

Add watermark to Flash: Insert the flame

Step 2: Click “File” button, choose “Import” option and select “Import to Stage…” option to import the watermark logo to the first frame. Then adjust the size and position of the watermark.

Add watermark to Flash: import the watermark

Step 3: After making the Flash animation, choose the frame corresponding to the last frame of the Flash in Watermark layer and then click “F5” button to pose the watermark to each frame of the Flash movie. Then the process of adding watermark to Flash movie has ended.

Method Two: Add watermark with DoSWF Pro

Add watermark to Flash: customize the watermark

With the help of some Flash tools, users can add watermark to Flash movie with just a few clicks. DoSWF Pro is among the team of such Flash tools. However, since either processing process or preview mode is provided, DoSWF Pro may fail to help users add watermark to the appropriate position of the Flash movie.  DoSWF Pro is not a free app but users can add watermark to Flash movie for free with the trial version.

Step 1: Download and launch DoSWF Pro, open it and then click “Watermark” tab. Choose “Browser…” button to import the Flash movie needed to be watermarked.

Add watermark to Flash: input the Flash movie

Step 2: Choose the location of the watermark with those options given in location bar. Check “Using image watermark” box and then click “browser” icon to import the image watermark. Of course, the image size is not allowed to be cropped.

Add watermark to Flash: Choose Watermark logo

Method Three: Convert Flash to video

For users who want to upload the Flash movies to YouTube, it is a better choice to convert Flash to video. For one thing, they can add watermarks to Flash movies during the conversion; for another they are allowed to share the Flash movie online with friends after the conversion. Therefore, they need to find a powerful SWF to video converter providing watermarking function. To this extent, Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a desirable choice for them.

Step 1: Download and launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter. Open it, choose “Input” tab, click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folder” option to input the downloaded Flash movie.

Add watermark to Flash: import SWF movie

Step 2: Click “Crop” icon in “Input” menu to enter into Crop Settings panel. Then check “Add image water mark”, import the image watermark with the folder icon and set the transparence of the watermark with “Transparency” bar. Click “OK” to finish the process of adding watermark to Flash movie.

Add watermark to Flash: set Watermark logo

Step 3: Then click “Export” tab, check “Video” box and set the output file as FLV video for YouTube. After that, click “Convert” tab to start the conversion process. As the conversion ends, users can upload the Flash movie to YouTube freely.

Add watermark to Flash: start the conversion

Convert Flash to HD Videos with Low CPU Occupancy via Updated Flash Converters

Shenzhen, China, July 6th, 2012 – Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter has released the 4.0 version of Moyea SWF to Video Converter series (Moyea SWF to Video SDK excluded). Besides some fixed bugs in the latest 4.0 version of Moyea Flash Converters, new functions like 64-bit support were also added to make sure 64-bit system users can enjoy upgraded Moyea Flash Converters freely.  

Moyea SWF to Video Converters are powerful tools to convert Flash files to popular video formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. or image formats including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and Animated GIF for viewing on popular devices like The new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Google Nexus 7.

What’s new in the 4.0 version of Moyea SWF to Video Converter series?

1. Added support to Flash Player 11

Running previous version of Moyea Flash Converters on computers with Flash Player 11 would lead to the failure of the conversion process due to incompatibility issue. Therefore, support to Flash Player 11 was added to the upgraded version of Moyea Flash Converters so that users could perfectly complete the conversion process in computers with Flash Player 11.

2. Made improvement in its support to 64-bit systems

With improved 64-bit support, the updated SWF to Video Converter series could perfectly run in 64-bit system. Consequently, the errors appeared in the previous version of Moyea Flash Converters while executing the conversion process in 64-bit system would not appear again.

3. Adopted low-speed capturing technology to record HD videos from Flash with low CPU occupancy rate

When converting Flash to HD videos with previous version of Moyea Flash Converters, the converters would capture the video at a certain speed which might lead to high CPU occupancy rate of the computer. Therefore, in the 4.0 version of Moyea Flash Converters, low-speed capturing technology was employed to lower CPU occupancy rate by enabling the converters to capture the video at a lower speed. Of course, the video quality of the converted HD video wouldn’t be affected.

4. Fixed the bug of failing to record sounds in some versions of Flash Player

The 4.0 version of SWF to Video Converters had fixed the bug to make sure the phenomena of failing to record sounds in some versions of Flash Player wouldn’t appear again. Therefore, users would definitely get a converted video with synchronized video and audio instead of a muted one.

5. Made improvement in coding efficiency

With improved coding efficiency, the upgraded SWF to Video Converters could not only make significant improvement in stability of the converting process but also accelerate the converting speed. Therefore, users can get better video quality in a shorter time.

6. Fixed some small bugs

To perfect the converters, some small bugs had been fixed in the latest version of SWF to Video Converter series.

How to upgrade Moyea Flash Converters to the latest V.4.0?

In general, free upgrades of software program purchased from Moyea Software are provided. However, users need to pay for upgrades of SWF to Video Pro, SWF to Video Std and SWF4Tube under certain conditions.

Free upgrades of SWF to Video Pro, SWF to Video Std and SWF4Tube to the latest V.4.0 for orders after July 5, 2011 are provided. For orders placed before July 5, 2011, upgrades need to pay according to the Upgrade Price List.

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Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials 3 – Flash Embedded in HTML

We have introduced several ways to create Flash SWF in the previous blog titled “Flash How To“, then what to do next? Scroll down and you will see the topic today – embed the created Flash SWF into an HTML webpage.

To embed the Flash movie you just made into an HTML page, go back to the Flash program where you initially created the Flash object, and then do the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Flash movie you have created and export it by renaming the Flash file “yourflashname.swf”, exit after saving it in your web folder.

Step 2: Open the HTML page where you want to embed this Flash movie and insert this code:


Note: This is the minimum code you need to embed a Flash movie in a browser. A broken icon will appear on the Web page if the user does not have the Flash plug-in installed.

Note: In the code above there is both an “embed” tag and an “object” tag. This is because the “object” tag is recognized by Internet Explorer, and Netscape recognizes the “embed” tag and ignores the “object” tag.

Step 3: Open the HTML file in your browser and check your first flash movie online.

Step 4: (Optional) If you have problem embedding the direct Flash SWF file, try to convert SWF to video or other web-friendly formats, for example, AVI, FLV, MP4, GIF, etc. This indirect way is for easy embedding while retaining the original animation effects.

Be a Part of Flash Mob to Celebrate New Year 2011 Uniquely


Hello, newbies, when the first time you hear Flash Mob, I guess your immediate reaction is to think is this flash the same one as flash swf file that we always talk about here and what kind of tools we can use to convert it to regular video for easy playback on more platforms.

Well, I admit I had the same first reaction as you did. However, flash mob and flash are totally two different things! They share nothing in common except the same English word – “flash”. Seriously, flash mob refers to a large group of people who assemble suddenly via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse.


Some basic background info about flash mob you should know:

The first flash mob – created in Manhattan in May 2003, by Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper’s Magazine. The first attempt was unsuccessful but the second one was, which subsequently occurred on June 3, 2003 at Macy’s department store.

Notable flash mob 1 – the second largest and well-known flash mob was the April 2006 silent disco in London. At various London Underground stations, people gathered with their portable music devices, and at a set time began dancing to their music. It was reported that more than 4,000 people participated at London Victoria station.

Notable flash mob 2 – the world’s largest flash mob to date: Worldwide Pillow Fight Day (or International Pillow Fight Day) was a pillow fight flash mob that took place on March 22, 2008. Over 25 cities around the globe participated in the first “international flash mob”.

Will you be a part of flash mob to celebrate New Year 2011?


I personally think it is a good idea and definitely you can give it a try! New Year 2011 is just around the corner and a flash mob new year celebration is no doubt a unique start. By the way, the only flash mob I have participated is Free Hugs, wow, that feels good! LOL!

Play Record and Share Funny Thanksgiving Flash Games to Double the Fun

Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone! Finally here it is!

In order to render the Thanksgiving atmosphere and double the festival fun, we are going to introduce some interesting Thanksgiving flash games that you can play, download, record and share with your intimate friends online and offline.

Some Thanksgiving Flash Games You can Play Online and Offline

Turkey to Go


Turkey Slider Puzzle


Catch Mr. Turkey


Thanksgiving Shuffle


Making A Turkey Platter


Note: if you want to play the above Thanksgiving flash games online, please follow the URL indicated, otherwise, you can click DOWNLOAD button to save them on your computer as flash SWF file and play anytime offline.

Record Exactly How You Play the above Thanksgiving Flash Games

Well, this makes sense if you are a game expert and would like to demonstrate how you play the game and reveal the secrets of how you win the game! More than that, you can even record the whole interaction with details and save it any popular video format for backup.


Share Your Thanksgiving Flash Game Recipes on More Channels

Make your game achievement more accessible by placing it on multi-destinations like video-sharing website, portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, mainstream media players like WMP and more versatile in form by transforming it to video with alpha, to audio and to animated picture format so that it can be shared with more crowd.


Happy Thanksgiving Day again and hope those interesting Thanksgiving flash games can bring you more fun! Enjoy!

Convert Thanksgiving-Themed PPT to Flash to Animate Your Idea and Display Online

Well, PowerPoint is still the No. 1 choice if you are educationally going to teach or demonstrate something. However, it has certain disadvantages such as it is modifiable for anyone, it is inconvenient for cross-platform usage, etc, making people start to search another form that can display & share & transfer their ideas and plans in webpage, email, even everywhere on the internet. You are right, we are talking about Flash.

And you all know that Thanksgiving Day 2010 is just around the corner, why not animate the Thanksgiving-themed PPT so it can be shared online with more friends?! That sounds amazing and it is quite easy to implement.

To visualize and animate PPT files, we may need a little extra help from a freeware called iSpring PPT to Flash Converter. It is a plugin-like program that will appear directly in your PPT file after installation and it works in two different ways: insert flash file SWF to the current PPT or convert the current PPT to Flash SWF with complete switching effects and links.

convert ppt to flash 1

Hold on, speaking of sharing those converted Thanksgiving-themed flashes, at least you have two choices. First, embed them directly into webpage like blog, forum or anywhere you like; second, convert them swiftly to video to play on various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP etc to double the fun.

With a professional SWF to video converter, you have the infinite power to convert flash to whatever you want: flash to video, flash to audio, flash to video with alpha channel, flash to image, etc.

ppt to flash 2

You even deserve better. To customize your original flash file using the editing features like cropping and watermarking so that the output video is guaranteed to be unique and totally in your own style.

convert ppt to flash 3

So, if you are a little bit shy to express your thanks to the one you care on this Thanksgiving Day, try to convey your gratefulness to an animated flash or a vivid video instead, it will probably work!