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Be a Voluntary Translator on Easter 2012 and Crown Yourself on Moyea Software

Do a little bit literary thing on this upcoming Easter Day falls on Apr 08th, 2012 and honor yourself a big Easter prize that we will display the names of the most qualified litterateurs on our software. Moreover, if you also own your website or blog, those sites will have the same chance to be exposed to the public like you, from our software or our company site.

Why you are chosen? Because you know foreign languages much better than us!

We are looking for someone who can translate English to other foreign languages like French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You can be native speaker of those mentioned target languages, or you can be a genuinely excellent multi-language speaker.

What you are asked to do? Translate our software English-based interface language!

It will definitely contribute to a more accurate translation if you know software a little bit or you are just a computer geek. But no worries, you can get to know the software you are going to translate by downloading it here.

And for your convenience, we will send you a separate source file which contains all the contents you are required to translate. You will get this file immediately upon we receive your application.

When you can start? Submit your supplication from now until Apr 30th, 2012!

Take it easy, you have up to 1 month to submit your translate application to our assigned email, and together with your application, you are encouraged to include some personal info like name, email, mother tongue, nationality, etc. in the email, for future contact purpose only.

What you can get as prizes? Free license of our software and permanent name listing on software Help document and campaign page!

Sounds exciting! Moyea PPT to Video Converter is one of our flagship products and there are thousands of users out there. What a great honor if your name will be exposed to such a majority.

Where you can get more info? Moyea official site and facebook page!

For more detailed info of this Moyea translate campaign, please visit the campaign page here or Moyea facebook page here.

Apply now and hope to see your name on our software soon!

Convert Thanksgiving-Themed PPT to Flash to Animate Your Idea and Display Online

Well, PowerPoint is still the No. 1 choice if you are educationally going to teach or demonstrate something. However, it has certain disadvantages such as it is modifiable for anyone, it is inconvenient for cross-platform usage, etc, making people start to search another form that can display & share & transfer their ideas and plans in webpage, email, even everywhere on the internet. You are right, we are talking about Flash.

And you all know that Thanksgiving Day 2010 is just around the corner, why not animate the Thanksgiving-themed PPT so it can be shared online with more friends?! That sounds amazing and it is quite easy to implement.

To visualize and animate PPT files, we may need a little extra help from a freeware called iSpring PPT to Flash Converter. It is a plugin-like program that will appear directly in your PPT file after installation and it works in two different ways: insert flash file SWF to the current PPT or convert the current PPT to Flash SWF with complete switching effects and links.

convert ppt to flash 1

Hold on, speaking of sharing those converted Thanksgiving-themed flashes, at least you have two choices. First, embed them directly into webpage like blog, forum or anywhere you like; second, convert them swiftly to video to play on various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP etc to double the fun.

With a professional SWF to video converter, you have the infinite power to convert flash to whatever you want: flash to video, flash to audio, flash to video with alpha channel, flash to image, etc.

ppt to flash 2

You even deserve better. To customize your original flash file using the editing features like cropping and watermarking so that the output video is guaranteed to be unique and totally in your own style.

convert ppt to flash 3

So, if you are a little bit shy to express your thanks to the one you care on this Thanksgiving Day, try to convey your gratefulness to an animated flash or a vivid video instead, it will probably work!