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The Gloomy Future of Flash even after Steve Jobs’ Death

Although Adobe flash previously announced flash was widely used in 85% of the mainstream websites, 75% of the network videos and 70% of online games, Apple ex-CEO Steve Jobs decidedly banned it in all the Apple devices and pointed out all the flash weaknesses in an open letter published in April 2010.

Steve Jobs mainly expounded several flash disadvantages in the open letter: poor safety, listed as one of the worst safety records 2009 by Symantec Corporation; No. 1 culprit that will cause Mac computer crash; no mobile edition, which causes extra consumption of power when using portable devices like mobile phone to visit flash video sites; in addition, the main operation habit of flash is mouse customization, which will have a large number of flash sites rewritten in a multi-touch operation mode.

Together with criticism comes along with Jobs’ own solution. HTML 5 is recommended this time due to it’s open source standard, patents control free unlike flash. The most important, HTML 5 is already supported by YouTube and Netflex and has adopted by many mobile equipments as well in the form of hardware decoding.

It was criticized a lot when Jobs decides to ban the Flash applications on Apple. From Microsoft, people are used to compromise to those giant and powerful software which have a great share of market, sacrificing many new system features just to keep the compatibility with the last generation, and considering it as the successful marketing strategy and open attitude. Therefore, although many developers admit what Jobs said about Flash is almost true, not malicious slander, it’s still an honor for other mobile equipment manufacturers to make Flash compatible with their own devices.

This phenomenon is more obvious outside of US. Many mobile phones and tablets using Android OS always put extra emphasis on how fast they can visit Flash sites and how many Flash contents and games you can browse, however, the most important battery life and system stability are kind of neglected.

So far, Android seems to have a bigger market due to its zero-difficult access, however, Jobs, a brave man with predominant market vision, has cleared the obstacles for interactive developers, and therefore promote the popularization of HTML 5 in advance, even if after his death. That’s the most valuable lesson that Jobs has given and that’s the difference between “successful” and “outstanding”.