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Christmas Carol – Enjoy 5 Christmas Stories with Christmas Books and Christmas Flash Games

Christmas 2012 is approaching! As one of the most influential and importance festivals celebrated around the world, Christmas brings gathering time for families, shopping day for consumers and entertaining festival for citizens. Christmas wins the name as best time of the year for the long Christmas holidays and interesting Christmas stories. It is true that different people get their own different personal Christmas stories and it is also true that most people also share some world-famous Christmas stories from generation to generation.

Exclusively created for Christmas Day, those classic Christmas stories can always reveal the true spirits and essences of Christmas. Most of them are originated from popular literature works, rumors and even legendary tales. Those Christmas stories have traveled around the world with Christmas marks for several centuries. Therefore, they will never been forgotten on Christmas 2012 and they have together formed a wonderful Christmas carol. To this extent, this post will cover five Christmas stories. To help users better enjoy those Christmas stories, this post will introduce corresponding Christmas books and Christmas Flash games.

I. Christmas story: Express and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Polar Express

The Polar Express

As one of the best-selling Christmas books written by Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express centers on the train journey of a boy to Santa’s home on Christmas Eve. Living in the world where Santa is described as a fairy character, an innocent boy still believes in the existence of Santa. Therefore, he is invited to get on a train heading for North Polar with other faithful children. After going through various thrilling adventures, the boy receives the gift from Santa which can only be admired by real Christmas lovers. The Polar Express is not only persuasive in proving the existence of Santa but also impressive for describing the joyful scenes of Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Polar Express

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas Story, The Polar Express helps readers to go through a thrilling journey in the gaming world. Players need to control the tracks of the train in order to pick as many train cars as possible. Each track crossing will be given a red/green switch and players are allowed to accelerate or slow the train speed. Of course, obstacles may be placed on the running path of the train.

II. Christmas Story: Scrooge and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

As the most famous Christmas book written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol mainly tells about how a mean business man realizes the true spirits of Christmas. As a cold-blooded business man, Scrooge hates Christmas holiday, Christmas carols and Christmas food. On one Christmas night, Scrooge is forced by the Christmas spirits to go through a time travel. After witnessing stuffs about his innocent childhood, his beautiful lover, his miserable death and his poor employees, Scrooge suddenly realizes the true spirits of Christmas. Later, he becomes one of the best favored men in the town.    

2. Christmas Flash Game: Soar in Star Ride

Soar in Star Ride is a Christmas Flash game in accordance with this famous Christmas story. In the game, while Scrooge is sent to the sky to go through a time travel, he needs to collect as many stars as possible. Collecting different stars will give players different scores and hitting obstacles like thunder and swan will lead to the loss of scores. To enjoy the Christmas Flash game, one only needs to move the mouse to decide whether the rock shall go right or left.    

III. Christmas Story: Grinch and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: How the Grinch stole Christmas!

How the Grinch stole Christmas

The Christmas Story of Grinch comes from a Christmas book written by Dr. Seuss named How the Grinch stole Christmas! In the story, as the neighbor of Santa Claus, Grinch is an org with born hatred to Christmas. Each Christmas, the laughing and joyful sounds in the town have driven him crazy. Therefore, in an attempt to wipe out Christmas joys, Grinch decides to steal people’s Christmas gifts. From mouse to human, none can preserve their Christmas gifts. However, the whole town is still indulged in the happiness of Christmas. Later, Grinch learns about the essences of Christmas and becomes a happy monster.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Grinch Color Book

As a Christmas Flash game about Grinch, The Grinch Color Book provides players a chance to paint the pictures showing Grinch hiding behind a Christmas tree. Players can make the picture spooky and creepy with dark colors or make Grinch funny and cute with bright colors. For players who love this Christmas Flash game, they can download the Flash game.

IV. Christmas Story: Match Girl and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

While most Christmas books are happiness-oriented, The Little Match Girl is not. As one of the most famous tales created by Christian Andersen, the match girl appears in a sober and sad Christmas stories. On a freezing Christmas night, a little and poor girl is trying to sell her matches only to find herself being ignored. In an attempt to warm the body, the girl strikes three matches from which she has seen the happy scene of family gathering, delicious food and safe shelter.  When the frame dies out, the girl passes away with happy smile retained. Just as it is hinted in this Christmas story, Christmas is a time about giving and caring.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Little Match Girl Painting

In the Christmas Flash game named The Little Match Girl Painting, a picture describing the gathering of the match girl and her granny is presented. What players need to do is to make the picture more impressive and attractive with different colors. To download this Flash game, users can refer to free Flash Downloader.

V. Christmas Story: Magi and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories

The Gift of the Magi

Regarded as one of the most moving Christmas stories, the story of Magi and Christmas comes from a Christmas book written by O Henry named The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories. On Christmas, Della and her husband have coincidentally exchange their valuable objects with Christmas gifts. Della sells her beautiful hair for a golden watch chain and her husband sells the watch for a comb. Though their Christmas gifts have turned out to be useless, the couple has still spent an unforgettable Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: Gift of the Magi

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas tale, Gift of the Magi is designed as a puzzle game. Since the fragments of Jim’s watch have been provided, players only need to put those fragments in the right place to form an integrated photo of the watch.  

4 Top Rated Pop Cap Games of All Time

After Pop Cap’s decision to release Zombies vs Plants 2 (a sequel of its most favored game) in the first half of 2013 was announced, it successfully attracted the world’s attentions with such good news. However, Pop Cap once again turned out to be eye-catching with a piece of bad news: EA’s decision to downsize Pop Cap. Though there are various top-rated Pop Cap games in the market, Pop Cap is actually going through a difficult time.

As the social and mobile gaming arm of EA, Pop Cap never fails to surprise the world with numerous top rated Pop Cap games. Generally speaking, those top rated Pop Cap games are featured by easy operation, funny content, weird characters and irresistible charms. Consequently, players tend to control the zombies, the plants or the frogs with a few mouse clicks for hours without getting tired. Moreover, those small-storage top rated Pop Cap games can bring players extraordinary entertaining experience.

Therefore, this post will present users 4 top-rated Pop Cap games of all time designed for the sake of entertainment. Various versions of those top rated Pop Cap games are released to guarantee users can enjoy them on various game consoles. To play those games on Android mobile, download the APK version and to play them on computer, download corresponding Flash games.

1. Zombies vs Plants

Zombies vs Plants

Since its release in Apple Store, over 300,000 copies of Zombies vs Plants were sold in nine days, making it the fastest-selling Pop Cap game. Although there are various versions of Zombies games, Zombies vs Plants is probably the most influential Zombies game. Moreover, since various modes are provided in this Pop Cap game, players can act as the plants in Adventure Mode or as zombies in Survival Mode.

In this tower-defense game, players need to deploy various plants in the garden to prevent invading the brain-lust zombies. Also as the plant differs, its function varies. Sunflower is an energy provider which provides the sunlight needed to plant other plants, the bean shooter; Cherry Bomb is an instant killer; Wall-nut is an obstacle for zombies to get players more deploying time and Snow Pea can shoot and slow down zombies. With different combination of those plants, the attack effects vary.  

2. Zuma

As a top rated Pop Cap game, Zuma is featured by its ancient background, mysterious Indian music and weird-looking frog. To win this shooting game, players need to wipe out all color balls on the tunnel who marches forward continuously. Since three balls of the same color in a row will lead to the elimination of those balls, players need to execute accurate shootings to make sure they can hit the balls with the same color. Of course, along with the increasing levels of this game comes the accelerating speed of the moving balls.

3. Bejeweled

As a title-matching puzzle Pop Cap game, Bejeweled performs quite well in the market with over 75 million-copy sales and 150 million downloads. Since three diamonds of the same shape in a row can help players to earn bonus, players need to make as many horizontal or vertical chains as possible. There are two modes provided in the Pop Cap game naming Normal and Time Trial. Since no time limitation is provided in Normal mode, the game ends when no chains are available. Time Trial requires players to operate find the chains as quickly as possible to earn extra time. When time runs out, the game ends.

4. Bookworm

Bookworm is a word-forming Pop Cap game designed for puzzle game lovers. Once players start the game, a list of letters will be shown in tiles. What players get to do is to start from a letter and then move to the next neighing letter to form a word. The longer word they produce, the higher bonus they get. There are also two modes in Bookworm, Classic and Action. Classic mode provides players numerous times to form words while Action mode requires players to remove red tiles as soon as possible.

Therefore, those are the four top rated Pop Cap games of all time. For those players who are interested in them, they may just as well download corresponding versions of those games for their game consoles. Moreover, for any better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

Top 26 Successful Elements of The Dark Knight Rises Listed from A to Z

After The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, another superhero movie, The Dark Knight Rises had gained great success in the summer movie market this year. With the performance of over 160 million dollars in box office, The Dark Knight Rises has become a promising winner as the most profitable 2012 movie.  

However, without certain elements of The Dark Knight Rises, this movie couldn’t have been so successful. What are those elements of The Dark Knight Rises? Excellent plot, wonderful background and suitable atmosphere are all parts of the successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises. However, besides them there are plenty other successful elements as well. This post will list those successful elements of The Dark Knight Rises from A to Z.

A stands for Actors: Without the excellent performance of those actors, The Dark Knight Rises won’t be so successful.

B stands for Bane: As the most powerful Batman villain, Bane has disabled Batman in the comics. Therefore, as a major evil boss in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane successfully stirs people’s interest towards the battle between Batman and Bane.

C stands for Colorado Shooting: Occurred on the initial release data of The Dark Knight Rises, the tragedy made the movie well known in an embarrassing way.

D stands for Death: Rumors came out that Batman would die in this movie which turned out to be a hot topic before the release of the movie.

E stands for Enemy: Catwoman and Bane are two toughest Batman enemies in the comics. Now they are both available in The Dark Knight Rises.

F stands for Flash game: Flash game of The Dark Knight Rises is available before its release. In this The Dark Knight Rises Flash game, play needs to find out the different points between two images. For those who want to play them, they can download the Flash on the Internet.

G stands for Gotham: Gotham City is the place where Batman tries to protect and where all the stories begin.

H stands for Heath Ledger: Without the excellent performance of Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight wouldn’t have been so successfully. Without the success of The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises wouldn’t have attracted so much attention.

I stands for IMAX-3D: With IMAX-3D, the ticket price for the movies is higher which contributes to the high box office income.

J stands for Joker: As the most well-know Batman villain, Joker helped The Dark Knight Rises to gain tremendous success.

K stands for Knight: The Batman is also called for Dark Knight. Therefore, this Knight is a crucial element of The Dark Knight Rises.

L stands for length: The runtime of the movie amounts to 164 minutes. However, you will not want to miss even one minute in the movie.

M stands for Movie trail: The movie trail of The Dark Knight Rises on YouTube helps to publicize those movies. For those who want to view those files, they can download the YouTube video.  

N stands for Nolan: Nolan has marked the Batman movies with his own styles. Under his guidance, Batman movie is turning better and better.

O stands for Opening weekend: The Dark Knight Rises ranked sixth as the movie with best box office performance in the opening weekend.

P stands for Plot: The good plot is a key The Dark Knight Rises element which contributed to the success of the movie.

Q stands for Quotes: Since every successful movie will impressive you with quotes in the movie, this movie will do the same thing.

R stands for Riddler: Before the release of the movie, rumors came out that DiCaprio might act as Riddler in the movie.

S stands for Shooting: The Dark Knight Shooting is also known as Colorado Shooting.

T stands for Tom Hardy: With his performance, the image of Bane is quite impressive.

U stands for Utility belt: Just like the case of Jame Bond, the utility belt Batman will provide you new surprises.  

V stands for villains: In this movie, two powerful Batman villains will be present.

W stands for Wayne: The Batman is also known as Bruce Wayne, a rich and just businessman.

X stands for Xbox: The Dark Knight Rises game was already available on Xbox 360.   

Y stands for YouTube: YouTube is the main channel for people to know about this movie before its release.

Z stands for Zimmer: Han Zimmer is the composer of the theme song of the movie which happens to be an important successful element of The Dark Knight Rises.

2 Fatal Eddie Murphy Movies on Police in Eddie’s Early Career

Is the death of Eddie Murphy in a snowboarding attempt true? At least Twitter makes people believe so. However, this has proved to be Twitter’s new attempt to murder another comedian after similar news about the death of Robin Williams spread on Twitter several months ago. Actually, Eddie Murphy’s family said he had neither desire nor intention to go snowboarding.

Anyway, the death hoax has indeed shown us the embarrassing situation than Eddie Murphy is facing now. It seems that people cares more about his life that his movies. Actually, the acting career of Eddie is marching downhill in recent time which makes Eddie Murphy movies like A Thousand Words real commercial disasters.

Though going through major ups and downs in acting career, Eddie Murphy has provided people impressive images in some Eddie Murphy movies. However, if you are careful enough, you can find that Eddie’s early acting career is influenced by two police movies. One started his promising acting career and the other made his career marching downhill. This post will illustrate you those two fatal Eddie Murphy movies on police.

1. Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop was a turning point of Eddie’s acting career. After starring in this movie, Eddie gained great success in some other Eddie Murphy movies, making him the most favored comedian in American at that time. As a movie released in 1984, Beverly Hills Cop gained over 300 million dollars in box office incomes, a performance even better than Madagascar.

Beverly Hills Cop is all about how a brave cop named Axel Foley tries to investigate a murder case in Beverly Hills, a gathering place for rich men and the upper-class. Of course, the rude cop will get some troubles in the area and suffers some funny story. Since this movie, the witty language and blackguard style behavior has become two features of Eddie Murphy comedy.

2. Metro


In 1990s, while the acting career of Eddie was marching downhill, Eddie regained his fame with a movie named The Nutty Professor. However, the happy time didn’t last too long because a year later, Eddie ruined his promising future with a movie named Metro. Coincidently, Metro is another Eddie Murphy movie about police.

Metro is about a story of how cop prevents a heist and catches the escaped criminal who wants to take revenge on him. Basically speaking, Metro won’t impress you too much with the old-style plot. Eddie is still funny in Metro but not in an appropriate way. In this Eddie Murphy movie, his funny image as a comical hostage negotiator is quite annoying sometimes.

Those are the two Eddie Murphy movies that influenced Eddie’s early acting career. Beverly Hills Cop helped Eddie to gain unprecedented success while Metro made Eddie’s acting career marching downhill. Moreover, Flash game depending on the plot of Beverly Hills Cop had been made. If you want to play the Eddie Murphy game offline, you can download the Flash game.

4 Different Versions of NBA Game

In summer, people can not only enjoy the pleasure brought by summer movies like The Avengers and Snow White and Huntsman, but also the thrilling provided by 2012 NBA Playoffs. After the surprising fails of Lakers and Bull, the competitions for 2012 NBA Playoffs are turning white hot.

As the most promising competitor, Miami Heat is now facing a tough competitor, Boston Celtics. In today’s game, Rajon Rondo once more stopped James and Wade’s success with a clutch goal. Now Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are standing at the same starting line again with more and more attention being paid to their matches.

As one of the most successful and famous sport events, NBA is an integration of entertainment, competition and commerce. The influence of NBA also extends to other fields like film and gaming fields. Various basketball movie and NBA games are made in those days. This post will have a view at four different versions of NBA game.

1. Tecmo NBA Basketball

Tecmo NBA Basketball

As a game designed for FC, Tecmo NBA Basketball includes all players in 1992-93 NBA season. Not only is Michael Jordon available in the game but also Magic Johnson. All the players are designed based on their performance in NBA. For example, Michael Jordon is good at mid-range shot while Bird at three point shot.

Besides that, modes like season game and all-star game are also available in Tecmo NBA Basketball. Background music and difficult level of the game can be chosen manually. However, you need to play the game continually for the championship because no saving process is available.

2. NBA Live series

NBA Live 10

The sport games produced by EA Sports are usually of high competiveness in the market. Like FIFA series, NBA Live series is also quite popular in the world. EA Sports used to produce NBA Playoffs series in the early 1990s and then replace it with NBA Live series in 1995. It is said that NBA Live series will return with NBA Live 13 in 2012 after three-year departure.

If you are a NBA fan, you probably have already played NBA Live game. Each year, EA Sports will release the latest NBA Live game with new members added. In NBA Live, you cannot choose quick game mode, dynasty mode and playoffs mode but also trading players to make a perfect team you want. Another funny thing is to create a player and make him famous step by step.

3. NBA 2K series

NBA 2K11

The only competitor with NBA Live series is NBA 2K series. Beginning in 1999, the series is developed and released annually. More importantly, NBA 2K series has finally exceeded NBA Live series in achievements in recent years. The vivid video images and excellent special effects force NBA Live to polish and push off the release of its latest game in order to compete with NBA 2K series.

NBA 2K11 was the first installment in the franchise to have support for stereoscopic 3D screens so that users can have a better gaming experience. You will find it hard to get a point in NBA 2K series if you knows nothing about gaming strategies and basketball tactics. Usually the final result is decided by a clutch goal from either you or your competitor.

4. NBA Spirit

As is known to all, Flash game is usually small in storage but funny in content. Besides that, the operation is also quite simple. Therefore, Flash game is a good choice as a relaxing game. NBA Spirit is a Flash game that you need to operate with just a few clicks. It is basically a three point shooting game that needs users to shoot from different angles. To some extent, NBA Spirit can help you to improve your basketball skills. If you like it, you can download the Flash game.

Those are the four versions of NBA game. If you like them you can try to play them. Any other good thoughts on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.