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4 Different Versions of Wreck-It Ralph Games

As the latest animation movie released by Disney, Wreck-It Ralph surprises the world with its stunning imagination and amazing characters. In this movie that audience can find the silhouettes of famous game stars like Sony, Bowser and Zangief. In fact, over one hundred and fifty game characters will show up in this movie. As a consequence, Wreck-It Ralph has turned out to be the Disney animation movie with the best box office in opening weekend. Moreover, Wreck-It Ralph is not only promising to take over the place of The Lorax as the most profitable animation movie of the year, but also become a big winner in 2013 Oscar.

In Wreck-It Ralph, a villain named Ralph has fed up with his role and wants to be as favored as a hero. Therefore, he decides to escape to other game worlds to do something heroic. After he accidentally releases an evil boss, he seems to get his only chance to prove his greatness. In fact, to make the movie as influential as possible, Disney has released several Wreck-It Ralph games. Moreover, after the movie has turned out to be a real market hit, more and more Wreck-It Ralph games are about to be released. Therefore, this post will introduce you four different versions of Wreck-It Ralph games. Maybe they are not as influential as famous versions of Mario games, they are also worth playing.

1. Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

Wreck-it Ralph game in 1982

As the earliest Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released in 1982. Designed as an arcade game, Fix-It Felix Jr turned out to be a great success at that time. It was even influential enough to make Ralph become the main character in other games like Wreck-It Ralph Nation and Ralph’s Buddy at that time. In this game, players are required to control Felix to fix those windows broken by Ralph with his magic hammer. Of course, the villain Ralph will not only quicken his speed to break the house, but also try to kick Flick out of the game with his fist or falling bricks. Once players can fulfill the mission, a medal will be sent and Ralph will be beaten.

2. Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Wreck-it Ralph game for iPhone

Released earlier than the animation movie by Disney, this iPhone game is a part of the company’s campaigning plan. There are three separate games in this iPhone app including Fix-It Felix Jr, Sweet Climber and Hero’s Duty. In Fix-It Felix Jr, players need to control Felix to fix the house with hammers; In Sweet Climber, players need to do stage-to-stage jumping as Ralph and in Hero’s Duty, players get the mission to shoot alien monsters with weapons. To be honest, those three games are different in both plots and operations. The only reason they can be related is that they stand for the three different game worlds Ralph has travelled to in the movie. Moreover, it isn’t that to enjoy three games in just one app.

3. Wreck-it Ralph game for Nintendo 3DS

Wreck-it Ralph game for 3DS

If the iPhone game is designed to publicize Wreck-It Ralph, the Nintendo 3DS game is created to extend the influence of the movie. The decision to release this Wreck-It Ralph game was been made after the success of the movie. Therefore, the Nintendo 3DS game mainly deals with the stories starting from where the film ends. As a new enemy Cy-bugs has threatened the security of the game field, Ralph teams with Felix to begin their journey to rescue the world once more. In the game, players can make a switch between Ralph and Felix so that they either ruin the obstacles with Ralph’s power or fix broken objects with Felix’s magic hammer. Moreover, players can choose the background from one of the four virtual game worlds shown in the movie to have more fun with the game.

4. Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Wreck-it Ralph game for Flash

Featuring in small storage space, fast loading speed and funny content, Flash games are always favored by gamers. For players who get neither iPhone nor Nintendo 3DS, they can refer to the Flash version of Wreck-It Ralph. As a flash-base Wreck-It Ralph game, Fix-It Felix Jr was released by Disney in recent days. It is almost the same as the 1982 game in both game settings and operations. Players need to control Felix to fix all the windows without being hurt by Ralph. Besides that, they need to gather as many pies as possible. The Flash game is now available on the official website of Disney. Of course, players can also try to download this Flash game via tools like Free Flash Downloader.

Celebrate the Birth of Star Wars Episode 7 with Different Versions of Star Wars Movie

Is Revenge of the Sith the final movie of Star Wars series? Disney doesn’t think so after the company has purchased Lucasfilm with 4.05 billion dollars. In fact, Disney has determined to release Star Wars Episode 7 as a 2015 movie. Moreover, this is good news for Star Wars fans because it has also hinted that there will be more Star Wars movies in the future, three movies at least. The news comes so quickly without being noticed that makes Star Wars VII an unexpected movie in the market.  

Equally influential as The Lord of the Rings movies, Star Wars movies have posed great influence on the production of fictional movies. Therefore, as the latest Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode 7 turns out to be eye-attracting. According to the rumors about the seventh Star Wars movie, the film may focus on the new adventure of Luke Skywalker in other plants, making it not tightly connected with previous Star Wars films in plot. Anyway, the birth of Star Wars Episode 7 is still an issue worth celebrating. Therefore, to celebrate the birth of Star Wars VII, this post will present you different versions of Star Wars movie.

1. Film version of Star Wars Movie: Episode I to Episode VI

Star Wars episodes

The existing six Star Wars movies can be divided into two parts: stories about Anakin Skywalker and stories of Luke Skywalker. The first three Star Wars movies show how Anakin Skywalker turns from a Jedi to a Sith while the later three Star Wars movies focus on how Luke Skywalker leads the Jedi to victory. Moreover, though the first three episodes function as prequels in plot, they are actually produced in a much later time.

In The Phantom Menace, Anakin cooperates with Obi-Wan Kenobi to free Naboo. In Attack of the Clones, Anakin leads the war with his master to fight against separatists as a Jedi and loses one hand in the battle In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin betrayed Jedi after being lured by Sith Lord and Jedi fighters lose the battle. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin, succeeds in destroying the Second Death Star after Obi-Wan is killed by Anakin. In The Empire Strikes Back, Luke loses one hand while trying to rescue his friends and knows his identity as Anakin’s son. In Return of the Jedi, when Luke is in the edge of death, Anakin finally realizes his sin and helps his son to beat evil Sith lord.

2. Animation version of Star Wars Movie: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

As an animation version of Star Wars produced in 2008, The Clone Wars mainly describes the war between the Republic army lead by Jedi and the separatist force lead by Droids. The animation movie is produced because the clone war isn’t introduced in details in the six Star Wars movies. In order to win the war, Anakin and his new disciple need to fight against crime lord Jabba the Hutt and Count Dooku to complete a secret mission while other Jedi fighters are fighting their way to keep the dark side from invading the Galactic Republic. To this extent, this Star Wars movie can help audiences to know issues occurred between Episode 2 and Episode 3.

3. Flash version of Star Wars Movie: Expendable Sith

Featured by small storage and funny content, Flash movie never fails to earn audiences’ laugh and joy. Therefore, as the Flash version of Star Wars movie, Expendable Sith is designed to make all Star Wars fans have a enjoyable day. Based on the plot of Episode 3, the Flash movie mainly shows how Sith Lord succeeds in persuading characters like Sith fighter, Count Dooku and Anakin to serve him with witty language. In fact, the plot of the Flash movie matches with that of Revenge of the Sith, only in a hilarious way. Therefore, if you want the Flash movie, you can download the Flash with Free Flash Downloader.

American Labor Day 2012 Recommendations: Labor Day Songs, Labor Day Books and Labor Day Flash Cards

As the first country celebrating Labor Day, America tends to observe American Labor Day on the first Monday of September instead of on May 1st. As the watershed between summer and autumn, American Labor Day not only brings American three-day leave but also drastically promotes the development of tourism. To some extent, the coming of American Labor Day 2012 has hinted the beginning of Labor Day 2012 shopping period.

Therefore, to every customer, various American Labor Day recommendations will be introduced via e-mails or telephone. In order to know more about Labor Day and better enjoy American Labor Day 2012, one needs to take serious considerations over those Labor Day 2012 recommendations. A good Labor Day 2012 shall be one that is not only low in price, good in quality but also profound in meaning. To this extent, the post will recommend three objects for American Labor Day 2012 which includes Labor Day songs, Labor Day books and Labor Day cards.

I. Labor Day Songs

Initially created as a day to fight for workers’ rights, Labor Day was featured by struggling, battling and hardship of workers. In all those recommended Labor Day songs, they reflect the thoughts and feelings of those workers in various degrees. Therefore, they are most suitable to be used as songs for American Labor Day. To get day, one can either download the music from YouTube for free or buy the songs on iTunes.

1. “9 To 5“–Dolly Parton

2. “God Damn Job“–The Replacements

3. “Factory“–Bruce Springsteen

4. “Bread and Rose“–Judy Collins

5. “Working Class Hero“–John Lennon

II. Labor Day Books

What can be of greater benefits than reading good books? A good book is not only low-budget but also meaningful. In all those recommended books, one will not only know something about the history of American Labor Day, but also learn new outlooks towards labor and life. Moreover, those American Labor Day books are all available in Amazon.

1. “Career Day“–Anne Rockwell

Career Day

As a good Labor Day book, Career Day is actually designed for young children. The book mainly introduces to children the daily work of several professions including construction worker and veterinarian. Therefore, youngsters may have a better plan about their future work after finish reading it.

2. “Labor Day“–Joyce Maynard

Labor Day

As a novel, Labor Day mainly focuses on the changes that thirteen-year-old Henry suffers before and after American Labor Day. With the help of a man named Frank, Henry learns quite much including the value of sacrifice, the harm of being jealous and the meaning of real love. Therefore, after reading this Labor Day book, one will be bathed in soul.

3. “A Day in the Life of a Firefighter”– Mary Bowman-Kruhm

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Just as the name has hinted, this Labor Day book mainly focuses on the daily life of a firefighter. By plainly recording the normal day of a firefighter, A Day in the Life of a Firefighter can present people some qualities of workers through a certain trivia.  

III. Labor Day Flash Cards

To some extent, it is an ideal way to celebrate American Labor Day 2012 via sending friends Labor Day Flash card. For one thing, those cards are all available on the Internet so that one just needs to download the Flash online. For another, Labor Day Flash cards are usually designed as funny in content, creative in style and profound in meaning. Here several Labor Day Flash cards are provided.

1. Labor Day Flash Card 1

2. Labor Day Flash Card 2

3. Labor Day Flash Card 3

4. Labor Day Flash Card 4

2 Apps to Record Flash Game for YouTube

Featured by rough video quality and simple operations, Flash game still plays an important role in the gaming field. Abundant in quantity and small in storage, Flash game is much favored by players. Moreover, players can not only find the Flash version of NES games like Super Mario but also Flash version of the latest games like FIFA 2012. However, not all the Flash games are easy to play.

“Are there any tips on Flash game Crimson Room?” Since there are difficult Flash games, various questions like the above one are asked to seek for guidance. If you happen to be good at this Flash game, you may just as well record the Flash game and then upload the recorded video to YouTube. Recording Flash game for YouTube is not only a time-saving method but also an efficient and simple way to help those green hands out.

However, to record Flash game for YouTube, we need the support of a powerful video reorder that can export the video as Flash video for YouTube. Therefore, this post will present you two apps to help you manage it.

I. Moyea SWF to Video Converter

Though Moyea SWF to Video Converter is not a screen recorder, it enables you to record the Flash game and then convert the recorded video to FLV file for YouTube. You can manage it with just a few clicks, follow those steps.

1. Download the Flash game from the Internet with Moyea Free Flash Downloader.

2. Open Moyea SWF to Video Converter, click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folder” option to import the downloaded Flash game.

Import SWF

3. Click “Export” tab, check “Video” and then set the output video as FLV file for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Style“.


4. Click “Settings” button in the “Export” tab to enter Settings panel. Then set corresponding video parameters like video size and video codec.

Customize video

5. Click “Convert” tab to enter a new panel. Then click “Play and Capture” when you start playing and click “Finish” button when you have finished the Flash game. After that, the recorded video will be converted to FLV file for YouTube soon.

Start recording

II. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a powerful screen recorder that enables you to record the Flash game freely. Moreover, one can keep the recorded video as YouTube video and even upload the video to YouTube automatically.

1. Download and launch Screencast-O-Matic and then open the web page where the Flash game rests.

2. Then customize the recording area as the same size of the window with the cursor. Click the red button in the panel to start the capturing.

Set recording area

3. Press “”Alt+P” button in the keyboard to pause. After that, click “Done” button to finish the recording process.

Record flash game

4. Click “Publish to YouTube HD” icon, fill in the necessary information including “Title“, “Description“, “YouTube Account“, etc. and then click “Upload to YouTube” button.

Publish to YouTube

Those are the two apps for you to record Flash game for YouTube. In general, they all gain their advantages and disadvantages. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a more powerful tool to help you record Flash game and Screen-O-Matic can help you to record various other games besides Flash game.

4 Different Versions of Olympic Video Games to Enjoy London Olympics 2012

As the most ancient sports originated in Greek, the Olympic Games provides a good platform for all athletes to show themselves. Luckily, London Olympics 2012 not only brings us wonderful opening ceremony but also attractive and breathtaking matches. Nowadays, as London Olympics 2012 moves on, the world is indulged in a craze for the Olympics Games.

Of course, the great charm of London Olympics 2012 also extends to gaming field. Nowadays, various video games on Olympics especially on 2012 London Olympics are available in the market. To help people enjoy those video games better, the Olympic video games are designed for various game consoles. Therefore this post will display four different versions of Olympic video games that will help you to spend an impressive London Olympics 2012.

1. FC: Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92

Gold Medal Challenge 92

As an Olympic video game basing on 1992 Barcelona Olympics by Capcom for NES, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge’ 92 reminded us the happy time in the childhood. In this 8-bit Olympic video game, players need to heavily rely on button mashing. Moreover, there are eight Olympic sports events provided for selection. Also two players can choose to compete with each other or with the CPU.

2. PC: London 2012The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Released earlier than the opening ceremony, The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games contained a virtual opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. In this Olympic video game, player can act as an athlete who strives for the golden medal. Over thirsty sports event are provided to help players fully experienced the atmosphere of London Olympics 2012. One advantage of this Olympic video game lies in its vivid video quality and lifelike operations. With a wrong click, the athlete won’t swim forward.

3. iPhone: London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

As an Olympic video game designed for iPhone, London 2012- Official Mobile Game was released a month earlier than the London 2012 opening ceremony. Though this 143MB Olympic video game provides players nine Olympic sports events, players are able to train the athletes in over 220 sports events. Also three modes are provided for players to enjoy this Olympic video game including training mode, Olympic mode and challenge mode.

4. Flash: Olympic Flash game

Small in storage and simple in operations, Flash game plays an important role in the gaming field. Due to London Olympics 2012, various London Olympic Flash games are now available on the Internet. Actually, besides those Flash games for London Olympics 2012, various other Olympic Flash games are designed so far. Therefore, players can download the Flash from the Internet on the premise that they are interested in those Olympic Flash games.

Therefore those are four different versions of Olympic video games. As a FC video game, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92 has brought us much pleasure. The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games and London 2012 – Official Mobile Game are released as official games for London 2012. As for Olympic Flash games, they enable players to experience almost all the Olympic sports events.

3 Different Versions of Mermaid Games

Though the debates over the existence of mermaid have lasted for centuries, no one dared to draw a convincible conclusion over this issue. However, things have changed after a video named Mermaids: The Body Found was aired on Discovery Channel. While supports believed that the authentic program on science had already proved their victory with The Body Found, they were told The Body Found was actually another mermaid movie made by Discovery Channel.

Due to The Body Found, the debate over mermaid’s existence is turning white-hot. Usually appearing in the fairy tales as the main character, mermaid is described as a beautiful, innocent and kind girl with the tail of fish. Thanks to the great successes of those fairy tales, the influence of mermaid has extended to movie and gaming field.

Actually, various mermaid movies have been made which present people different and impressive mermaid images. Besides that, various mermaid games have been launched which usually are quite successful. Therefore, this post will display three different versions of mermaid games.  

1. NES game: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid NES

As a NES game released by Capcom in 1991, The Little Mermaid was made based on the 1989 movie named The Little Mermaid. In the game, the mermaid needs to fights against all creatures in the ocean in order to rescue the prince and beat the evil witch. Mermaid can shoot air bubbles from the tail to trap the enemy and then throw the bubbles to other enemies.

Though mermaid spent most of the time swimming in the marine in the game, she can occasionally battles on the land. There are treasures in the ocean for the mermaid that can help mermaid to get high bonus or shoot powerful bubbles. By collecting icons scattered throughout the levels, the mermaid will either restore healthy or gain extra life.

2. PC game: Aquaria


Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure computer game released in 2007 for Windows. The PC game focuses more on exploration and puzzle-solving. Player needs to use a character named Naija to explore the underworld of Aquaria. As Naijia moves deeper, player will get to know more about the history of the world and Naijia.

In Aquaria, players can control to Naijia to sing, swim and combat. With different songs, Naija can move items, affect plants and change her physical appearance. To make it a simple exploration game, players can control Naijia to find as much treasure as possible in the marine and ignore the main plot. Aquaria was regarded as one of the most innovation video games in 2007 with over two million downloads.

3. Flash games: Ocean Mermaid and Mermaid Hearts

Small in storage and funny in content, Flash game is a good choice for those who want to have a relaxing time. Moreover, one can easily find the Flash version of almost all the popular games like Angry Birds and Super Mario. Two flash games on mermaids will be presented here so that if one is interested in them, he can enjoy them by downloading the Flash games on the Internet.

Ocean Mermaid is a mermaid dress-up game where player is allowed to decorate the mermaid with various tools. Mermaid Hearts is a shooting game where the mermaid bears the mission to collect as many hearts as possible without being touched.

Ocean Mermaid

Mermaid Hearts

Those are the three interesting mermaid games for different game consoles. Though The Little Mermaid was designed as a NES game, Aquaria as a PC game and Ocean Mermaid as a Flash game, they are all impressive games that can bring players happiness.

2 Fatal Eddie Murphy Movies on Police in Eddie’s Early Career

Is the death of Eddie Murphy in a snowboarding attempt true? At least Twitter makes people believe so. However, this has proved to be Twitter’s new attempt to murder another comedian after similar news about the death of Robin Williams spread on Twitter several months ago. Actually, Eddie Murphy’s family said he had neither desire nor intention to go snowboarding.

Anyway, the death hoax has indeed shown us the embarrassing situation than Eddie Murphy is facing now. It seems that people cares more about his life that his movies. Actually, the acting career of Eddie is marching downhill in recent time which makes Eddie Murphy movies like A Thousand Words real commercial disasters.

Though going through major ups and downs in acting career, Eddie Murphy has provided people impressive images in some Eddie Murphy movies. However, if you are careful enough, you can find that Eddie’s early acting career is influenced by two police movies. One started his promising acting career and the other made his career marching downhill. This post will illustrate you those two fatal Eddie Murphy movies on police.

1. Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop was a turning point of Eddie’s acting career. After starring in this movie, Eddie gained great success in some other Eddie Murphy movies, making him the most favored comedian in American at that time. As a movie released in 1984, Beverly Hills Cop gained over 300 million dollars in box office incomes, a performance even better than Madagascar.

Beverly Hills Cop is all about how a brave cop named Axel Foley tries to investigate a murder case in Beverly Hills, a gathering place for rich men and the upper-class. Of course, the rude cop will get some troubles in the area and suffers some funny story. Since this movie, the witty language and blackguard style behavior has become two features of Eddie Murphy comedy.

2. Metro


In 1990s, while the acting career of Eddie was marching downhill, Eddie regained his fame with a movie named The Nutty Professor. However, the happy time didn’t last too long because a year later, Eddie ruined his promising future with a movie named Metro. Coincidently, Metro is another Eddie Murphy movie about police.

Metro is about a story of how cop prevents a heist and catches the escaped criminal who wants to take revenge on him. Basically speaking, Metro won’t impress you too much with the old-style plot. Eddie is still funny in Metro but not in an appropriate way. In this Eddie Murphy movie, his funny image as a comical hostage negotiator is quite annoying sometimes.

Those are the two Eddie Murphy movies that influenced Eddie’s early acting career. Beverly Hills Cop helped Eddie to gain unprecedented success while Metro made Eddie’s acting career marching downhill. Moreover, Flash game depending on the plot of Beverly Hills Cop had been made. If you want to play the Eddie Murphy game offline, you can download the Flash game.

Celebrate London 2012 Olympics with Olympic Songs, Olympic Flash Cards and Olympic Flash Games

About a week ago, UEFA Euro 2012 had ended with Spain became the final winner. A few days age, Wimbledon finished with Federer won 7th title. However all sports fans will not feel grieve for the ending of all those matches because about half a month later, London 2012 Olympics will be available.

As one of the most influential and ancient sports event, the Olympic Games never failed to attract the world’s attention. Since its origin in ancient Greek in 8th century AD, the Olympic Games have developed into the world’s foremost sports competition with the participation of more than 200 nations. As the host of 1908 Olympics and 1948 Olympics, London becomes the first city with three successful Olympic bids.

Though football stars like Beckham will not present in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the charm of London Olympics will not be affected. In order to celebrate the approaching London 2012 Olympics, the post will present you Olympic songs, Olympic e-cards and Olympic Flash Games.

I. Olympic Songs

The following is the theme songs of recent five Olympics Games. They are all available on YouTube. So if you want to listen to those songs, you can download those songs from YouTube.

1. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury in 1992 Olympics

2. Reach by Gloria Estefan in1996 Olympics

3. The Flame by Tina Arena in 2000 Olympics

4. Oceania by Bjork in 2004 Olympics

5. You and Me by Sarah Brightman in 2008 Olympics

II. Olympics Flash Cards

Usually cards are necessities to celebrate great events like London 2012 Olympics. To make your cards unique and special, you can use e-card or Flash card. Here some Flash cards for London Olympics are provided for you, you can download them with Free Flash Downloader.

1. Flash Card for London Olympics 1

2. Flash Card for London Olympics 2

3. Flash Card for London Olympics 3

III. Olympics Flash Games

Those are some Flash Games for London 2012 Olympics, if you are interested in them, you can download those Flash games with Free Flash Downloader.

1. London 2012 Olympics Quiz

This game is designed to test your knowledge about London 2012 Olympics. When question is given, you just need to click the answer you want to choose. In this way, you can learn more about 2012 Olympic Games in an easy way.

2. Dolphin Olympics 2

In Dolphin Olympics 2, you need to swim and flip your dolphin in the limited time to gain as much scores as possible. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

3. Naruto Olympics Game

If you are Naruto fans, you will love this RPG game. Generally speaking, your mission is to guide Naruto to reach to the Olympic fields so that he can enjoy the Olympic Games.

With Olympic songs, you can experience the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. With Olympic Flash cards, you can express your anticipation towards the approaching Olympics Games. With Olympic Flash games, you will spend some leisure time before London 2012 Olympics is available.

3 Ideas on Celebrating Independence Day 2012: Flash Cards, Songs and Games

Independence Day, also known as Fourth of July is a great turning point in American history. The launching of the United States on July 4th 1776 not only witnessed the release of Declaration of Independence but also American citizens’ desire for freedom and independence. Since then, the United States had begun its way to become a prosperous and powerful country.

Moreover, Independence Day not only brought America freedom and promising future but also impressed Americans with democratic and free thoughts. At present, various celebrations are presented as a way to celebrate the approaching Independence Day 2012. Of course, most of the observations tend to celebrate the day in traditional manners.

Traditionally, firework, fairs, picnics, concerts and parody are associated with Fourth of July observations. However, to experience an impressive Independence Day 2012, fresh ideas on the celebration is required. Here the post will present three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012.

I. Fourth of July Flash Card

Sending cards on holiday is a tradition in many countries. However, for those who want to make their cards impressive, they can refer to the Flash cards below which are not only excellent in design but also funny in content. Moreover, one can even play the Flash card on mobile by converting the Flash card to 3GP video.

1. Fourth of July Flash Card 1

2. Fourth of July Flash Card 2

3. Fourth of July Flash Card 3

II. Fourth of July Songs

Song, as a tool attached with person emotions, is useful to express personal thoughts. A good song is not only impressive but also infectious enough to arouse people’s resonance. Therefore sharing Fourth of July songs with friends is a good idea to celebrate Independence Day 2012. Moreover, one can make YouTube videos with Fourth of July songs and wallpapers.

1. The Star-Spangled Banner

2. God Bless America

3. America the Beautiful

4. Independence Day

5. 4th of July

III. Fourth of July Games

Firework is usually used in American Independence Day as a way to bring happiness and joy to everyone on that day. Therefore many Fourth of July games are pertaining to fireworks. Here are two Fourth of July games designed for the sake of entertainment on that day. With those games, one can experience a happy and relaxing Independence Day 2012. Players can also download the Flash games.

1. Fourth of July Game 1

Click the tiny points on the screen to let off the fireworks. Each successful click will gain some scores for the players. Players can get to the next stage once they have earned enough scores.

2. Fourth of July Game 2

Control direction of the rock with the mouse and hit the tiny point to display fireworks. If one fails to hit the firework for a few seconds, the rock will explode.

Those are three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012. With Fourth of July Flash cards, one can share those cards with friends. With Fourth of July songs, one can make DIY video for YouTube. With Fourth of July games, one can spend a relaxing Independence 2012.

Experience UEFA Euro 2012 with UEFA Euro Songs and Euro 2012 Games

As a sport event available every four years, European Cup can always bring surprises and passion to the world. Though less influential than World Cup, UEFA Euro never fails to provide all football fans a real visual feast. At present, the competition of Euro 2012 is turning white hot with only Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy available for further competition.

UEFA Euro 2012 has proved that nothing is impossible in the football field with a few records. Portland becomes the host of European Cup with the worst performance. Russia becomes the most unexpected loser in group match and Czech is the first group winner with negative goal difference in history. Just like World Cup, UEFA Euro also brings fans excitement and happiness.

The final match of UEFA Euro 2012 will be given on July 1, 2012. After that, all fans have to wait for another four year before the next UEFA Euro is available. Though only three matches of Euro 2012 are available, it won’t bother us to enjoy the great event. In order to help you better experience UEFA Euro 2012, this post will present UEFA Euro songs and Euro 2012 games.

I. UEFA Euro songs

1. UEFA Euro 1996: Three Lions

Euro 1996

Three Lions was the theme song for UEFA Euro 1996 given by The Lightning Seeds. As the host as well as the inventor of football, England used this song to welcome football coming home. This song not only became the most popular song that year, but was used to encourage England team in World Cup 2010.

2. UEFA Euro 2000: Campione 2000

Euro 2000

As a rock-style song, Campione 2000 brought passion and excitement to Euro 2000. Consequently, some matches of Euro 2000 were viewed as classics. In a match, Italian goalkeeper prevented five penalties from Netherlands and in another match, French won back with a goal in the last minute.   

3. UEFA Euro 2004: Força

Euro 2004

Just like no one would expect Greek to be the winner of Euro 2004, people never realized the theme song Força could steal the thunder in European Cup. In 2004, two Portuguese left a great impression on us, Cristiano Ronaldo with his football skill and Nelly Furtado with her voice.

4. UEFA Euro 2008: Can You Hear Me

Euro 2008

In Euro 2008, the winner Spain surprised the world with its smooth passes, excellent skills and balanced system. However, we were not surprised at the success of Spain just as we held no doubts that Enrique Iglesia could bring us a wonderful song. How about Can You Hear Me? It’s impressive.

5. UEFA Euro 2012: Endless Summer

Euro 2012

As the theme song for UEFA Euro 2012, Endless Summer could bring you happiness and strength. As for the singer Oceana, you will find she is an amazing singer once you have bought her music album Love Supply.

II. Euro 2012 games

1. EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012 is expansion pack for EA FIFA 12, a sport game of EA Sports. Over 50 European national teams and eight official stadiums for Euro 2012 are provided in the game. While you are waiting for the match of Euro 2012, you can stimulate the competition on your computer with EA UEFA Euro 2012. Also it enables you to get your team members at random and begin the journey to conquer European Cup.  

2. Euro Shoot-out 2012

This is a Flash game for you to engage in Euro 2012 as well as have a relax time. In the game, you need to act as the striker to shoot the penalty and as the goalkeeper to prevent the penalty. You can choose the team you want and then lead it to success. If you are interested in it, you can download the Flash.

3. Euro 2012

It is also a Flash game that you are allowed to control one team to beat another. You can select the original group in the game or you can ask for a new group. If you want it, just download the Flash.