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Earth Day 2012 – Let’s Make a Better World to Live in – Earth Day Dates, Flash Cards and Flash Mobs

What can we do to make a better world to live in? This is the question that everybody should bear in mind everyday not just on Earth Day, which falls on Apr 22nd this year.

Below are some themes and what-can-you-do lists that we can definitely follow on Earth Day 2012.

Three of Earth Day 2012 Themes

Faith – faith leader is always the driving force;

Action – know green and go green;

Knowledge – books can inspire your environmental literacy.

Several To-Do Lists for Earth Day 2012

Know the exact dates for Earth Day in the past and following years:

Year Equinox Earth Day (Northern Hemisphere) April 22 Earth Day Celebration
2009 March 20 April 22
2010 March 20 April 22
2011 March 20 April 22
2012 March 20 April 22
2013 March 20 April 22
2014 March 20 April 22
2015 March 20 April 22


Send Earth Day Flash cards to friends:

Earth Day Flash card 1: Your Hands

Earth Day Flash card 2: Earth Cake

Earth Day Flash card 3: Earth Day

Earth Day Flash card 4: World

Organize or Participate an Earth Day Flash Mob

Grab some good ideas and close friends to be a part of Earth Day Flash Mob to raise people’s interest and reach their attention, making it an obligation for everyone to protect our earth and urge people to take actions right now and right here.