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2012 Easter Date, Easter Promo, Flash Mob, Flash Cards and Flash Games

These are all you want to know about the upcoming Easter 2012, including the exact Easter Date, the possible Easter Promotion, the funny Easter Flash Mob, the cute and eco-friendly Flash Cards and the interesting Flash Games.

Easter 2012 Date

Easter is quite well-known by the public, however, do you also know Ash Wednesday? That’s the 7th Wednesday before Easter and the dates of Ash Wednesday and Easter vary according to different years. Check the chart below for the specific dates of the both.

Year Ash Wednesday Easter Sunday
2012 February 22 April 08
2013 February 13 March 31
2014 March 05 April 20
2015 February 18 April 05
2016 February 10 March 27


Easter 2012 Promotion

Easter is such a big festival that all the merchants won’t miss. Crazy sales come one after another with Easter Egg and Easter Bunny from cosmetics to computer software, from digital devices to the latest DVDs, etc. Moyea will definitely have a big promotion as usual and we will keep you guys well-informed using our website and facebook page as well.

Easter 2012 Flash Mob

Wanna have a crazy and exciting way to celebrate 2012 Easter with the crowd? Do an Easter Flash Mob sounds perfect for that! Let’s first move a little bit back to see how people did the Flash Mob in 2011 Easter celebration: over 2,000 people from Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. They called it Dance Your Shoes Off! and each participant left a new pair of shoes on the field for those in need. So, is that inspiring enough for you to organize the Easter Flash Mob this year in 2012? We are looking! LOL.

Easter 2012 Flash Cards

Easter Flash card is a great way to greet friends online. Pick a beautiful Easter-themed Flash card from the collection below and then send it to your friends and relatives via a click.

Easterland – Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

He is Risen – Easter Blessings!

Easter Egg – Happy Easter!

Easter 2012 Flash Games

The same as Flash cards, Easter Flash games can be a great fun and it can even have more people and interaction involved. What’s more, the fun doubles because you can record the way how you play the Easter Flash games from the beginning to the end, and share the recorded video online with mass netizens. Play some of the selected Easter Flash Games right now and right here, have fun!

Easter Egg Catch Game – Catch the falling eggs with the basket.

Sisi and the Bunnies – Sisi’s friends, the funny bunnies, are in need for some treats, so help Sisi out by feeding them right.

Hope you are satisfied with the Easter-oriented stuff provided so far and really wish all of you a Happy Easter in advance!

More Interesting Easter 2011 Celebrating Ways Than Easter Bunny and Easter Egg to Think about

Easter, a moveable feast, falls on the date April 24, 2011 this year. It is just one week to go from now on and it is the perfect time to think some of unique ways to celebrate the 2011 Easter, which should be more interesting and memorable than before.

If all what comes to your mind now is just Easter Bunny and Easter Egg, then you need more inspirations to think of some brand-new ways that you can use during the Easter 2011 celebration.

Here are some sparkles generated from the combination of the ancient Easter story and the modern Flash concept and technology.

Easter Flash Mob to celebrate Easter 2011 – More than 2,000 members of Second Baptist Church flooded Discovery Green to perform a choreographed dance to a praise song about the resurrection in hopes that video of the event will go viral on YouTube in the weeks leading up to Easter.

More than 10 cameras captured the crowd twirling, clapping and waving their hands to “dance with the one who is brighter than the sun,” as the lyrics go. The song was written by Josh Moore, a member of the Christian band Caedmon’s Call. The dance was based on a similar performance in Budapest, Hungary last Easter.

Church members say the dance, with its contemporary Christian music, joyful tone and charitable connection, does a good job at illustrating the spirit of Second.

Click the video below to view Second Baptist Holds Easter Flashmob Dance on Discovery Green


Play this Easter Flash Mob Video and other flashes on more portable devices using Flash to Video Converter Pro.

Easter Flash Cards to celebrate Easter 2011 – Celebrate Easter with free eCards and send them to your friends by email or instant messengers: choose from different types like Easter Bunnies, Easter Egg Hunts, and more, and bring the dynamic flash effect directly to their eyes.

Download more Easter Flash Cards online using Free Flash Downloader.

Easter Flash Games to celebrate Easter 2011 – share, compete and play the Easter-themed Flash games with your playmates and you can even record the whole process of how you play this Easter flash game to popular video, and then upload it to famous video-sharing websites to become a hit.

Create your own Easter Flash Game with character using Flash SWF Editor.

Anyway, we do hope the above tips are all facilitating to for you to find the unique way to celebrate 2011 Easter this year and Happy Easter Day to all of you!