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A Free Way to Make Videos with Free Euro 2012 Wallpapers for Mobile

Though the competition of Euro 2012 is drawing to an end, the enthusiasm of football fans has never faded. In a recent game, millions of football fans have witnessed the victor of Spain over Portugal. Of course, it is predictable that more fans will be engaged in the match between Italy and Germany which will be available soon.

In fact, football matches like World Cup and UEFA Euro can always bring happiness to fans but troubles to other sport events. Due to UEFA Euro 2012, the audience rating of sport events such as NBA Finals and Wimbledon Open is declining this year. Wimbledon Open is even planning to make some changes to its match schedule for the first time its 135-year history.

UEFA Euro is not a visual feast for football fans but also a paradise for producers. As only two games of UEFA Euro 2012 are left, various souvenirs are provided to commemorate the great event. Of course, those gifts are of great significance. However, football fans can commemorate Euro 2012 in an economy way by making DIY videos.

To this extent, fans can make FLV videos for YouTube to share with friends or make 3GP videos for mobile to commemorate Euro 2012. This post will present you a free way to make videos with free Euro 2012 wallpapers for mobile.

Step I: Convert Euro 2012 wallpapers to Flash

1. Download free Euro 2012 wallpapers. Open SWF Editor, choose “Album” in New From Template panel and click “OK” button.

Make Album

2. Choose one template in Album Wizard panel and click “Next” button.

Album Wizard

3. Click “Add Photo…” icon to import the Euro 2012 wallpapers and then click “Next“.

Add Photo

4. Click “Browser” to set the output location and then click “Next“. After that, those Euro 2012 wallpapers will be converted to Flash.

Output location

Though SWF Editor charges, new users can use it as a free converter for about a month. After that period, they have to pay for it.

Step II:  Convert SWF file to 3GP video

1. Download and launch Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter. Open it, click “Browser…” and choose “From Folder” to import the SWF file.

Import SWF

2. Click “Export” tab and set the output video as 3GP file in the drop-down menu of “Style“.

SWF to 3GP

3. Click “Convert” tab and then click “Play and Capture” to start the capturing. When the Flash file ends, click “Finish” button to start the conversion process.

Start conversion

After all those steps, the Flash file will be converted to 3GP video for mobile. Then one can either play the 3GP file or set it as the screensaver for the mobile. Also Moyea SWF to 3GP Converter is provided as a free converter now.

Those are the method to help users make mobile movie with free UEFA Euro 2012 wallpapers. With all those steps, users not only commemorate Euro 2012 in their own manners but also save a lot of money.