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One of the Best SWF Decompilers Ever – The Leading Flash to HTML5 Converter

When speaking of an SWF decompiler, we do know what can it do in general:

The Capability to Handle Kinds of SWF Sources

Wide support to SWF files made by Flash 6/7(MX 2004)/8/9(CS3)/10(CS4), the latest Flash CS5, and Action Script 2.0&3.0.

The Powerful SWF Conversion

Comprehensively convert flash SWF to FLA and flash SWF to FLEX Project.

The Delicate SWF Extraction

Specifically extract components like images, fonts & text, sounds (mp3, wav), videos (flv), buttons, and even action scripts, etc from the original SWF file.

The Handy SWF Edit

Edit flash objects and shapes by customizing properties and parameters of each flash source like images, texts, links, colors, lines and more, and perform ActionScript search to select specific one to edit using diverse searching options.

However, you may not know what a best SWF decompiler can do except those mentioned above.

Serve Both Win & Mac Users

SWF Decompiler for Mac and for Win are all available for users on different OS platforms to decompile SWF files in their own way.

Brand-New Flash SWF to HTML5 Conversion

Convert flash SWF to HTML5 with the best animation effect retained and get XFL from Flash CS5 SWF.

Built-in Flash SWF Player & Catcher

A built-in flash player and free-to-have flash catcher are made to play SWF/FLV/F4V and download online flash SWF files respectively.

User-Priority Program Design

Toolbar-based, user-friendly and multilingual interface makes it the best SWF decompiler ever for catching, saving, editing and converting flash SWF to FLA and FLEX.

Combine them all, that is all a best SWF decompiler can do for you! Download it now to experience!

How to Rip Flash from a Site

Some people are always bothered: how to obtain flash files(SWF) if first, they do not have any existed ones saved in computer, and second, they have no any idea how to make one by themselves either?

The answer is: rip flash from internet!

You may be surfing on the internet the whole day but still wondering: where are flashes that I can rip? Take it easy, they are actually everywhere around you, the glittery banners, the floating commercials, the built-in games, etc.

Ok, next let us talk about it in details of how to rip flash from a site.

Step 1: We need a tool. The tool that can assist to rip flashes with ease. In order to demonstrate it well, we kindly selected two tools and will put them in a comparison in the next steps.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Interface

rip flash from internet 1

Sothink SWF Catcher scores 1 point: stretchable interface.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Program Launch – the former is an individual program which can be launched from the desktop icon shotcut, while the latter can only be found in the context menu(the right-click menu).

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: desktop icon shotcut

Step 2: Enter the webpage URL where you feel it contains flashes.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Operation – the former is ok to directly input URL manually, while the latter is not.

rip flash from internet 2

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: manually input URL

Step 3: The program will automatically list all the flashes found.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Flash Info – the former rips flash with complete info including name, URL, and preview, while the latter lacks URL and right-click menu.

rip flash from internet 3

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: complete flash info

Step 4: Rip flashes you have selected and open the saving folder for immediate review.

Moyea Free Flash Downloader Vs Sothink SWF Catcher: Rip Flash – the former ‘s context menu is very convenient to rip flash and open the target folder for immediate review, which the latter is only with the rip flash function.

rip flash from internet 4

Moyea Free Flash Downloader scores 1 point: diverse rip flash options

Conclusion: to rip flash from internet is actually very easy if you find the right tool. Try it and have fun!