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Get Cheaper and Free Video Converter from Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan

In an attempt to help customers celebrate Father’s Day 2012, Moyea Software has carried out its Father’s Day 2012 promotion plan. To encourage customers to make DIY videos for fathers, Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan will provide them cheaper and even free video converters.

With creative content and significant meaning, DIY video seems to be a perfect choice as Father’s Day 2012 gift. With the help of new Moyea promotion plan, it will be an easy task to make DIY videos. Therefore, please join in Father’s Day 2012 promotion plan and impress fathers with DIY videos before June 24, 2012.

What are the benefits of Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan?

Price-Off Promotion: When purchasing PPT to DVD Burner Pro, 20 dollars are saved. It sounds great to make DIY DVDs with PPT and then enjoy the works with the whole family on Father’s Day 2012. Besides PPT to DVD Burner Pro, products like PPT to Video Converter and PPT to Video Burner Lite are also offered in lower prices.

Free Registration Code: Free registration code for SWF to 3GP Converter is provided as long as customers can provide their name and email address. With SWF to 3GP Converter, customers can make customized Flash cards work on fathers’ mobile. Therefore, users can surprise their fathers by sending them those DIY videos via Bluetooth.

Free Video Converter: Video for Web Converter is provided as a free converter. With Video for Web Converter, videos that users have recorded with mobile phones or DVs can be converted to FLV/MP4/MOV/3GP/3G2 files for YouTube. Upload them to YouTube and then send relative links to fathers on Father’s Day 2012.

Coupon Code: With coupon code DAD-45K2D46B9F, customers can obtain up to 40% discounts when purchase products (SWF to Video SDK excluded) in the following four websites:,, and However, two things shall be noticed: the coupon code is valid till June 24 and it can only be used for SWREG payment.

For users who want to make DIY videos with PPT, Free Father’s Day PowerPoint Template is provided. For those who want to make DIY Flash cards, they can refer to Free Father’s Day Flash Cards.


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Shop Love Play in 2011 Father’s Day – Moyea Launches Unique Sale for Your Father!

Moyea Software has officially launched the 2011 Father’s Day triple-surprise sale, which can definitely guarantee a happy and memorable time between you and dad during the upcoming Father’s Day.

Shop with ease in Father’s Day 2011 – just go ahead shopping without worrying your budget! All you have to do is to remember the coupon code DAD-45K2D467T7 so that you can instantly save up to $20! The coupon code is valid from Jun 15 – 21, 2011 and only applies to the payment made by SWREG. For more detailed information please visit here.


Love with tender in Father’s Day 2011 – feel shy to express your love and gratefulness to your dad? No problem, invite your friends on facebook and shout it out loud together. Let us know what do you think of your father by uploading a father-themed picture or video to Moyea facebook wall and get voted and liked. Whose 3 uploads receive the most likes will be rewarded with a $100/$80/$50 voucher respectively to shop anything they like from moyea websites. For the access to this event, please click here.


Play with fun in Father’s Day 2011 – if you and your father do not like crowd, play Father’s Day flash games and ecards for free can be a total relaxation. Moyea has collected several funny flash games to entertain both of you guys and to refresh your memory of being a great father. Play Father’s Day flash games now right here.


Shop, love and play in Father’s Day this year, hope Moyea has helped to create a wonderful time just for you and your father!

The Coolest 2011 Father’s Day Gifts Presented by Moyea

Have no ideas how to celebrate the upcoming 2011 Father’s Day this Sunday on Jun, 19th? Still confused what Father’s Day gifts to pick for the already-dad, dad-to-be and new dad? You are in the right place now, just scroll down and you will find the top Father’s Day gift ideas hand-picked by experts and our Moyea editors.

The most popular Father’s Day gifts for daddies:

fathers-day-gift-iphone printer

The iPhone Photo Printer – this is the first printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone or iPod touch. Requiring no computer or software, the printer is controlled from your iPhone via a free downloadable app.

fathers-day-gift-2-swf to iphone converter

The Flash SWF to iPhone Converter – this is the complementary gift of the previous one. It converts the Flash SWF files online or from PC to playable video format MP4 and image format animated GIF in your iPhone, so that you can print the Flash out with the best animation effect retained.

The Flash ecard – this is the most affordable and eco-friendly way to express love and gratefulness to your father. Send dad a Father’s Day greeting to show him that he is appreciated.

The most popular Father’s Day gifts for dad-to-be and new-dad:

fathers-day-gift-dad swag gift box

Daddy Swag Gift Box – this is the perfect gift for any new daddy this Father’s Day – look no further! It is an exclusive Daddy Swag Gift Set that has everything an expectant new daddy will need before and after the new baby arrives.


150 Tips & Tricks for New Dads – the book with a go-to guide to understanding and enjoying life as a new dad. Not necessarily to memorize all the tips, be free and creative, a unique dad that no one can copy.

fathers-day-gift-M&M'S gift box

Father’s Day Gift Box with Personalized M&M’S – new dad has to eat candies and have fun too. This delicious package is brand-new for 2011 and offers you a fun and memorable way to show Dad how much you care. Choose colors, write a creative message, add a face, or even put his favorite NFL, MLB, or NBA sports team on M&M’S!

Last but not the least, do not forget to say Happy Father’s Day to your father no matter you are near or far from each other. Let him know you really care, that matters!