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Microsoft and Adobe Jointly Fix Adobe Flash Vulnerabilities

Shortly after Adobe released a patch for Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, Microsoft had unveiled an update exclusively designed to fix the vulnerabilities of IE 10 brought by Adobe Flash Player. Since Windows 8 is not covered in Adobe’s solution, similar update from Microsoft is quite necessary. However, the fact that Microsoft and Adobe Flash jointly fix Adobe Flash vulnerabilities is still quite surprising.

The solution provided by Adobe only works on plug-in version of Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR. Since Adobe Flash becomes a built-in component of IE 10, vulnerabilities of Windows 8 are beyond the reach of Adobe‘s solution. That’s to say, solution from Microsoft is the only way to get rid of those Flash vulnerabilities caused by Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8. However, while the world believes the update will come after the launch date of Windows 8, Microsoft’s decision to debut the solution on the same date with that of Adobe is still out of everyone’s expectation.

Actually the cooperation between Microsoft and Adobe is full of such surprises. While most major operation systems were rejecting Adobe Flash, Windows 8 decided to leave a room for it. As an alternative app to Adobe Flash developed by Microsoft in 2007, Silverlight was even replaced by Adobe Flash as the built-in component of IE 10 to help users gain access to Flash content. After Flash vulnerabilities in IE 10 were found, everyone believed that Adobe Flash lost its last chance in Windows 8. However, now it seems that Windows 8 users need to handle with Adobe Flash for quite a long time.

As a vulnerable application, Adobe Flash has brought one security concern after another to PCs in 2012. According to the latest patch from Adobe, 25 Flash vulnerabilities were covered including 14 buffer overflows and 11 memory corruption flaws. After applying the patch, the Adobe Flash Player version will be updated to 11.4.402.287. Meanwhile, the update released by Microsoft named Security Advisory 2755801 aims to wipe out those Flash vulnerabilities in IE 10. The fix will be updated automatically in Windows 8 systems with default update settings. For users who have banned automatic update function, they need to fix the bug manually.

However, even with the support of Windows 8, Adobe Flash still witnesses a tough way lying ahead. For one thing, the vulnerable application will be ceased to update in just a few years; for another, alternative apps like HTML5, Silverlight from Microsoft and Gianduia from Apple will definitely become more and more popular in the future.