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Chrome for Mac Begins to Support Flash

The Dev version of Chrome for Mac is available for downloading long time ago, however, it doesn’t support flash playback. Now, comes the good news! The latest Chrome for Mac gradually begins to support flash by manual settings.

Here are the procedures:

1. Download the newest Chrome for Mac;

2. Unzip the downloaded file;

3. Use parameter “-enable-plugins” to open the flash plugin in terminal. For example, suppose your folder is under “Downloads” folder, the command is like this:

~/Downloads/chrome-mac/ –enable-plugins(don’t forget the “~” in the very beginning);

4. Done!

Now enjoy the smooth flash playback on your Google Chrome broswer and have fun!

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Adobe Works with Google Yahoo! for Flash SEO

Adobe company issued a statement said that it will cooperate with Google and Yahoo! to optimize the flash player technology, so that the flash content can also be searched by searching engines.

According to foreign medias, in order to add the genuine flash content to searching engine results, Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo! now to improve the quality of seaching results by providing the optimized flash playing technology. Adobe flash player advanced product manager Mr. JustinEverett-Church said this project will show the flash content searching results in the form of text and links. Flash-based applications, games, even the contents of advertisements shall be found by searching engines. The flash webpage made in .swf format also can be found easily. He also said: “the flash players will be installed in Google and Yahoo’s server so that they can play real-time flash files. This means the end-users will be guaranteed with better searching results. After all, searching online flash content is always a very big challenge.”

Mr. Vanessa Fox, editor of online media EngineLand, said that this cooperation can be a positive interpretation about how Adobe reacts to searching engines, but it takes time to judge whether it is profitable to do so. He explained: “searching engines are not able to grab any online flash content before. I’m holding a conservative opinion though I am optimistic about this technology. But honestly, still not sure how many webpages can be found by searching engines exactly.” It’s true that those flash-technology-based websites can obtain higher traffic, however, this project is only able to extract text and links from flash files, animations and videos are still not available.

The cooperation between Adobe and Google, Yahoo! will be continued to improve searching technology so that the publishers, developers, and users can all benefit from it. Delightfully, both Google and Yahoo! expressed their huge support for this project.