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Embed a 2011 New Year Flash Card to Your Blog with Ease

I did see a lot of questions posted on Q&A sites asking: is that possible or how to insert flash swf files in personal webpages or blogs? According to my own experience, I can definitely tell it is possible to insert flash swf files in your blog and you can have at least 2 simple ways to do it!

In order to be more specific, I will take Leawo official blog for example to demonstrate the way:

1. Upload Flash in .swf Format to Blog Directly

This is the simplest and the most convenient way to upload the existing swf file to blog. When we say “existing swf file”, it means the swf files saved in your PC and they can be either created by your own or downloaded from internet.

Most blogs powered by Word Press support this direct flash swf upload. Click “Add Video” to start uploading process.


Wait until the uploading completed, the final effect is available to preview like this:


However, the only inconvenient thing is you have to click the flash swf link and enjoy it in another window.


2. Upload Flash in Regular Video Format to Blog Indirectly

To avoid the invisible flash problem mentioned above, better try this way. First download the online new-year-themed flash cards by entering the webpage URL where contains the flash card you want to download.


Second, proceed to convert the downloaded New Year flash card to popular video format in its parental program swf to video converter.


Then upload the converted flash swf in flv format now to blog. And frame it with a free flash video player which can be downloaded here for free. Preview the final effect like this:

Player will show here

Now you can enjoy the animated New Year flash card in video format which keeps the original flash quality and effects.

New Site! New Look! And New SWF!

Hello, everyone, have a peek at our brand-new website below and please note it will be available to visit really soon!

The new website is with clear guidance and complete product options. All done for you!

Enjoy and see you there!

Make Flash Banner Online – Much Easier than You Think

Got attracted by those twinkles from flash banners when surfing on the Internet? Got depressed also because you think it must be very difficult to make one like that on your own?

No worries, the flash-banner-making process is much easier than you think and has a lot of fun, let’s figure it out how:

All we need is an online flash banner maker program called BannerSnack, it’s a very handy and powerful online tool for making flash banners with just 3 steps: Create, Animate and Publish. Believe me, it’s quite convenient cause you don’t even have to download the program, just spend one minute to sign up and start to make your unique flash banners online right away. By the way, it’s totally free!

Step 1: Create New Flash Banner – Choose a banner size from up to 14 options and set background either with color/image, or none.

create flash banner-size

create flash banner-background

Step 2: Animate Flash Banner – Add text or image, then customize the effects by clicking “Filters”, “Build in” and “Build out” tabs. Preview and proceed to make another slide(layer) if necessary.

animate flash banner

Step 3: Click “Save” to publish the customized banner and copy the Embed Code so that you can put it in your blog and any website.

publish flash banner

When it’s published, the flash banner you created will look something like this:

It’s pretty cool but want to get another challenge to make a complete flash instead the flash banner? Just scroll down and it only needs two steps:

I. We need a Video4Web Converter which can convert almost all your video formats like WMV, ASF, WMA, AVI, RMVB, RM, RA, MOV, QT VOB, MPEG etc at hand to web-ready flash video formats like FLV, H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP and 3G2.

II. A Web Player Creator that can hold above flash video contents and inserted in any personal blog, forum and website for playback.

Enjoy flash!

Adobe Works with Google Yahoo! for Flash SEO

Adobe company issued a statement said that it will cooperate with Google and Yahoo! to optimize the flash player technology, so that the flash content can also be searched by searching engines.

According to foreign medias, in order to add the genuine flash content to searching engine results, Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo! now to improve the quality of seaching results by providing the optimized flash playing technology. Adobe flash player advanced product manager Mr. JustinEverett-Church said this project will show the flash content searching results in the form of text and links. Flash-based applications, games, even the contents of advertisements shall be found by searching engines. The flash webpage made in .swf format also can be found easily. He also said: “the flash players will be installed in Google and Yahoo’s server so that they can play real-time flash files. This means the end-users will be guaranteed with better searching results. After all, searching online flash content is always a very big challenge.”

Mr. Vanessa Fox, editor of online media EngineLand, said that this cooperation can be a positive interpretation about how Adobe reacts to searching engines, but it takes time to judge whether it is profitable to do so. He explained: “searching engines are not able to grab any online flash content before. I’m holding a conservative opinion though I am optimistic about this technology. But honestly, still not sure how many webpages can be found by searching engines exactly.” It’s true that those flash-technology-based websites can obtain higher traffic, however, this project is only able to extract text and links from flash files, animations and videos are still not available.

The cooperation between Adobe and Google, Yahoo! will be continued to improve searching technology so that the publishers, developers, and users can all benefit from it. Delightfully, both Google and Yahoo! expressed their huge support for this project.