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Adobe Flash Roadmap for Runtimes – Game and Quality Video Oriented

It has been such a shame for Adobe since last year it admitted to cease the development of Flash Player for mobile equipments. However, it does not necessarily mean that the company has completely given up this rich media network format which has been considered ubiquity for a long time. Recently Adobe announced the new Flash roadmap file for runtimes, which lists the prior development projects and reveals the way how to continue and support Flash.

The future vulnerability repair and development will focus on two key areas: game and high quality video deploy. Due to its huge ubiquity, Adobe wants to see the situation that Flash is able to maintain its leading position in online games, and to support the developers through official game development plan and a set of game services. As for video, it’s Adobe’s commitment to work closely with hardware partners, and to provide video streaming and content protection technology to more platforms with local format.

Adobe promises to release Flash Player 11.2 in the first quarter of 2012, adding the support to mouse right-click and middle-click. Moreover, Adobe is planning to launch Flash Player “Cyril” in the second quarter of 2012 and “Dolores” in the second half of 2012. Although Cyril and Dolores aim just to increase the updates of product game function, Adobe has finished the regulation completely for Flash Player “Next”, which will be released sometime in the next year.

The platform support will be shrinking after the release of Flash Player 11.2, and Adobe then will stop the direct download of Linux version Flash browser plug-in. Alternatively, Adobe leads customers to use Google Chrome, which has Flash playback function integrated in default. Adobe cares Windows 8 very much as well, but as the operating system can be run on a variety of configurations, the Flash support configuration and time are unknown yet.

As for mobile field, the roadmap reminds us Flash Player 11.1 will be the last version with mobile equipment support, Adobe will afterwards only release the updates regarding vulnerability repair or security issues.

Make Flash Banner Online – Much Easier than You Think

Got attracted by those twinkles from flash banners when surfing on the Internet? Got depressed also because you think it must be very difficult to make one like that on your own?

No worries, the flash-banner-making process is much easier than you think and has a lot of fun, let’s figure it out how:

All we need is an online flash banner maker program called BannerSnack, it’s a very handy and powerful online tool for making flash banners with just 3 steps: Create, Animate and Publish. Believe me, it’s quite convenient cause you don’t even have to download the program, just spend one minute to sign up and start to make your unique flash banners online right away. By the way, it’s totally free!

Step 1: Create New Flash Banner – Choose a banner size from up to 14 options and set background either with color/image, or none.

create flash banner-size

create flash banner-background

Step 2: Animate Flash Banner – Add text or image, then customize the effects by clicking “Filters”, “Build in” and “Build out” tabs. Preview and proceed to make another slide(layer) if necessary.

animate flash banner

Step 3: Click “Save” to publish the customized banner and copy the Embed Code so that you can put it in your blog and any website.

publish flash banner

When it’s published, the flash banner you created will look something like this:

It’s pretty cool but want to get another challenge to make a complete flash instead the flash banner? Just scroll down and it only needs two steps:

I. We need a Video4Web Converter which can convert almost all your video formats like WMV, ASF, WMA, AVI, RMVB, RM, RA, MOV, QT VOB, MPEG etc at hand to web-ready flash video formats like FLV, H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP and 3G2.

II. A Web Player Creator that can hold above flash video contents and inserted in any personal blog, forum and website for playback.

Enjoy flash!

V2 Technology Innovates Flash Video Conference

What is Flash Video Conference?

Speaking of flash video conference, many people will have confused question: to have such a conference really does not need any plug-in installation? V2 Technology, a leading force in Greater China in terms of network video-conferencing technologies and multi-media communications domain, gives us a very definite answer.

V2 Technology CEO Mr. Ye said: “Flash video conference can be as easy as visiting some video websites like YouTube and youku, all you have to do is to open these websites, search and browse what you want to see. As long as you can use computer and the computer is connected to Internet, you can use flash video conference, completely without technical and operation difficulties.”

Technology Innovation Pushes Flash Video Conference a Big Step Forward.

CEO Mr. Ye said that in early 2004 they have found this new technology. However, it was just started at that time abroad, so how to discard the dross and select the essence has became V2’s focus in recent years.

The difference between western and eastern users is the former care more about the functions while the latter care more about the effects. In the past ten years, many video-conferencing system manufacturers were competing the best technology to the highest quality, however, they didn’t know it can limit the products in an opposite way. For example, there is a huge difference between the flash video conferences for executive managers who will be assisted by the technical personnel and the common enterprise staff who have to do the video conference plug-in installation and debugging by themselves. Maybe it will take 30 minutes to prepare for a just 30 minutes meeting. A lot of time is wasted and such technical difficulties hinder the popularity of flash video conference.

How to make flash video conference as simple as MSN or QQ, and at the same time, economic, easy-to-use and stable? Mr. Ye mentioned two patents of V2: flash technology, cloud computing and SaaS. Undoubtedly, these technologies are the hottest right now and with them, the video conference can be started in 5 seconds and with total support to high-definition and large volume of video conference; seamless docking with many other software; expansion and upgrade without the client personally operation; with data security and encryption technology, and the most important one, no any plug-in needed. Mr. Ye said that this kind of simplicity brought by V2 video-conferencing technology is a milestone in this industry.

Flash Video Conference: Easy to Imitate but Difficult to Overcome.

Speaking of other newly-released products from different manufacturers in 2009, Mr. Ye is very confident because since the first day V2 has dedicated a lot of development and testing force, more than 100 people’s research team will achieve every function and every effect. Such focused research strength and technology can never be that easy to overcome.

Indeed, from the SARS in 2003, to the 2008 Olympic Games, Sichuan earthquake, we can see and experience the power of V2 flash video conference. Many large-scale enterprises, such as Wal-Mart, Bank of China, the National Postal Bureau, Lenovo, Guangzhou Honda, Coca Cola, Pepsi, TCL, DHL, China Telecom and so on have applied and all leave very good comments.

More Wonderful Experience of Flash Video Conference with 3G Technology.

Partner with Huawei in 3G domain, they have developed many excellent projects together so far. “V2 doesn’t aim to earn money, V2 is to guide the industry, guide the customers, lead the industry to positive development, let more customers know the exist of such advanced video conference technologies, let 99% of the small and medium-sized China enterprises use flash video conference with affordable price.” said Mr. Ye when talking about V2 flash video technology.

Most important, the application of V2 flash video technology means video conference gradually escaping from the complex meeting security and slightly higher demand of local configuration, begining to bring more exciting experience for common enterprise users. With brilliant and higher-quality application, high market share and V2’s successful operation model support, flash video conference’s prospect is definitely immeasurable.

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