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Christmas Carol – Enjoy 5 Christmas Stories with Christmas Books and Christmas Flash Games

Christmas 2012 is approaching! As one of the most influential and importance festivals celebrated around the world, Christmas brings gathering time for families, shopping day for consumers and entertaining festival for citizens. Christmas wins the name as best time of the year for the long Christmas holidays and interesting Christmas stories. It is true that different people get their own different personal Christmas stories and it is also true that most people also share some world-famous Christmas stories from generation to generation.

Exclusively created for Christmas Day, those classic Christmas stories can always reveal the true spirits and essences of Christmas. Most of them are originated from popular literature works, rumors and even legendary tales. Those Christmas stories have traveled around the world with Christmas marks for several centuries. Therefore, they will never been forgotten on Christmas 2012 and they have together formed a wonderful Christmas carol. To this extent, this post will cover five Christmas stories. To help users better enjoy those Christmas stories, this post will introduce corresponding Christmas books and Christmas Flash games.

I. Christmas story: Express and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Polar Express

The Polar Express

As one of the best-selling Christmas books written by Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express centers on the train journey of a boy to Santa’s home on Christmas Eve. Living in the world where Santa is described as a fairy character, an innocent boy still believes in the existence of Santa. Therefore, he is invited to get on a train heading for North Polar with other faithful children. After going through various thrilling adventures, the boy receives the gift from Santa which can only be admired by real Christmas lovers. The Polar Express is not only persuasive in proving the existence of Santa but also impressive for describing the joyful scenes of Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Polar Express

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas Story, The Polar Express helps readers to go through a thrilling journey in the gaming world. Players need to control the tracks of the train in order to pick as many train cars as possible. Each track crossing will be given a red/green switch and players are allowed to accelerate or slow the train speed. Of course, obstacles may be placed on the running path of the train.

II. Christmas Story: Scrooge and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

As the most famous Christmas book written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol mainly tells about how a mean business man realizes the true spirits of Christmas. As a cold-blooded business man, Scrooge hates Christmas holiday, Christmas carols and Christmas food. On one Christmas night, Scrooge is forced by the Christmas spirits to go through a time travel. After witnessing stuffs about his innocent childhood, his beautiful lover, his miserable death and his poor employees, Scrooge suddenly realizes the true spirits of Christmas. Later, he becomes one of the best favored men in the town.    

2. Christmas Flash Game: Soar in Star Ride

Soar in Star Ride is a Christmas Flash game in accordance with this famous Christmas story. In the game, while Scrooge is sent to the sky to go through a time travel, he needs to collect as many stars as possible. Collecting different stars will give players different scores and hitting obstacles like thunder and swan will lead to the loss of scores. To enjoy the Christmas Flash game, one only needs to move the mouse to decide whether the rock shall go right or left.    

III. Christmas Story: Grinch and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: How the Grinch stole Christmas!

How the Grinch stole Christmas

The Christmas Story of Grinch comes from a Christmas book written by Dr. Seuss named How the Grinch stole Christmas! In the story, as the neighbor of Santa Claus, Grinch is an org with born hatred to Christmas. Each Christmas, the laughing and joyful sounds in the town have driven him crazy. Therefore, in an attempt to wipe out Christmas joys, Grinch decides to steal people’s Christmas gifts. From mouse to human, none can preserve their Christmas gifts. However, the whole town is still indulged in the happiness of Christmas. Later, Grinch learns about the essences of Christmas and becomes a happy monster.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Grinch Color Book

As a Christmas Flash game about Grinch, The Grinch Color Book provides players a chance to paint the pictures showing Grinch hiding behind a Christmas tree. Players can make the picture spooky and creepy with dark colors or make Grinch funny and cute with bright colors. For players who love this Christmas Flash game, they can download the Flash game.

IV. Christmas Story: Match Girl and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

While most Christmas books are happiness-oriented, The Little Match Girl is not. As one of the most famous tales created by Christian Andersen, the match girl appears in a sober and sad Christmas stories. On a freezing Christmas night, a little and poor girl is trying to sell her matches only to find herself being ignored. In an attempt to warm the body, the girl strikes three matches from which she has seen the happy scene of family gathering, delicious food and safe shelter.  When the frame dies out, the girl passes away with happy smile retained. Just as it is hinted in this Christmas story, Christmas is a time about giving and caring.

2. Christmas Flash Game: The Little Match Girl Painting

In the Christmas Flash game named The Little Match Girl Painting, a picture describing the gathering of the match girl and her granny is presented. What players need to do is to make the picture more impressive and attractive with different colors. To download this Flash game, users can refer to free Flash Downloader.

V. Christmas Story: Magi and Christmas

1. Christmas Book: The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories

The Gift of the Magi

Regarded as one of the most moving Christmas stories, the story of Magi and Christmas comes from a Christmas book written by O Henry named The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories. On Christmas, Della and her husband have coincidentally exchange their valuable objects with Christmas gifts. Della sells her beautiful hair for a golden watch chain and her husband sells the watch for a comb. Though their Christmas gifts have turned out to be useless, the couple has still spent an unforgettable Christmas.

2. Christmas Flash Game: Gift of the Magi

As a Christmas Flash game created on the basis of this Christmas tale, Gift of the Magi is designed as a puzzle game. Since the fragments of Jim’s watch have been provided, players only need to put those fragments in the right place to form an integrated photo of the watch.  

2 Apps to Record Flash Game for YouTube

Featured by rough video quality and simple operations, Flash game still plays an important role in the gaming field. Abundant in quantity and small in storage, Flash game is much favored by players. Moreover, players can not only find the Flash version of NES games like Super Mario but also Flash version of the latest games like FIFA 2012. However, not all the Flash games are easy to play.

“Are there any tips on Flash game Crimson Room?” Since there are difficult Flash games, various questions like the above one are asked to seek for guidance. If you happen to be good at this Flash game, you may just as well record the Flash game and then upload the recorded video to YouTube. Recording Flash game for YouTube is not only a time-saving method but also an efficient and simple way to help those green hands out.

However, to record Flash game for YouTube, we need the support of a powerful video reorder that can export the video as Flash video for YouTube. Therefore, this post will present you two apps to help you manage it.

I. Moyea SWF to Video Converter

Though Moyea SWF to Video Converter is not a screen recorder, it enables you to record the Flash game and then convert the recorded video to FLV file for YouTube. You can manage it with just a few clicks, follow those steps.

1. Download the Flash game from the Internet with Moyea Free Flash Downloader.

2. Open Moyea SWF to Video Converter, click “Browser…” button and then choose “From Folder” option to import the downloaded Flash game.

Import SWF

3. Click “Export” tab, check “Video” and then set the output video as FLV file for YouTube in the drop-down menu of “Style“.


4. Click “Settings” button in the “Export” tab to enter Settings panel. Then set corresponding video parameters like video size and video codec.

Customize video

5. Click “Convert” tab to enter a new panel. Then click “Play and Capture” when you start playing and click “Finish” button when you have finished the Flash game. After that, the recorded video will be converted to FLV file for YouTube soon.

Start recording

II. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a powerful screen recorder that enables you to record the Flash game freely. Moreover, one can keep the recorded video as YouTube video and even upload the video to YouTube automatically.

1. Download and launch Screencast-O-Matic and then open the web page where the Flash game rests.

2. Then customize the recording area as the same size of the window with the cursor. Click the red button in the panel to start the capturing.

Set recording area

3. Press “”Alt+P” button in the keyboard to pause. After that, click “Done” button to finish the recording process.

Record flash game

4. Click “Publish to YouTube HD” icon, fill in the necessary information including “Title“, “Description“, “YouTube Account“, etc. and then click “Upload to YouTube” button.

Publish to YouTube

Those are the two apps for you to record Flash game for YouTube. In general, they all gain their advantages and disadvantages. Moyea SWF to Video Converter is a more powerful tool to help you record Flash game and Screen-O-Matic can help you to record various other games besides Flash game.

Celebrate London 2012 Olympics with Olympic Songs, Olympic Flash Cards and Olympic Flash Games

About a week ago, UEFA Euro 2012 had ended with Spain became the final winner. A few days age, Wimbledon finished with Federer won 7th title. However all sports fans will not feel grieve for the ending of all those matches because about half a month later, London 2012 Olympics will be available.

As one of the most influential and ancient sports event, the Olympic Games never failed to attract the world’s attention. Since its origin in ancient Greek in 8th century AD, the Olympic Games have developed into the world’s foremost sports competition with the participation of more than 200 nations. As the host of 1908 Olympics and 1948 Olympics, London becomes the first city with three successful Olympic bids.

Though football stars like Beckham will not present in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the charm of London Olympics will not be affected. In order to celebrate the approaching London 2012 Olympics, the post will present you Olympic songs, Olympic e-cards and Olympic Flash Games.

I. Olympic Songs

The following is the theme songs of recent five Olympics Games. They are all available on YouTube. So if you want to listen to those songs, you can download those songs from YouTube.

1. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury in 1992 Olympics

2. Reach by Gloria Estefan in1996 Olympics

3. The Flame by Tina Arena in 2000 Olympics

4. Oceania by Bjork in 2004 Olympics

5. You and Me by Sarah Brightman in 2008 Olympics

II. Olympics Flash Cards

Usually cards are necessities to celebrate great events like London 2012 Olympics. To make your cards unique and special, you can use e-card or Flash card. Here some Flash cards for London Olympics are provided for you, you can download them with Free Flash Downloader.

1. Flash Card for London Olympics 1

2. Flash Card for London Olympics 2

3. Flash Card for London Olympics 3

III. Olympics Flash Games

Those are some Flash Games for London 2012 Olympics, if you are interested in them, you can download those Flash games with Free Flash Downloader.

1. London 2012 Olympics Quiz

This game is designed to test your knowledge about London 2012 Olympics. When question is given, you just need to click the answer you want to choose. In this way, you can learn more about 2012 Olympic Games in an easy way.

2. Dolphin Olympics 2

In Dolphin Olympics 2, you need to swim and flip your dolphin in the limited time to gain as much scores as possible. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

3. Naruto Olympics Game

If you are Naruto fans, you will love this RPG game. Generally speaking, your mission is to guide Naruto to reach to the Olympic fields so that he can enjoy the Olympic Games.

With Olympic songs, you can experience the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. With Olympic Flash cards, you can express your anticipation towards the approaching Olympics Games. With Olympic Flash games, you will spend some leisure time before London 2012 Olympics is available.

Experience UEFA Euro 2012 with UEFA Euro Songs and Euro 2012 Games

As a sport event available every four years, European Cup can always bring surprises and passion to the world. Though less influential than World Cup, UEFA Euro never fails to provide all football fans a real visual feast. At present, the competition of Euro 2012 is turning white hot with only Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy available for further competition.

UEFA Euro 2012 has proved that nothing is impossible in the football field with a few records. Portland becomes the host of European Cup with the worst performance. Russia becomes the most unexpected loser in group match and Czech is the first group winner with negative goal difference in history. Just like World Cup, UEFA Euro also brings fans excitement and happiness.

The final match of UEFA Euro 2012 will be given on July 1, 2012. After that, all fans have to wait for another four year before the next UEFA Euro is available. Though only three matches of Euro 2012 are available, it won’t bother us to enjoy the great event. In order to help you better experience UEFA Euro 2012, this post will present UEFA Euro songs and Euro 2012 games.

I. UEFA Euro songs

1. UEFA Euro 1996: Three Lions

Euro 1996

Three Lions was the theme song for UEFA Euro 1996 given by The Lightning Seeds. As the host as well as the inventor of football, England used this song to welcome football coming home. This song not only became the most popular song that year, but was used to encourage England team in World Cup 2010.

2. UEFA Euro 2000: Campione 2000

Euro 2000

As a rock-style song, Campione 2000 brought passion and excitement to Euro 2000. Consequently, some matches of Euro 2000 were viewed as classics. In a match, Italian goalkeeper prevented five penalties from Netherlands and in another match, French won back with a goal in the last minute.   

3. UEFA Euro 2004: Força

Euro 2004

Just like no one would expect Greek to be the winner of Euro 2004, people never realized the theme song Força could steal the thunder in European Cup. In 2004, two Portuguese left a great impression on us, Cristiano Ronaldo with his football skill and Nelly Furtado with her voice.

4. UEFA Euro 2008: Can You Hear Me

Euro 2008

In Euro 2008, the winner Spain surprised the world with its smooth passes, excellent skills and balanced system. However, we were not surprised at the success of Spain just as we held no doubts that Enrique Iglesia could bring us a wonderful song. How about Can You Hear Me? It’s impressive.

5. UEFA Euro 2012: Endless Summer

Euro 2012

As the theme song for UEFA Euro 2012, Endless Summer could bring you happiness and strength. As for the singer Oceana, you will find she is an amazing singer once you have bought her music album Love Supply.

II. Euro 2012 games

1. EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012

EA UEFA Euro 2012 is expansion pack for EA FIFA 12, a sport game of EA Sports. Over 50 European national teams and eight official stadiums for Euro 2012 are provided in the game. While you are waiting for the match of Euro 2012, you can stimulate the competition on your computer with EA UEFA Euro 2012. Also it enables you to get your team members at random and begin the journey to conquer European Cup.  

2. Euro Shoot-out 2012

This is a Flash game for you to engage in Euro 2012 as well as have a relax time. In the game, you need to act as the striker to shoot the penalty and as the goalkeeper to prevent the penalty. You can choose the team you want and then lead it to success. If you are interested in it, you can download the Flash.

3. Euro 2012

It is also a Flash game that you are allowed to control one team to beat another. You can select the original group in the game or you can ask for a new group. If you want it, just download the Flash.

3 Different Versions of Super Mario Game

As one of the most famous video game consoles, Nintendo Entertainment System had impressed us with various amazing NES games. Among all the NES games, Super Mario series was probably the most influential one. So far over 262 million games of Super Mario series have been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling video game franchise.

Early in June 2012, the release of New Super Mario Bros. U had once again helped Mario Bros to draw the world’s attention. In the past few years, new features were attached to the latest Mario game to ensure that Mario Bros would not be out of date. In fact, Mario games sometimes were the leaders of the trend.

Due to the rapid development of 3D technology, 3D games are more favored by players. However, in 1990s, 3D version of Super Mario game had been released. In this post, three different versions of Super Mario games are provided to illustrate the great changes of Mario game.

1. Super Mario Bros

 In the NES version, player can either act as Mario or his brother Luigi. In the games, Mario and Luigi bear the mission to save the Princess and defeat the turtle-like villain Bowser. In this 2D game, Mario’s primary attack is jumping on the top of the enemy. Super Mario Bros consists of eight worlds, each of which owns four stages.

In each stage, Mario must get to the castle in limited times. To get an extra life, Mario needs to collect 100 coins or get a 1-up mushroom. Other useful tools are also provided to help Mario gain more powers. Red mushroom can help Mario to get bigger while flower can help him to shoot bullets. A great fun of Super Mario Bros is to find those secret pipes that can help Mario to win more coins.

2. Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart 64

 In 1996, Nintendo released a racing game for Nintendo 64 named Mario Kart 64. Not only were 3D effects added to Mario Kart 64 but also new players like Donkey Kong and Wario. In Mario Kart 64 those players is divided into three groups including light weight, middle weight and heavy weight. The lighter a player is, the faster speed and lower stability one gets.

In the course, item boxes are provided to help player to either accelerate the car or ruin a competitor’s car. For example, the banana peel will make an enemy’s car out of control while lighting will make an enemy smaller and slower. Mario Kart 64 can also support online mode that enables players to compete with each other.   

3. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

Also as a game for Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 is designed as a 3D platform game. Dynamic camera system in Super Mario 64 enables player to change the angle of view. By combining a few buttons together, Mario will perform a series of actions like crawling, making a backward somersault or executing a triple jump. Also some secret transfer points are provided in the game.

In this 3D game, Maria not only attacks the enemy with his jump but also with his kick. Magic hats are provided to help Mario fly, become invisible or turn to be undefeatable. In Super Mario 64, Mario must collect as many as stars to get access to the next stage. In order to gain all the stars, Mario needs to jump into the paintings in the room and complete seven missions in each world.

Those are three different versions of Mario game. For those who want to play games without Nintendo devices, they can play them with their computers. Download relative stimulators for Super Mario 64 or Mario Kart 64 or download corresponding Flash version of Super Mario Bros.

Which One is Your Favorite Flash Game Website?

What if you are a flash game enthusiast but getting bored eventually with the game sources you already have? Or you know a lot of cool flash game websites that you can hang out but sometimes wonder whether you can play those flash games offline? It still makes sense even you have the idea that to share the way how you play the flash game with more friends on Internet.

All right, let us break those hassles down one by one. First, the recommendations of some nice flash game websites. You may notice that the flash game websites we have picked here are presented by a free and handy flash game downloader, which will be discussed later in the second part of this blog.

Flash Game Website Recommend #1 Your home for fun games. This website is equipped with hundreds of flash games that you can play for free, every day!


Flash Game Website Recommend #2 Flash games from different categories, the site comes along with easy navigations like Web Game, Site News, Player Ranking, New Game and so on.


Flash Game Website Recommend #3


Flash Game Website Recommend #4


Flash Game Website Recommend #5 The large Flash games and animation site that spawned Alien Hominid, has been accepting user-produced submissions since 1999.


Second, way to download flash games from above sites so that you can play offline and at any time you want. This is one of the most useful applications that appreciated a lot by flash game fans. Just use the mentioned flash downloader and enter the webpage URL where your desired flash content is embedded.


Third, for those who want to share the recipe of how to play the flash game on Internet. Well, it sounds not that complicated. All you need is a good SWF to video converter. Choose to generate any popular video format from the original SWF file, play the game as you usually do during the capture process, and then upload the converted game recipe to famous video-sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video, etc. for easy sharing.


Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.10.0.3 Adds Extra Care to Download Online Flash and Use Encoders

The latest version V3.10.0.3 of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro ensures smoother online flash downloading as input files and eliminates the hassles when using H.264 and MFZ0 encoders.

Shenzhen P.R.C – Feb 12th, 2011 – Moyea Software Co., Ltd. ( a rising developer of flash applications for the internet and multimedia software, today officially debuts the newest version of Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.10.0.3 which is able to download online flash files much easier and make the output video dimension-free and more accurate when using H.264 and MFZ0 encoder respectively.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro is the most powerful and complete SWF converter that can convert regular SWF and SWF with extremely-low frame rate to AVI with Alpha Channel and 32-bit RGBA transparency for professional video editors, and convert SWF to other popular video/audio/image formats like MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, MKV, MPEG/ MP3, AAC, M4A/ JPG, GIF, PNG and so on. The pro-exclusive video editing features like cropping and watermarking will definitely facilitate to customize the output video no matter what format it is.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.10.0.3 New Upgrades

Download online flashes with ease. The attached Moyea Free Flash Downloader enables this SWF converter pro to auto detect the online flash and then download them to computer for future use. Customers can either download the detected flash in .swf format from any webpage or copy its URL extracted for easy embed.

Make the output video dimension restriction-free under H.264 encoder. Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro provides advanced output video parameter settings in which users can choose H.264 as video codec, and the video size (width x height) under H.264 encoder is totally selectable and flexible, rather than the fixed 16x multiple.

Guarantee a smooth MFZ0 encoder installation. MFZ0 is a lossless codec supporting Alpha Channel. Video format like AVI supports MFZ0 encoder installed in the third party software and usually the encoder is with VFW (video for windows) extension. The new V3.10.0.3 fixed the bug during MFZ0 encoder installation to maintain a superior output quality for advanced video editors.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro V3.10.0.3 Price and Availability

A free trial version is available for downloading via the link below, while a registered version costs $99.95 is also ready to purchase and with lifelong updates and prior technical support.

Company Website:
Product and Price:
Product Download Link:

Contact Person:
Moyea Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

Say Boo to Your Favorite Ghosts and Wow to Scary Halloween Ecards

After a trip to the Scary House in Universal City, LA, I am sure you will have a better understanding of what is horror. Scary, but at the same time, it is exciting!

Halloween is the only festival and good excuse that you can rejoice the dark, ghastly atmosphere and say BOO! to your favorite ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

With the cute Halloween flash cards provided below and the easy way to download them alive from internet, to find the perfect treat for every trickster can never have too much fun like this.

Search and browse Halloween flash cards online using different categories like scary, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, etc and select the one you like. Here are some Halloween-themed flash card samples:

Scary-themed Halloween Flash Card


Skeleton-themed Halloween Flash Card


Witch-themed Halloween Flash Card


Pumpkin-themed Halloween Flash Card


And of course, you can add your own photo in the Halloween-themed frame to create your unique flash card.


Now we come to the key point: how to download those scary Halloween flash cards in the funny way with the original animation effect? A handy flash downloader is all you need.

Just input the URL of Halloween flash card, the program will do all the followings.


You can do much more with this flash downloader. For example, one-click to convert the downloaded Halloween flash cards in .swf format to other popular video formats for sharing online or playing on various portable devices.


Happy Halloween in advance and hope you are not scared.

Diverse Ways to Upload SWF Files onto

There are a lot of websites nowadays that can facilitate to create your own website for free, and with rich style and templates to choose from. is one of them and one of my favorites as well.

webs homepage

View the flash demo below to know the great features of Webs and to discover what you can do on Webs.

A little more explanation before uploading SWF files onto

1. Become a member of first, no worries, the sign up is simple and without too much data involved.

2. Follow the instructions afterwards to create your own website and customize it.

3. There are basically 3 popular forms of SWF files: the flash file saved in your local PC with .swf extension name; the flash file generated from flash making program with embedded HTML code; and the flash file downloaded online with its URL, we will talk about the ways to upload them all to webs today respectively.

Upload Flash File with .swf Extension to Webs

Log in to your webs account and enter the editing mode using site builder. Click “Video” tab on the top to enter “Insert a Video” interface.


Click the video type you are going to add on the left panel to start the uploading process. It is very necessary to know the video formats that accept shown below:

webs acceptable formats

Oops! .SWF is definitely not supported. In this circumstance, take it easy and use SWF to Video converter to convert .swf file to above eligible formats within seconds.

convert swf to video

Upload the converted .swf file to your own page created by, preview the effect like this.

preview swf on webs

Upload Flash File with Embedded Code to Webs

If your flash file(flash banner, for example) is generated by other programs and with embedded code, you can add the code directly to webs by clicking “HTML” tab located in the top tool bar.


Preview the effect.

preview swf on webs

Upload Flash File from URL to Webs

If the only source you know is flash URL, which was extracted from flash downloader like this:
swf online download

Click “HTML” tab mentioned previously, add the flash URL to the embed code we provided like this:


Width and height value can be changed according to the actual demand.

Preview the effect.

preview swf on webs

These are 3 different ways for uploading 3 different forms of flash SWF files to your own webpage created by Go ahead and try them to make your page unique and memorable.

SWF Cache Viewer – the Storage Area of Flash Files from Browser Cache

Here we are talking the most convenient way to extract and view flash SWF files detected and saved in your internet browser cache.

It is easy because you do not have to worry about where and how to find the flash material. When you are browsing the internet pages and having fun, the eligible flashes will be automatically detected, collected and saved in your browser cache.

It is convenient because you do not have to download and install this cache viewer separately, it is given for free as a bonus gadget and extra way to input flash SWF files to the main program, which will proceed to convert those raw materials to popular video, audio, picture formats with original flash animation effect.

It is just a perfect flash viewer that will play the stored flash clips directly in the cache window and list the flash info like file name, file size, file time and file path, etc for your reference.

That ‘s it! The easiest way to grab and play flash SWF files saved in internet browser cache and reserve them as resources for future use.

Where to Find SWF Cache Viewer?

Located in “Browse” tab, and just click “From IE cache“.

swf cache viewer 1

How to Use SWF Cache Viewer?

Select and browse the saved SWF files in the cache window, finalize one to proceed to the next conversion process.

swf cache viewer 2