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Did You Receive the Lucky Three-Leaved Shamrock for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is such a peaceful, pleasant and green festival originated from Dublin, Ireland on 17th March 1783. People today are still wearing green and giving shamrock as a gift on that day to celebrate.

Giving the three-leaved shamrock to each other on Saint Patrick’s Day has been a tradition for a long time, but since a lot of young people have no idea what exactly does a real shamrock look like, we have collected several digital Flash Saint Patrick’s Day eCard with amazing animations to show you how shamrock look like in the artists’ eyes.

Oh Danny Boy

A Toast for Saint Patrick’s Day

Shamrock Bop

Saint Patrick

As Saint Patrick’s Day is approaching, do you have idea which shamrock are you going to pick for this holiday? Either the real one or the digital one can be great to serve your purpose! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day in advance!

If you have liked the Saint Patrick’s Day Flash Cards above, you can easily download, convert and save them on your own computer using the combo of a Flash SWF Downloader and a Flash SWF Converter.