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Get Cheaper and Free Video Converter from Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan

In an attempt to help customers celebrate Father’s Day 2012, Moyea Software has carried out its Father’s Day 2012 promotion plan. To encourage customers to make DIY videos for fathers, Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan will provide them cheaper and even free video converters.

With creative content and significant meaning, DIY video seems to be a perfect choice as Father’s Day 2012 gift. With the help of new Moyea promotion plan, it will be an easy task to make DIY videos. Therefore, please join in Father’s Day 2012 promotion plan and impress fathers with DIY videos before June 24, 2012.

What are the benefits of Moyea Father’s Day 2012 Promotion Plan?

Price-Off Promotion: When purchasing PPT to DVD Burner Pro, 20 dollars are saved. It sounds great to make DIY DVDs with PPT and then enjoy the works with the whole family on Father’s Day 2012. Besides PPT to DVD Burner Pro, products like PPT to Video Converter and PPT to Video Burner Lite are also offered in lower prices.

Free Registration Code: Free registration code for SWF to 3GP Converter is provided as long as customers can provide their name and email address. With SWF to 3GP Converter, customers can make customized Flash cards work on fathers’ mobile. Therefore, users can surprise their fathers by sending them those DIY videos via Bluetooth.

Free Video Converter: Video for Web Converter is provided as a free converter. With Video for Web Converter, videos that users have recorded with mobile phones or DVs can be converted to FLV/MP4/MOV/3GP/3G2 files for YouTube. Upload them to YouTube and then send relative links to fathers on Father’s Day 2012.

Coupon Code: With coupon code DAD-45K2D46B9F, customers can obtain up to 40% discounts when purchase products (SWF to Video SDK excluded) in the following four websites:,, and However, two things shall be noticed: the coupon code is valid till June 24 and it can only be used for SWREG payment.

For users who want to make DIY videos with PPT, Free Father’s Day PowerPoint Template is provided. For those who want to make DIY Flash cards, they can refer to Free Father’s Day Flash Cards.


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Best 5 Father’s Day Gifts for Father’s Day 2012

After sending International Children’s Day away, June is expecting the coming of Father’s Day 2012. As a day used to honor fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society, Father’s Day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June. In order to show their love to fathers, people are now busy preparing Father’s Day gifts for Father’s Day 2012.

Though there are so many gifts in the market, not all of them are ideal Father’s Day gifts. A good Father’s Day gift shall be one not only creative in design but also significant in meaning. Based on this, this post will show you best five Father’s Day gifts for Father’s Day 2012.

1. Best Father’s Day Gift I: Flowers

Father's Day Rose

Just like Mother’s Day, we can also send flowers to father on Father’s Day 2012. Of all the choices available, roses are usually preferred by many people. In many countries, white rose is used to commemorate fathers who have passed away while red rose to celebrate the longevity of fathers. Some country also uses yellow rose as a symbol of manhood. As a gift combining beautiful appearance and best wishes, flowers are an ideal gift for fathers.

Things you will need: roses

2. Best Father’s Day Gift II: Flash Card

Sending cards on festivals is a tradition in many countries. However, traditional card is not only boring in design but also does harms to the environment. Comparing to it, Flash card is a much better choice. With animated effects and funny content, the environmental-friendly Flash can carry your best wishes to fathers. Also you can get them easily from the Internet for free with Moyea Free Flash Downloader.

Things you will need: Moyea Free Flash Downloader, Computer

3. Best Father’s Day Gift III: DIY Video

Father's Day Video

Nothing can compare with DIY gifts in significance or innovative in content. To this extend, DIY gifts are most suitable for Father’s Day 2012. You can make DIY video quickly and easily. Take out your camera and record those words you never or seldom say to your father such as how much you love him. After that, play in on Father’s Day 2012.

Things you will need: Camera, Computer

4. Best Father’s Day Gift IV: DIY PPT

Father's Day PPT

As a powerful tool for communication, you can also use PPT to express your feelings. With PPT, you can make an album of the happy time with your father as a gift for Father’s Day. If your father is a heavy drinker, smoker or gambler, you can persuade him to get rid of those bad hobbies with PPT.

Download relative images about the harms those hobbies bring and then insert them into PPT, add background music to enhance the effects. If necessary, you can convert the PPT to FLV video for YouTube and then send the link of the video to your father.

Things you will need: PowerPoint, Computer

5. Best Father’s Day Gift V: A Family Day Together

Family Together

As long as you are happy, your father will be happy as well because your happiness is his greatest pleasure. When you grow up and have your own life, you seldom have the time to get together with your parents. If so, the best Father’s Day gift for them is spending a family day together with you. If possible, please lay off your work and make some time for your parents. This is the best spiritual gift you can offer on Father’s Day 2012.

Things you will need: the whole family and your time

Those are the best five gifts for Father’s Day 2012. They are all innovative Father’s Day gifts that are profound in meaning. If you have any other better ideas on this, please share your opinion in the message board below.