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Moyea 2012 Halloween Promotion Provides Up to 40% Discount for iPad Mini Users

Shenzhen, China, October 29th, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter, has carried out its promotion plan for 2012 Halloween. In an attempt to celebrate Halloween 2012 and the debut of long-rumored iPad mini, Moyea had decided to provide inexperience converters to all users. To make sure all users can take full advantages of Moyea products to enjoy Halloween 2012, users, especially iPad mini users, are provided with 20% to 40% discounts in Moyea 2012 Halloween Promotion.

October 2012 not only witnesses the nearing of 2012 Halloween, but also the birth of iPad mini. As a loftily expected tablet, iPad mini turns out to be the biggest surprise Apple has prepared for Halloween 2012. Therefore, in 2012 Halloween Promotion, iPad mini users can make use of various iPad mini converters that can provide perfect solution to watch DVD movies on iPad mini, scan 2012 Halloween PowerPoint with iPad mini or even enjoy 2012 Halloween Flash with iPad mini.

How are iPad mini users supposed to enjoy the discount?

In 2012 Halloween Promotion Plan, iPad mini users can enjoy up to 40% discount when paying with coupon code. Generally speaking, two coupon codes will be given which represent different discounts. Coupon code HAL-45K2D4693S means 20% off while coupon code HAL-45K2D46B9F symbols 40% discount. For those who have no idea on the usage of those coupon codes, they can refer to this post.

What products can be purchased with coupon code?

Almost all products in and can be purchased with coupon codes. Those products include PPT converters, DVD4Web Converter and Flash converters. However, one shall notice that discount for Moyea SWF to Video SDK is not included in 2012 Halloween Promotion Plan.

PPT Converters: Various PPT converters provided with low price tags can help users to gain access to PowerPoint files via various portable devices. For example, users can enjoy 2012 Halloween PowerPoint backgrounds with iPad mini via Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

Flash Converters: With up to 40% discount, users can make Flash movies compatible to their devices in a low-budget way. For example, users can view 2012 Halloween Flash with iPad mini by converting them to iPad mini friendly files with Moyea SWF to iPad Converter.

DVD4Web Converter: As a professional DVD converter, DVD4Web Converter provides best solution to convert DVD files to YouTube friendly movie for uploading. Besides that, iPad mini users can also convert DVD movies to iPad mini video with this DVD converter.

What’s the validate date of those coupon code?

Coupon code HAL-45K2D4693S is available at present and can be used till 23:59 UTC on Nov 15, 2012. Coupon code HAL-45K2D46B9F will be available at 00:00 UTC on Oct 30, 2012 and outdated after 23:59 UTC on Nov 1st, 2012.


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Collection of Halloween 2012 Ideas – Halloween Flash Cards, Halloween Flash Games and Halloween Movies

Originally created as a day to celebrate harvest season and honor the dead, Halloween now turns out to be an influential festival celebrated all around the world. Generally speaking, spooky atmosphere and scaring stories play important roles in making people’s Halloween celebrations impressive and special. Therefore, as Halloween 2012 approaches, people are eager to get some good Halloween 2012 ideas to celebrate the great festival.

According to the tradition, on Halloween 2012, children can play trick-or-treat with jack-o’-lanterns in hand and adults can attend costume parties or share scary stories. However, for those who desire fresh ideas for Halloween 2012, this post will provide them some Halloween 2012 ideas for reference. Generally speaking, to make Halloween 2012 unique and impressive, one can celebrate the festival with Halloween Flash cards, Halloween Flash games and Halloween movies.

I. Halloween Flash Card

For those who desire to spend an impressive Halloween 2012 with friends, they may just as well send friends Halloween Flash cards. For one thing, you can express your best wishes on those Flash cards; for another, those Halloween Flash cards can be retained as witnesses to the friendship. To this extent, making DIY Flash cards for Halloween is highly recommended. On the one side, it will be the most valuable gifts for your friends; on the other side, you can decide the content of the Flash cards. You can either send scaring Halloween cards to play joke on them or funny Halloween Flash cards to share happiness with them. Here several Free Halloween Flash cards are provided. If you are interested in them, you can download those Flash cards.

1. Halloween Flash Card 1

2. Halloween Flash Card 2

3. Halloween Flash Card 3

4. Halloween Flash Card 4

II. Halloween Flash Games

Since gaming is an efficient way to make people feel relax, you can try to celebrate 2012 Halloween with funny Halloween games. Since computer games like Biohazard are time-consuming and energy-eating, Halloween Flash games are highly recommended. For one thing, they are simple in operation and funny in content; for another, they require little time. Therefore, Halloween Flash games are favored choices to help you spend a relaxing Halloween 2012. Here several Flash games are provided here.

1. Ghost Town

In this game, you are ghost hunter in a ghost town. Therefore you need to wipe out as much ghost as possible.

2. Halloween Fashion

Get the right and beautiful Halloween costume for the character. It may help you to get new 2012 Halloween ideas of your Halloween costume.

3. Pumpkin Run

Control the pumpkin to collect as many candies as possible.

III. Halloween Movies

When it comes to Halloween 2012, Halloween movies matter. A good Halloween movie can not only help you spend an impressive Halloween 2012 but also keep you in a high spirit for a certain time. Therefore, several wonderful and best Halloween movies will be covered here. To watch them with your portable devices, you can try to convert those Flash videos on YouTube.

1. Most Interesting Halloween Movie: Scared Shrekless

As a special Shrek movie directed to celebrate Halloween, Scared Shrekless is just as funny and interesting as its predecessors. The movie mainly focuses on how Shrek gets in the Halloween spirit by challenging his fairytale friends to come up with scary stories for a contest. This Halloween movie is so interesting that even the horror stories told by the fairy friends can make you laugh.

2. Most Profitable Halloween Movie: Paranormal Activity

Though Paranormal Activity may not be the most successful Halloween movie, it is definitely the most profitable Halloween movie. The cost of the movie was 11 thousand dollars but the box office of the movie reached to 193 million dollars. Paranormal Activity gives the illusions that it is a documentary film recording the stories in a haunted house. Therefore, it makes you feel scaring and spooky.