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Born with iPad Mini is Moyea Discount Plan for iPad Mini Users

Shenzhen, China, October 24th, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter, has carried out its discount plan exclusively designed for iPad mini users. According to the latest Moyea Discount Plan, iPad mini users can not only gain state-of-art iPad mini converters in low-budget way, but also get free resources related to iPad mini. In general, Moyea Discount Plan can be divided into three sections: products with 20% discount, iPad mini tips and iPad mini free resources and reviews.

As the latest Apple tablet released just a few days ago, the loftily expected iPad mini bears heavy expectation to win tremendous success in 7-inch tablet market. To make full use if iPad mini, users can’t merely rely on apps in App Store. In Moyea Discount Plan, several apps are offered that can provide perfect solutions to play Flash on iPad mini, watch DVD with iPad mini and enjoy movies with iPad mini. Moreover, to celebrate the releasing of iPad mini, those apps are available with 20% off.

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What’s the validate date of Moyea Discount Plan?

As a plan born with iPad mini, Moyea Discount Plan is long live with iPad mini. As long as iPad mini is still available in the market, those benefits for iPad mini users in the plan still count.

What are provided for iPad mini users in Moyea Discount Plan?

1. 20% Off: Two converters will be provided with 20% price off and they are both exclusively designed for Windows systems.

PowerPoint to iPad mini Converter: Now sold for 39.96 dollars, the converter makes iPad mini an ideal PowerPoint reader by converting PowerPoint files to iPad mini friendly videos.

SWF to iPad mini Converter: After lowering its price from 50 dollars to 40 dollars, SWF to iPad mini Converter enables users to gain perfect solution to watch Flash (both online and offline) with iPad mini without Adobe Flash Player installed in an economic way.

2. 20% Discount: Two converters are available with 20% discounters and they are offered with both Windows version and Mac version.

 iPad mini Video Converter: With 24 dollars, users can make iPad mini a powerful device that is compatible to all video files. What they get to do is just convert those videos to iPad mini files with iPad mini Video Converter.

DVD to iPad mini Converter: As a necessity to help users play DVD on iPad mini, DVD to iPad mini converter provides low-budget solution to convert DVD movie to iPad mini file with 3D effects attached. With 20% discounter, its price decreases from 30 dollars to 24 dollars.  

3. Low-budget Utility: iTransfer is a professional iPad mini transfer that makes the data transference between iPad mini, iOS devices, computer and iTunes feasible without iTunes involved.

What’s provided for free in Moyea Discount Plan?

iPad mini Tips: The section is a gathering of posts that provide various solutions to help users take full advantage of iPad mini. Here, users can not only learn how to make incompatible files to be iPad mini friendly but also methods on transferring data from iPad mini to computer.

Reviews and Free Resources: In this section, there are several posts about the comparison between iPad mini and Nexus 7 or iPad mini and Kindle Fire HD. As a consequence, users can know iPad mini better.

How to enjoy those benefits provided by Moyea Discount Plan?

Since all the benefits in Moyea Discount Plan is provided in iPad mini topic page, users can only enjoy those benefits via this web page. That’s to say, the discount only counts when users have entered into corresponding purchase pages via links in iPad mini topic page.


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