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Unveil the Latest iPhone Myths-Win Special Prize with Accurate Assumptions

Shenzhen, China, September 11th, 2012- Moyea Software, a professional multimedia software provider with its focused efforts on video converter, has carried out its activity on unveiling the latest iPhone myths in order to welcome the approaching releasing date of the latest Apple mobile. Participants who can provide the most accurate assumptions about the latest iPhone in the shortest time will win a special prize.

As the latest generation of eye-attracting and money-earning iPhone series, the new iPhone is promising to be the new flagship of Apple mobile and the leader of mobile market. Though various rumors about the latest iPhone are available, few of them have been confirmed by Apple. Therefore, this activity aims to find and prize the most wise and informative person who can not only get valuable information about iPhone but also make accurate judgments. For participants who are willing to share their assumptions to unveil the latest iPhone, they are warmly welcomed.

What assumptions to share to win the game?

Since there are various iPhone myths waiting to be unveiled, the activity only requires users to provide assumptions on the size, the name and the resolution of the latest iPhone and on the number of other Apple devices about to be released in the same date. In order words, participants need to answer four questions: What’s the name of the latest iPhone? What’s the size of the latest iPhone? What’s the resolution of the latest iPhone? How many devices will come along with the latest iPhone?

How to share assumptions to help unveil the latest iPhone?

Participants can share their assumptions in social communication platforms including Facebook Tweet and Google +. Facebook users can visit this page and then leave their assumptions in the message board below. Twitter users can visit this tweet and then send the assumptions by replying the tweet. Google + users can leave their messages on this page.

How to win the special prize?

The participant meeting the following two criteria will be the winner for the game: playing an important role in unveiling the latest iPhone myths with most accurate assumptions and sharing the accurate assumptions in the shortest time. That’s to say, the first participant without accurate assumption won’t win and the participant who provides the most accurate iPhone assumptions will fail when someone do the same work earlier than him.

What’s the special prize for the iPhone assumption game?

The winner of this game will gain free registration code of Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter. With it, he can play the Flash file on the latest iPhone, the device without support the Adobe Flash, freely and easily.         

What’s the validate date of the activity?

Participants need to share their assumptions in corresponding platforms before the releasing date of the latest iPhone, which is available on September 12th, 2012.


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