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3 Ways to Watch Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with iPad Mini

If there is an award for the best YouTube video of the year, Gnam Gnam Style will definitely be the winner. In three days, the Korean MTV topped YouTube as the most favored video of the year. Within a few months, Gnam Gnam Style makes PSY a world famous singer. Moreover, after exceeding On The Floor with 619 million to be the second most favored YouTube video of all time, Gnam Gnam Style is promising to beat Baby with 1 billion views in the forseeable future. As a consequence, the hot YouTube video turns out to be desired by iPad mini users.

As the latest iPad tablet smaller in size and lower in price, iPad mini is viewed as an ideal multimedia tool by many users. However, it is not an easy task for users to watch Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with iPad mini. As an Apple tablet, iPad mini won’t add support to Adobe Flash Player. Moreover, as an iOS 6, iPad mini has removed YouTube app in system design. Therefore, this post will introduce three ways to help users play Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with iPad mini.

Method One: Watch with Safari

Watch with Safari

When YouTube app was removed from iPad mini, not too much panic had been sent to users because they know they can watch YouTube videos like Gnam Gnam Style with Safari. Without the support of Adobe Flash Player, Safari can only enjoy online videos that are HTML5-based. Luckily, as the most popular online video website, YouTube can provide users the HTML5 version of almost every YouTube video. For example, videos on mobile version YouTube are mostly HTML5-based. Therefore, iPad mini users can easily enjoy Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with Safari. Besides that, there are also some adds-on for Safari to help users convert Flash content to HTML5 file.   

Method Two: Download new YouTube app

YouTube app

As Apple deletes YouTube app for alleged contract issue, Google is willing to provide one for users. In fact, users are allowed to download the latest YouTube app from App Store since September. With the new YouTube app, users are allowed to get access to more YouTube videos. Moreover, new YouTube app not only sends users direct access to YouTube video, but also is provided for free. Therefore, viewing Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with this free app is favored by most users.

Method Three: Get Adobe Flash Alternatives


In order to help users enjoy Flash movie with iPad mini, several Adobe Flash alternatives are provided. They are not only designed to help users watch YouTube videos freely but also Flash contents on mainstream websites. The most-well known Adobe Flash alternatives for iPad mini include Skyfire, iSwifter and iOSFlashVideo. The former two are low-budget apps sold on iTunes while the third one is provided for free. With those apps, users can not only watch Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube but also on almost all online websites.

Those are the methods users can employ to watch Gnam Gnam Style on YouTube with iPad mini. Those methods all work to help users take full advantages of iPad mini. Of course, for users who desire to watch Gnam Gnam Style offline, they can also convert the YouTube video to MP4 for iPad mini.

Top 4 Alternative Apps to Adobe Flash Player for iPad Mini

In recent months, the releasing of Android tablets like Kindle Fire HD and Windows 8 tablets like Samsung ATIV Tab has threated the dominance of The new iPad. Therefore, in an attempt to consolidate its dominance in tablet market, Apple is about to release iPad Mini, the small-size iPad. However, as a device designed to provide users extraordinary entertaining experience, iPad Mini may not be that flawless in function.

It is known that Apple hates Adobe Flash while YouTube loves Adobe Flash. Therefore, iPad Mini users who happen to be Flash lovers or YouTube fans may feel disappointed because they can neither view Flash with iPad Mini nor gain access to YouTube video with iPad Mini. The situation is extremely troublesome after YouTube app has been removed from iOS 6 devices like iPad Mini. To some extent, finding methods to play Flash on iPad Mini is concerned by most iPad Mini users. Therefore, this post will list top 4 alternative apps to Adobe Flash Player for iPad Mini.

1. Alternative App for iPad Mini: Skyfire


As a web browser for iPad Mini, Skyfire is an alternative app designed to help users unlock Flash content in the Apple device or on YouTube. As a cloud based mobile browsing app, Skyfire is able to translate those Flash movies to iPad Mini friendly videos in a short time. In other words, it functions like an online Flash for iPad Mini converter. However it doesn’t support all video sites and it costs users about 4.99 dollars.

2. Alternative App for iPad Mini: iSwifter


Similar to Skyfire, iSwfiter is an iPad Mini app designed to replace Adobe Flash Player. The app is capable of converting Flash movies on YouTube to HTML5 based videos so that iPad Mini can gain access to them. To this extent, it functions equally the same as a powerful Flash to HTML5 converter. As an iPad Mini app with better compatibility than Skyfire, iSwifter is provided for free in the first seven days. After the trial period, 4.99 dollars is what one needs to pay.

3. Alternative App for iPad Mini: Gianduia


As the rumored Flash Player killer, Gianduia was first recognized by the world in 2009 as Apple’s choice to replace Adobe Flash Player. However, till now, the loftily-expected app is still staying in the laboratory. Theoretically, Gianduia will function equally if not more powerful as Adobe Flash Player in playing Flash files or handling YouTube videos. According to the latest iPad Mini rumors, Gianduia may first appear in the latest iPad tablet. Once the rumor is proven to be true, iPad Mini users can enjoy Flash freely with their devices.

4. Alternative App for iPad Mini: iOSFlashVideo


Though iOSFlashVideo is neither a web browser nor a media player, it enables users to enjoy Flash files with iPad Mini freely as well. As a bookmarklet, iOSFlashVideo only works when users have installed OPlayer beforehand. To play YouTube video on iPad Mini with this app, users need to save the page as a bookmark, open the bookmark, choose iOSFlashVideo, delete all the characters before “javascript” and hit “Done” button. Though the operation may be quite complicated, the app is provided for free.

Flash-Supported iSWiFTER Browser Makes Flash on iPad Unimpeded


It is well-known that Apple iOS4 operating system does not support online Flash playback, that is to say, as long as there are Flash files on the webpage, they won’t be displayed properly. That is a big trouble indeed. However, today we are going to introduce a browser named iSWiFTER, which can perfectly support Flash playback. Scroll down to read more if you are interested.


It is great to watch Flashes online via iSWiFTER, such as the TV series on hulu. com. After the first few seconds of audio and video synchronization adjustment, is has no difference than your local browsing. It is much better than the previous few similar applications speaking of the overall effect and practicability.


As for the popular “Happy Farm” game and other pure mouse operation flash games that the keyboard is not involved, it has no problem at all. However, it might stuck a little bit due to the fact that the software server is located in United States. Anyway, this software is definitely worth a try if you can only choose not to play or to play a little bit.

For your reference, there are some tools also can ensure the flash playback on iPad and the latest iPad 2, you just have to convert the flash files you want to play to iPad-friendly format MP4, that’s it!