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American Labor Day 2012 Recommendations: Labor Day Songs, Labor Day Books and Labor Day Flash Cards

As the first country celebrating Labor Day, America tends to observe American Labor Day on the first Monday of September instead of on May 1st. As the watershed between summer and autumn, American Labor Day not only brings American three-day leave but also drastically promotes the development of tourism. To some extent, the coming of American Labor Day 2012 has hinted the beginning of Labor Day 2012 shopping period.

Therefore, to every customer, various American Labor Day recommendations will be introduced via e-mails or telephone. In order to know more about Labor Day and better enjoy American Labor Day 2012, one needs to take serious considerations over those Labor Day 2012 recommendations. A good Labor Day 2012 shall be one that is not only low in price, good in quality but also profound in meaning. To this extent, the post will recommend three objects for American Labor Day 2012 which includes Labor Day songs, Labor Day books and Labor Day cards.

I. Labor Day Songs

Initially created as a day to fight for workers’ rights, Labor Day was featured by struggling, battling and hardship of workers. In all those recommended Labor Day songs, they reflect the thoughts and feelings of those workers in various degrees. Therefore, they are most suitable to be used as songs for American Labor Day. To get day, one can either download the music from YouTube for free or buy the songs on iTunes.

1. “9 To 5“–Dolly Parton

2. “God Damn Job“–The Replacements

3. “Factory“–Bruce Springsteen

4. “Bread and Rose“–Judy Collins

5. “Working Class Hero“–John Lennon

II. Labor Day Books

What can be of greater benefits than reading good books? A good book is not only low-budget but also meaningful. In all those recommended books, one will not only know something about the history of American Labor Day, but also learn new outlooks towards labor and life. Moreover, those American Labor Day books are all available in Amazon.

1. “Career Day“–Anne Rockwell

Career Day

As a good Labor Day book, Career Day is actually designed for young children. The book mainly introduces to children the daily work of several professions including construction worker and veterinarian. Therefore, youngsters may have a better plan about their future work after finish reading it.

2. “Labor Day“–Joyce Maynard

Labor Day

As a novel, Labor Day mainly focuses on the changes that thirteen-year-old Henry suffers before and after American Labor Day. With the help of a man named Frank, Henry learns quite much including the value of sacrifice, the harm of being jealous and the meaning of real love. Therefore, after reading this Labor Day book, one will be bathed in soul.

3. “A Day in the Life of a Firefighter”– Mary Bowman-Kruhm

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Just as the name has hinted, this Labor Day book mainly focuses on the daily life of a firefighter. By plainly recording the normal day of a firefighter, A Day in the Life of a Firefighter can present people some qualities of workers through a certain trivia.  

III. Labor Day Flash Cards

To some extent, it is an ideal way to celebrate American Labor Day 2012 via sending friends Labor Day Flash card. For one thing, those cards are all available on the Internet so that one just needs to download the Flash online. For another, Labor Day Flash cards are usually designed as funny in content, creative in style and profound in meaning. Here several Labor Day Flash cards are provided.

1. Labor Day Flash Card 1

2. Labor Day Flash Card 2

3. Labor Day Flash Card 3

4. Labor Day Flash Card 4