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Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on TV, Computer and Mobile

As the most important 2012 sports event, London Olympics 2012 not only provides a platform to display the city’s charm but also a platform for all athletes to show their performance. In the 30th Olympic Games, all the athletes are fighting for the same goal: winning Olympic gold medal. Therefore, London Olympics 2012 has successfully presented us one breathtaking match after another.

When watching London Olympics 2012 in real-time, audiences can fully experience the thrills brought by London Olympics 2012. Moreover, by watching a certain 2012 Olympic event live online, audiences can feel the same feelings of the athletes. On watching London Olympics 2012 live, some were exciting as Bolt broke the world record in the 100-meter race but turned sad when Liu Xiang accidently fell down in 110-hurdle race.

Therefore, this post will present audiences ways to watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV, computer and mobile. With those methods, audiences can fully experience the thrill and excitement brought by London Olympics 2012 when watching the 2012 Olympic events live.

I. Watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV

Watch London Olympics 2012 live on TV

As a traditional media, TV is the major way for audiences to get access to 2012 Olympics live. In order to make sure audiences can watch 2012 Olympic matches live on TV, various TV channels are served for London Olympics 2012. Therefore, when two 2012 Olympic events are presented at the same time, audiences are able to view them both simultaneously with two TVs. NBCSN and BBC provides major 2012 Olympic channels to help audiences watch London Olympic 2012 live.

II. Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on computer

Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on computer

With the popularization of Internet, watching London Olympics 2012 live online becomes a more favored choice for some audiences. However, to watch London Olympics 2012 live on computer, audiences need to do more than just clicking the remote control. Luckily there are some websites exclusively designed to help audiences watch London Olympics 2012 live on computer. Audiences just need to install certain adds-on before enjoying the 2012 Olympics. Here is the list of such websites.

Official Olympic Channel:
NBC Olympics:
CTVOlympics YouTube Channel:
The Guardian:

III. Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on mobile

Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on mobile

With the rapid development of science and technology, mobile phone now plays an important role in people’s daily entertainment. It is said that more users tend to log in Facebook via mobile than via computer. Therefore, there are various mobile apps designed to help audience better experience London Olympics 2012.

There are apps to help mobile users to watch 2012 Olympic opening ceremony on android mobile and there are apps to help them watch 2012 London Olympics live on android mobile. Here is a list of such apps to help android users to watch London Olympics 2012 in real time: Buddy TV Guide, PlayUp, Reuters Olympics London 2012, NBC Olympics and OPlanner.

Therefore those are the ways to help audiences to watch 2012 London Olympics in real time. TV users can get those events on the TV channels, computer users can watch the events on corresponding websites and mobile users can view the Olympic matches with related apps.

4 Different Versions of Olympic Video Games to Enjoy London Olympics 2012

As the most ancient sports originated in Greek, the Olympic Games provides a good platform for all athletes to show themselves. Luckily, London Olympics 2012 not only brings us wonderful opening ceremony but also attractive and breathtaking matches. Nowadays, as London Olympics 2012 moves on, the world is indulged in a craze for the Olympics Games.

Of course, the great charm of London Olympics 2012 also extends to gaming field. Nowadays, various video games on Olympics especially on 2012 London Olympics are available in the market. To help people enjoy those video games better, the Olympic video games are designed for various game consoles. Therefore this post will display four different versions of Olympic video games that will help you to spend an impressive London Olympics 2012.

1. FC: Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92

Gold Medal Challenge 92

As an Olympic video game basing on 1992 Barcelona Olympics by Capcom for NES, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge’ 92 reminded us the happy time in the childhood. In this 8-bit Olympic video game, players need to heavily rely on button mashing. Moreover, there are eight Olympic sports events provided for selection. Also two players can choose to compete with each other or with the CPU.

2. PC: London 2012The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Released earlier than the opening ceremony, The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games contained a virtual opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics. In this Olympic video game, player can act as an athlete who strives for the golden medal. Over thirsty sports event are provided to help players fully experienced the atmosphere of London Olympics 2012. One advantage of this Olympic video game lies in its vivid video quality and lifelike operations. With a wrong click, the athlete won’t swim forward.

3. iPhone: London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

London 2012 – Official Mobile Game

As an Olympic video game designed for iPhone, London 2012- Official Mobile Game was released a month earlier than the London 2012 opening ceremony. Though this 143MB Olympic video game provides players nine Olympic sports events, players are able to train the athletes in over 220 sports events. Also three modes are provided for players to enjoy this Olympic video game including training mode, Olympic mode and challenge mode.

4. Flash: Olympic Flash game

Small in storage and simple in operations, Flash game plays an important role in the gaming field. Due to London Olympics 2012, various London Olympic Flash games are now available on the Internet. Actually, besides those Flash games for London Olympics 2012, various other Olympic Flash games are designed so far. Therefore, players can download the Flash from the Internet on the premise that they are interested in those Olympic Flash games.

Therefore those are four different versions of Olympic video games. As a FC video game, Capcom’s Gold Medal Challenge ’92 has brought us much pleasure. The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games and London 2012 – Official Mobile Game are released as official games for London 2012. As for Olympic Flash games, they enable players to experience almost all the Olympic sports events.

Celebrate London 2012 Olympics with Olympic Songs, Olympic Flash Cards and Olympic Flash Games

About a week ago, UEFA Euro 2012 had ended with Spain became the final winner. A few days age, Wimbledon finished with Federer won 7th title. However all sports fans will not feel grieve for the ending of all those matches because about half a month later, London 2012 Olympics will be available.

As one of the most influential and ancient sports event, the Olympic Games never failed to attract the world’s attention. Since its origin in ancient Greek in 8th century AD, the Olympic Games have developed into the world’s foremost sports competition with the participation of more than 200 nations. As the host of 1908 Olympics and 1948 Olympics, London becomes the first city with three successful Olympic bids.

Though football stars like Beckham will not present in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the charm of London Olympics will not be affected. In order to celebrate the approaching London 2012 Olympics, the post will present you Olympic songs, Olympic e-cards and Olympic Flash Games.

I. Olympic Songs

The following is the theme songs of recent five Olympics Games. They are all available on YouTube. So if you want to listen to those songs, you can download those songs from YouTube.

1. Barcelona by Freddie Mercury in 1992 Olympics

2. Reach by Gloria Estefan in1996 Olympics

3. The Flame by Tina Arena in 2000 Olympics

4. Oceania by Bjork in 2004 Olympics

5. You and Me by Sarah Brightman in 2008 Olympics

II. Olympics Flash Cards

Usually cards are necessities to celebrate great events like London 2012 Olympics. To make your cards unique and special, you can use e-card or Flash card. Here some Flash cards for London Olympics are provided for you, you can download them with Free Flash Downloader.

1. Flash Card for London Olympics 1

2. Flash Card for London Olympics 2

3. Flash Card for London Olympics 3

III. Olympics Flash Games

Those are some Flash Games for London 2012 Olympics, if you are interested in them, you can download those Flash games with Free Flash Downloader.

1. London 2012 Olympics Quiz

This game is designed to test your knowledge about London 2012 Olympics. When question is given, you just need to click the answer you want to choose. In this way, you can learn more about 2012 Olympic Games in an easy way.

2. Dolphin Olympics 2

In Dolphin Olympics 2, you need to swim and flip your dolphin in the limited time to gain as much scores as possible. Successful jumps build speed, allowing for bigger and better tricks!

3. Naruto Olympics Game

If you are Naruto fans, you will love this RPG game. Generally speaking, your mission is to guide Naruto to reach to the Olympic fields so that he can enjoy the Olympic Games.

With Olympic songs, you can experience the atmosphere of the Olympic Games. With Olympic Flash cards, you can express your anticipation towards the approaching Olympics Games. With Olympic Flash games, you will spend some leisure time before London 2012 Olympics is available.