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4 Major Updates of Adobe Flash Player 11.6 and Adobe AIR 3.6

With the rising of Flash Player alternatives, the fall of Adobe Flash Player becomes a certainty. In an attempt to pave way for the development of HTML5, Adobe decides to distract its attentions from Adobe Flash Player. However, if one asserts the quick death of Adobe Flash Player, he will prove himself wrong. Actually, Adobe Flash Player still plays a crucial role in video and gaming entertainment. Therefore, Adobe Flash Player is frequently updated. In August, Adobe released Adobe Flash Player 11.5; in December, Adobe Flash Player 11.6 is debut.

One thing to notice is that only beta version of Adobe Flash Player 11.6 is given so that it may not as stable as one has expected. Flash Player 11.6 adds support to both Windows (Windows 8 system excluded) and Mac systems as either a plugin or an ActiveX. Generally speaking, Windows 8 users can update Flash Player to version 11.6 via the updates released by Microsoft. Along with Flash Player 11.6 come the release of Adobe AIR 3.6 and various new features. Therefore, this post will cover four major updates in Adobe Flash Player 11.6 and Adobe Air 3.6.

1. New security updates

New bug fix for Adobe FLash Player

As a cross-platform application, Adobe Flash Player is the main target of many hackers. In 2012 alone, various system flaws caused by vulnerable Adobe Flash Player has been traced and fixed. This is also a main factor leading to the fall of Adobe Flash Player. In fact, bug-fixing sets the main tune for most updated of Adobe Flash Player. As one of the major updates of Adobe Flash Player 11.6, new security updates are aiming to provide solutions to fix existing bugs that may bring the program potential flaws, threat the stability of the application, make the app incompatible with most devices and affect the performance of Adobe Flash Player.

2. Improved UI

Flash Player 11.6

The simple and plain UI of Adobe Flash Player has been criticized for years. Finally, a few changes have done to it in the latest Adobe Flash Player.  In the new UI, permission dialog is moved to the middle of the screen and a “Cancel” button is added when playing in full screen mode. Though this major update of Flash Player 11.6 has not done much help to beautify the UI of the program, it does provide users simple operations and more powerful functions.

3. Batch mode support

Multiple SWF files

As an important update of Adobe AIR 3.6 exclusively designed for developer, batch mode enables users to load multiple SWF files using the Loader class. When the loading has been done, developers can employ the SWF files in an AIR iOS application. The maximum number of the SWF files allowed for importation is related to the capability of the computer. Moreover, only those SWF files sharing the same application domain can be processed in batch mode.

4. Display resolution limitation

Adobe Flash AIR

Here comes another Adobe AIR 3.6 update for developers. When developers have defined a screen resolution with a tag named requestedDisplayResolution, all the devices with that display resolution will be banned accesses to applications developed by Adobe AIR 3.6. Of course, this update of Adobe AIR 3.6 is mainly employed to design applications for iOS devices.