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3 Ideas on Celebrating Independence Day 2012: Flash Cards, Songs and Games

Independence Day, also known as Fourth of July is a great turning point in American history. The launching of the United States on July 4th 1776 not only witnessed the release of Declaration of Independence but also American citizens’ desire for freedom and independence. Since then, the United States had begun its way to become a prosperous and powerful country.

Moreover, Independence Day not only brought America freedom and promising future but also impressed Americans with democratic and free thoughts. At present, various celebrations are presented as a way to celebrate the approaching Independence Day 2012. Of course, most of the observations tend to celebrate the day in traditional manners.

Traditionally, firework, fairs, picnics, concerts and parody are associated with Fourth of July observations. However, to experience an impressive Independence Day 2012, fresh ideas on the celebration is required. Here the post will present three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012.

I. Fourth of July Flash Card

Sending cards on holiday is a tradition in many countries. However, for those who want to make their cards impressive, they can refer to the Flash cards below which are not only excellent in design but also funny in content. Moreover, one can even play the Flash card on mobile by converting the Flash card to 3GP video.

1. Fourth of July Flash Card 1

2. Fourth of July Flash Card 2

3. Fourth of July Flash Card 3

II. Fourth of July Songs

Song, as a tool attached with person emotions, is useful to express personal thoughts. A good song is not only impressive but also infectious enough to arouse people’s resonance. Therefore sharing Fourth of July songs with friends is a good idea to celebrate Independence Day 2012. Moreover, one can make YouTube videos with Fourth of July songs and wallpapers.

1. The Star-Spangled Banner

2. God Bless America

3. America the Beautiful

4. Independence Day

5. 4th of July

III. Fourth of July Games

Firework is usually used in American Independence Day as a way to bring happiness and joy to everyone on that day. Therefore many Fourth of July games are pertaining to fireworks. Here are two Fourth of July games designed for the sake of entertainment on that day. With those games, one can experience a happy and relaxing Independence Day 2012. Players can also download the Flash games.

1. Fourth of July Game 1

Click the tiny points on the screen to let off the fireworks. Each successful click will gain some scores for the players. Players can get to the next stage once they have earned enough scores.

2. Fourth of July Game 2

Control direction of the rock with the mouse and hit the tiny point to display fireworks. If one fails to hit the firework for a few seconds, the rock will explode.

Those are three ideas on celebrating Independence Day 2012. With Fourth of July Flash cards, one can share those cards with friends. With Fourth of July songs, one can make DIY video for YouTube. With Fourth of July games, one can spend a relaxing Independence 2012.