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3 Different Versions of Mermaid Games

Though the debates over the existence of mermaid have lasted for centuries, no one dared to draw a convincible conclusion over this issue. However, things have changed after a video named Mermaids: The Body Found was aired on Discovery Channel. While supports believed that the authentic program on science had already proved their victory with The Body Found, they were told The Body Found was actually another mermaid movie made by Discovery Channel.

Due to The Body Found, the debate over mermaid’s existence is turning white-hot. Usually appearing in the fairy tales as the main character, mermaid is described as a beautiful, innocent and kind girl with the tail of fish. Thanks to the great successes of those fairy tales, the influence of mermaid has extended to movie and gaming field.

Actually, various mermaid movies have been made which present people different and impressive mermaid images. Besides that, various mermaid games have been launched which usually are quite successful. Therefore, this post will display three different versions of mermaid games.  

1. NES game: The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid NES

As a NES game released by Capcom in 1991, The Little Mermaid was made based on the 1989 movie named The Little Mermaid. In the game, the mermaid needs to fights against all creatures in the ocean in order to rescue the prince and beat the evil witch. Mermaid can shoot air bubbles from the tail to trap the enemy and then throw the bubbles to other enemies.

Though mermaid spent most of the time swimming in the marine in the game, she can occasionally battles on the land. There are treasures in the ocean for the mermaid that can help mermaid to get high bonus or shoot powerful bubbles. By collecting icons scattered throughout the levels, the mermaid will either restore healthy or gain extra life.

2. PC game: Aquaria


Aquaria is a 2D sidescrolling action-adventure computer game released in 2007 for Windows. The PC game focuses more on exploration and puzzle-solving. Player needs to use a character named Naija to explore the underworld of Aquaria. As Naijia moves deeper, player will get to know more about the history of the world and Naijia.

In Aquaria, players can control to Naijia to sing, swim and combat. With different songs, Naija can move items, affect plants and change her physical appearance. To make it a simple exploration game, players can control Naijia to find as much treasure as possible in the marine and ignore the main plot. Aquaria was regarded as one of the most innovation video games in 2007 with over two million downloads.

3. Flash games: Ocean Mermaid and Mermaid Hearts

Small in storage and funny in content, Flash game is a good choice for those who want to have a relaxing time. Moreover, one can easily find the Flash version of almost all the popular games like Angry Birds and Super Mario. Two flash games on mermaids will be presented here so that if one is interested in them, he can enjoy them by downloading the Flash games on the Internet.

Ocean Mermaid is a mermaid dress-up game where player is allowed to decorate the mermaid with various tools. Mermaid Hearts is a shooting game where the mermaid bears the mission to collect as many hearts as possible without being touched.

Ocean Mermaid

Mermaid Hearts

Those are the three interesting mermaid games for different game consoles. Though The Little Mermaid was designed as a NES game, Aquaria as a PC game and Ocean Mermaid as a Flash game, they are all impressive games that can bring players happiness.