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2 Methods to Convert Flash to DVD

While some people are looking for ways to upload DVD movies they have recorded to YouTube, others may try to figure out methods to burn those YouTube video to DVD movies. Even though uploading videos to YouTube has become a fashion, it doesn’t mean YouTube is a safe place for storing movies. In fact, due to false operations, expired date or uncertain errors of the serve, one may lose his favored movies on YouTube. If he hasn’t backed up those movies, the loss turns out to be a permanent one. To this extent, burning YouTube video to DVD for backup seems to be quite necessary.

Of all those methods to burn YouTube video to DVD movie, few can work when users have downloaded the YouTube video as a Flash animation. In fact, unique file as it is, Flash movie is incompatible with most mainstream video players or movie editors. Therefore, if one desires to burn Flash movie to DVD, they need to figure out ways to convert Flash to DVD. To this extent, two methods will be provided to help users convert Flash to DVD. Though those methods both work to manage the conversion from Flash animation to DVD movie, they gain their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, users need to choose the most suitable one for them.

Method One: Convert Flash animation to MPEG2 video

While MPEG2 is always used as the video format for DVD files, the conversion from Flash movie to MPEG2 video has provided a good solution to help users convert Flash to DVD. As the conversion ends, users only need to burn the MPEG2 video with some professional DVD burner. To this extent, Adobe Premiere Pro can provide users are free solution to manage the conversion from Flash animation to DVD movie. However, the conversion is not only time-consuming but also fails to guarantee the video quality of DVD movie.

Step 1: Download and launch Adobe Premiere Pro. Then open it and choose “Import…” option in the drop-down menu to input the downloaded Flash movie.

Flash to DVD: Import Flash movie

Step 2: After editing the Flash movie with Adobe Premiere, click “File” button, choose “Export” and select “Media…” option to enter into Export Settings panel.

Flash to DVD: Export Flash movie

Step 3: Set the output format as “MPEG2-DVD” in the drop-down menu of “Format” and then click “OK” button to get into Adobe Media Encoder panel.

Flash to DVD: Flash movie to MPEG2 video

Step 4: Then click “Start Queue” button in the corresponding panel. When the conversion ends, users have finished converting Flash to DVD.

Flash to DVD: Begin the exporting process

Method Two: Convert Flash movie to VOB video

Generally speaking, VOB is a more favored format of DVD movie than MPEG2. Therefore, users can easily convert Flash to DVD if they can manage the conversion from Flash movie to VOB video. Therefore, Flash to DVD converter like Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter is highly desired. SWF to MEPG Converter can not only bring users excellent DVD file after the conversion, but also allow users to manage the process with just a few clicks.

Step 1: Open the YouTube video, click “Share” button, choose “Embed” tab and check “Use old embed code” box. Then copy part of the URL provided in the embed code.

Flash to DVD: Get embed code

Step 2: Download and launch Moyea SWF to MPEG Converter, click “Browser…” button, choose “From URL” option in the drop-down menu and then paste the URL address to import the YouTube video as Flash movie.

Flash to DVD:Import YouTube video

Step 3: Click “Export” tab and then set the output video as VOB file in the drop-down menu of “Style”. Then choose “Convert” tab to start the process of converting Flash movie to DVD file with “Player and Capture” and “Finish” buttons.

Flash to DVD: Convert Flash to VOB movie

Up to $20 Saving on Massive Christmas Sale of Moyea SWF Converter Series

Moyea Software has recently launched the blockbuster Christmas sale which covers 9 featured products of Moyea SWF Converter series and saves maximum $20 for customers to celebrate 2010 Christmas.

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Moyea SWF to Video Converter Std is an all-in-one flash SWF converter that can perfectly convert SWF to all kinds of video/audio/picture format for playback on various portable devices like iPod, iPhone, PSP etc. While other mentioned SWF converters are focused one-type flash SWF converters that shall convert SWF to one of the specific video formats for playback on the relevant devices like cell phone, Apple TV, Zune player and so on.

What’s the Big Deal of This Moyea SWF Converter’s Christmas Sale?

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Easy Steps to Make Impressive Flash Charts Online

RichchartLive is a free online tool that can create enjoyable and impressive flash charts with attractive visuals and interactivities. It can generate more personalized charts with dynamic flash animation effects. Users can easily choose the chart style and set various parameters. The finished chart can be exported as flash, which can be published to PPT, websites and blogs for immediate sharing.

Easy Steps to Make Creative Flash Charts Online:

1. Select a template from abundant options and immediate preview is available;

select template for flash chart

2. According to the template selected, input datas;

input data for flash chart

3. Select series style and colors;

select series style for flash chart

4. Select axes type and style;

select axes type for flash chart

5. Select animation and layout;

select animation and layout for flash chart

6. Save as flash file or publish to multi-destinations like PPT, website or blog, etc.

publish flash chart

The finished flash chart is really fantastic and the effect is awesome! Highly recommended!