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Adobe Flash will Enter TV Screens and Set-Top Boxes Soon

Adobe Flash, with the great success in Internet field, is going to enter TV market soon. Many TV manufacturers and content distributors positively follow up to bring you different visual experience.

From computer to television, Adobe company aims to bring the excellent animations and videos into consumers’ sitting room.

Adobe has announced the release of its latest version of flash multimedia platform, which indicates flash technology has officially entered the digital home entertainment equipments like television, STB, blue player and other devices. The purpose of this TV-and-Electronics-Optimized flash version is to let viewers can enjoy HD videos, interactive applications and new user interface directly on television.

As part of the announcement, Adobe also revealed some cooperation partners of this technology, including Intel, Comcast, Disney, Atlantic Netflix, Records and the New York Times.

So far, Adobe flash player is mainly used in computers to play the animations and videos from Youtube and other similar websites in web browsers. In this market Adobe won a great success. According to the survey held by comScore, 80% online videos are displayed using Adobe flash technology.

Adobe has been developing a flash program for mobile phones before, so people can watch flash videos while moving. Now, Adobe turns its attention to the big screen of HD TVs in sitting rooms, this means people can watch YouTube videos directly on TV, and at the same time, watch their favorite TV programs as usual.

“There are some videos support TV-play recently,” director of Adobe Flash Commerce Department Murarka said, “but not all the video content is TV-friendly. For example, there are many devices can play YouTube videos, but not all the videos from Youtube.”

Developers can also develop Addons for TV to present web contents. Addon is a series of specially designed web applications that can be easily added to consumer electronics.

Yahoo already works with Intel for TV-Addons development. Through which you can have the access to Flickr, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, eBay, YouTube and ShowTime Networks. All MOTOROLA, Samsung and Toshiba have the plan to add Yahoo Addons into their televisions.

Murarka said that Yahoo is not really competing with Adobe. He pointed out that both Adobe and Yahoo are intented to cooperate with Intel, and it’s true that flash technology has also been adored by Yahoo.

“Yahoo supports desktop flash, and we hope Yahoo also supports flash on TV,” Murarka said, “we think flash is extremely valuable in some new frameworks”.

Murarka did not say which consumer electronics manufacturer will use the new version of flash platform, but for equipment manufacturers and developers, new platform is already available now. The flash-supported TV and Set-Top Boxes will come out soon later this year as well.

Adobe Works with Google Yahoo! for Flash SEO

Adobe company issued a statement said that it will cooperate with Google and Yahoo! to optimize the flash player technology, so that the flash content can also be searched by searching engines.

According to foreign medias, in order to add the genuine flash content to searching engine results, Adobe is working with Google and Yahoo! now to improve the quality of seaching results by providing the optimized flash playing technology. Adobe flash player advanced product manager Mr. JustinEverett-Church said this project will show the flash content searching results in the form of text and links. Flash-based applications, games, even the contents of advertisements shall be found by searching engines. The flash webpage made in .swf format also can be found easily. He also said: “the flash players will be installed in Google and Yahoo’s server so that they can play real-time flash files. This means the end-users will be guaranteed with better searching results. After all, searching online flash content is always a very big challenge.”

Mr. Vanessa Fox, editor of online media EngineLand, said that this cooperation can be a positive interpretation about how Adobe reacts to searching engines, but it takes time to judge whether it is profitable to do so. He explained: “searching engines are not able to grab any online flash content before. I’m holding a conservative opinion though I am optimistic about this technology. But honestly, still not sure how many webpages can be found by searching engines exactly.” It’s true that those flash-technology-based websites can obtain higher traffic, however, this project is only able to extract text and links from flash files, animations and videos are still not available.

The cooperation between Adobe and Google, Yahoo! will be continued to improve searching technology so that the publishers, developers, and users can all benefit from it. Delightfully, both Google and Yahoo! expressed their huge support for this project.

Convert Video to Flash for Playback on Internet

The complains like: it’s too troublesome to make a flash or I don’t have the professional programs to make one or even if I have a flash at hand, but how can I play it on internet……they are no longer problems now because there is an easy way to convert almost the popular videos you have to flash for playback on internet and that’s all this article about.

File formats support the playback on digital camera, digital video recorder, compuer, mobile phone and other portable devices etc are the popular video formats we are always talking about, for example, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, WMA and so on. They can be conveniently converted to flash for playing on internet, either on your own website, personal blog or business forum.

The video to flash conversion contains two simple procedures:

I.Video to Flash Video.

Moyea Video4Web Converter is exactly built for all kinds of video to flash video conversions. To be specific, it can convert video formats like AVI, WMV, ASF, WMA, RMVB, RM, MP4, MPEG, etc to flash video formats like FLV, H.264 coded MP4, MOV, 3GP/3G2 and Youtube Resolution.MP4. Additional surprise, this converter is also capable of converting video formats to audio in variety of formats like AAC, M4A and MP3.

II. Flash Video to Flash

Another associated program Moyea Web Player is an easy-to-use player creator that can create and customize a flash video player to play flash videos over internet. Just embed the generated player code into webpage and a nice flash is already available to watch on internet.

The brief tutorial below shows how to realize video to flash conversion with Moyea Video4Web Converter plus Moyea Web Player:

Step 1: Launch Moyea Video4Web Converter and input video file(s), let’s take AVI for example here.

input video in moyea video4web converter

Step 2: Choose AVI to FLV conversion from “Style” pop-up menu.

choose video to flv conversion

Step 3: Click “Convert” to start the conversion process.

start the video to flv conversion

Step 4: Open Moyea Web Player, input the generated flash video(FLV) file(s).

input flv in moyea web player

Step 5: Click “Template” to customize the flash video player.

customize flash video player

Step 6. Click “Publish” button on “Publish” interface, upload all the published files except the index.html file, to the same folder of your web server, and then embed the generated player code into webpage.

publish flash video player

Now, enjoy the flash on online and share it with your friends, families and customers.

Perseid Meteor Shower Latest Videos 2009

To be continued, we will show you the wonderful videos of Perseid Meteor Shower occurred last night on Aug, 12th, 2009. Enjoy and wish all your wishes come true.

Perseid Meteor Shower Video 1:

Player will show here

Perseid Meteor Shower Video 2:

Player will show here

Perseid Meteor Shower Video 3:

Player will show here