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5 Innovative Ideas on Olympic Torch Lighting in Summer Olympics

When it comes to Olympic Games, Olympic torch plays an important role. Ignited in Greek several months before the opening ceremony, Olympic torch is a powerful tool to publicize the Olympic spirits in the Olympic torch relay. Moreover, the mission of Olympic torch doesn’t end until it lights the Olympic flame in the opening ceremony. Usually, the lighting of Olympic flame stands for the beginning of the Olympic Games.

At present, Olympic torch lighting ceremony becomes the most eye-catching event in the Olympic opening ceremony. Consequently, ideas on Olympic torch lighting are of great importance. Luckily, from Barcelona Olympics to 2012 London Olympics, the Summer Olympic hosts never fail to surprise the world with one innovative idea on Olympic torch lighting after another.

This post will present you five innovative ideas on Olympic torch lighting in Summer Olympics. Since corresponding videos are available on YouTube, users can view them freely on YouTube. For iPod users, they can view those videos on iPod by converting YouTube files to MP4 videos.

1. Torch lighting 2012: Team lighting

In the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics, the Olympic flame was lit by a group of young athletes. When they had lighted all petals, the petals gathered and turned out to be the Olympic flame. It was the first time that the Olympic torch lighting was executed by a group of people who were not celebrities.

2. Torch lighting 2008: Sky walk

The idea on Olympic torch lighting in the 29th Olympics was to light the Olympic flame in the air. Holding an Olympic torch in hand, a man walked in the sky and then lighted the Olympic flame. While others put more focus on figuring out a way to send the Olympic torch to the sky, the opening ceremony surprisingly sent the man to the sky.

3. Torch lighting 2004: Mechanical lighting

As the athlete stood still, the huge torch came down to receive the flame. When it was lighted, it rose again to the sky. This was how the Olympic flame was lighted in 2004 Olympics. As the original city of Olympic Games, Athens surprised the world by lighting the Olympic flame in a traditional manner with innovative methods.  

4. Torch lighting 2000: Water lighting

As a city surrounded by the sea, the Olympic torch lighting ceremony in 2000 Olympics was also related to water. While a man stood on the water, he suddenly lighted the flame in the water. Then the flame began to rise to the top of the stadium. The idea of lighting Olympic flame in the water is creative enough.

5. Torch lighting 1992: Precious shooting

In the opening ceremony of 1992 Olympics, a disabled athlete stood up from the wheelchair and then lighted the Olympic torch by shooting the flame preciously from 70 meters away. It was said that he had practiced for it for over 2000 times so as to make the ceremony perfect. Of course, the innovative idea of Olympic torch lighting had surprised the entire world.